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Has it aged appropriately? Or was it always a poor man's South Park?


It's been years since I've watched it, but I do remember it being quite decent, though a bit too reliant on low-brow humor just for edgyness' sake (which admittedly seems to be unusual in anime, at least in the manner they tackled it). The ending is the best part of the show given that people will be endlessly pissed off and it will never have an adequate conclusion.


I think the novelty's definitely faded a bit. It's still fun, but it's more chaotic than witty, y'know? Gainax humor often has that problem.


First ep was shit, test was good fun. English dub had actually funnier dialogue.


>English dub had actually funnier dialogue
This is more common than people think. Watching English dub with English sub, Jap often just refuses to use a pun when it's obvious, dialogue seems more lively and less stiff


The animation is pretty bad at times. Still bretty good anime.


Puns can get lost in more literal translation. But main thing I noticed is Japanese are too modest in phrasing even when they are supposed to be boisterous raunchy characters just because their culture is so uptight.


Exactly. They just translate "I came" literally without any fucking fun to it. Even if the characters are literally supposed to be confident adults that wouldn't shy away from early ejaculation. Japs be boring like that.


Well, they're anarchoangels so this anime is a political manifest…
>A group of anarchists fight da powa in a local level
>They raise dicks class conscience about the devils fascist ruurus with striptease
>Their leader is a black rebel who keeps a "constant revolution" since the dawn of time
The "anarchy" in their names wasn't accidental…


I thought they were Anarchy because they rebelled against God by rebelling against hierarchical senses of morality and through this found their own morality meaning it's more pure than people following morals blindly even if it doesn't align with those values.


The manga was better


Artwork is kind of cool still but the humor has really dulled.



not gonna be season 2


File: 1656886059042.jpg (13.01 KB, 220x145, 32833.jpg)

They're gonna replicate the NGE dating sim era with P&S.
Only then will I truly consider Trigger to be Gainax's successor.


>season 2
You mean season 5?


i just wish theyd get around to making a second season of my favorite gainax anime: flcl!



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