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Why are they so tangibly related when it comes to discussion? I can have hours of conversations about anime/manga/vidya or some more mature topics with friends but when it comes to messageboards everyone is seemingly going out of their way to talk about just sex. People jot down 3 lines of text and then leave. What is this called?


who cares


Sex is boring. Talking about it has gotten old.


Because they didn't actually watch the show, read the manga, or play the game.


If everyone but you is talking about sex then are they really going out of their way to talk about it? If it bothers you that much you can keep talking with your friends like you seem to enjoy doing.


probably because the only reason they even know what you are talking about is because they saw it on rule34 once so they can't talk about anything else,and since they're isn't a veneer of keeping the conversation on-topic,boobas are always more interesting.


I genuinely don't know what you're talking about, there are plenty of threads on this very board that make no mention of sex.


He really needed to make a whole new thread for his blogpost and pass it off as discussion.


Take a show like Promised Neverland for example. Other than the 'reveal' after the first chapter, or oneshot iir, at the time, people were trying their hardest to sexualize a bunch of 8 year olds. I thought the reveal was a given, the most obvious thing, but people genuinely did seem to express their surprise that their would be such a twist in the first chapter. But other than that, it really seems like they were going out of their way. It does bother me in a perverted kind of way, yes. Is that wrong?


You are right and you should say it. "Some people" are too attached to their personal cocaine, in this case 2D porn, to be able to accept that maybe making everything about it isn't necessarily okay.


>cocaine is ebil
ok CIA


The CIA literally invented cocaine you fool.


This is one of the gayest threads on this board. The reason why you and your friends discussions function for hours without straying from anime is because:
1) you guys are extremely close to each other because of everyone from years of investing into your relationships with each other. Something users from image boards would struggle with because of the anonymity. (There’s also the part that image boards fans here are a aging group which are having less and less time to post, but that’s a factor that can be observed in friend groups as well. Figured I should comment that).
2) the conversation with your friends are limited in the interests. Another friend group could have the same thing and go into talking about sex, another could resort talking about the jews, etc. So with image boards, the discussions turning into sex, (side note I’m giving you the befit of the doubt that this is a thing, which it isn’t as strong as you think), are because people have much fewer restrictions in what to talk about.

Tldr: I fucked your dad


>extremely close
lolno, we only need to have one thing in common at best. Not even remembering bdays or last names is important.


were going to "coopt" capitalist tools for own benefit then ;^)


also completely agreed with >>14634, this prude blogshit thread doesnt even belong here


How can you agree when actual (non-sexualized) threads linger in the single digit replies and the most popular threads are the yuri/vtuber/girlscommie/big tiddies threads? This isn't some out of the blue claim.


It's much easier to dump images than it is to write serious posts, you can't compare the two like that.
Also the commie anime girls thread isn't even horny from what I've seen (although how "cute girls"/waifu culture came to be such a big part of anime culture is probably an interesting question, but I don't think that's how most people interpreted the OP).


Seems more like you're the one seeing sex talks everywhere, because I sure as hell don't.

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