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File: 1650170798481.jpg (269.36 KB, 1125x1600, 1650107342362.jpg)


A certain group of people is getting mad once again, this time over this page of Kaguya-sama.


>deserving respect


Who's mad about that kind of archiclassical trope?



Why tho?


>fuck up everything
>get old
>demand respect


Is that the actual translation or were the translators just imposing their views into how it's translated? It easily could have been collectivist culture because Japan is a collectivist culture and their version of collectivism is obsessed with a hierarchy of age and that goes beyond patriarchy because it effects males exact same way in a context like this.


>it effects males exact same way in a context like this.


Instead of having opinions just post the untranslated original and we'll tell you lads


File: 1650242686853.png (106.08 KB, 322x346, 1650187292094.png)

Clearly the author must think exactly the way you do, there's no way they actually used a no-no word like "patriarchy".


>A masculinist patriarchy
>Is there any future in that system?


I'm pretty sure that translates to patriarchy
Ok lads show's over go home


File: 1650243279867.png (1.07 MB, 1300x1920, 1639652625775.png)

It isn't even the first time Aka has mentioned the patriarchy and archaic family customs in this manga, but since the third season for the anime adaptation is currently airing that means a free-for-all for shitposters and other undesirables.


You should still respect your elders be they men or women (or other).


respect goes both ways my man


The character in OP's page is ruled by a male head who expects women to be uneducated breeding factories for whomever they marry lol


I agree, but my idea of respect isn't unconditional subservience, especially not to someone who's being a cunt to you.


Not owned since I just asked a reasonable question not being familiar with Kaguya-sama yet because Japanese collectivist culture sucks ass outside of a few improvements over Western individualist culture in some areas. I know Japan has feminists but it just feels disappointing this manga isn't calling out the bigger problem in Japanese culture, capitalism aside.

One should give just a base minimum level of respect to anyone regardless of their relative or actual age, gender or whatever it may be. Anything more or less needs to be earned by the individual and there should possibly be a lower limit as well to not become unreasonably cruel.


>you should
stirner meme.docx


Respect elders for their experience and as you would any other person but not because they are male and not only because they simply are older
Anyways, is this series any good?


I read Aka's previous work, a supernatural/fantasy tragedy called Instant Bullet, which I fucking loved. It got axed for some reason so it had a rushed abrupt ending, you know how it goes.
I haven't caught up with Kaguya-sama in years but while at first it seems to be a tropey romcom about two "genius characters" duking it out it does a good job at fleshing the cast out. It's pretty funny.




File: 1650281603939.jpg (364.03 KB, 1125x1600, 1535223360356.jpg)

The afterword of ib is soulcrushing


File: 1650823959366.png (1.76 MB, 1200x1728, 1650790956105.png)

>A friend recommended this romance to me but WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS CRAP?
>He assured to me this shit was the best romance manga ever and it deals wih social taboos about women or whatever but all I could see was retarded propaganda to blame men and encourage the beta cuck to save sluts.
>I mean, in real life there is no such thing as inocent girls being used. 13 years old girls are already fucking older guys by they own free will and with 22 they always finds a beta to provide her and of course betray him because she can't anymore be in a healh relationship.
>Fuck, even this friend of mine had his life destroyed two times because women and now I know why… he believes in this shit





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