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Is there any point in reading manga with super duper high quality 4K scans?


For archiving I guess, thats why many rips offer optimized smaller alternatives


Where do you find 4k scans in the first place. I'm trying to learn japanese and everything I've seen so far is burry garbage when you zoom in.


have you checked nyaa
it doesnt have most stuff but whats there should be good


If you don't care about the visual element of your visual medium, then no. Go with the 400px versions if you don't care. Or with the 120px version since clearly you don't care right?


You know that's not what OP meant, why do you have to act like this


Archival purposes?
Printing purposes?
Editing purposes?
Quality purposes?

It's worth it if your screen is 4k resolution, but if just wanna consuum it doesn't matter it just needs to be legible


I guess if you have a big enough monitor it could make a difference. But for smaller screens it's kinda pointless and maybe even bad, since the image has to be downscaled by the software displaying it which often kills the screentones and makes it worse than just reading at a resolution closer to the screen displaying it.

But yes, this anon >>15731 is right. High quality scans are mostly for archival and editing purposes.



i think the best thing about reading a manga is the soundtrack




If I am supposed to know what he means, does that excuse the asking of such a non-answerable question?


>non-answerable question?
but it was answered, turns out you're just a douche


You're being a presumptuous douche, actually.


It is NOT a presumption but a FACT that OP's honest question was responded to with needless hostility and smarm. Grow up.
Before you say it, no your question from 15798 isn't an honest question. It's a condescending rhetorical question.


>I get to selectively be presumptuous
If you truly believed you weren't you wouldn't have to specifically point out the moment you weren't, for you wouldn't at all.


what an awful, awful board


I wrote a longer reply, but you know what? Fuck you is more appropriate. Grow up.


see >>15479
I know I'm not helping, but I'm just so tired of this shit. I have to echo the sentiment: why [does anon] have to act like this?


i hear you, i cant even blame it on leftism because i know plenty of lefty places where they can actually talk about anime
i dont remember it being this bad before so i think everyone who actually wanted to participate in the board left and only the worst posters are left making up most of the activity, as usual

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