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Wait, wait, wait, so the bad guys in SpyxFamily are East Germany?


I thought the dad was from East germany and the agency is based on the Stasi, but maybe that is my bias. There was some mention of one man insulting the socialism of the other side but I don't remember the details. The author has said that it is loosely based on things he knows and has heard, so the event described aren't gonna match the historical West and East Germany. At the end of the day is a "war bad" story, and I don't say that as a bad thing. It will probably end in "reunification" with peace, and maybe there is a little war before to add drama to the finale.


Ostania is fictionalized East Germany and Westania is fictionalized West Germany. To make it more clear East in German is Osten. It likely was chosen as a basis merely because Germany was involved in WWI and WWII which even people not real familiar with history know so the point of the plot is preventing WWIII and may not necessarily be political beyond that. The secret police are based on both that of the Stasi and the Gestapo. Loid is from Westania working for their inteligence agency while Yor and Anya from Ostania if I understand correctly.


I've only watched the adaptation but it seems like both sides are portrayed as believing they're the good guys saving the world from the other side.


File: 1656870119024.png (724.72 KB, 592x1017, abe.png)

Antinatalist bros…


Isn't the child adopted?


yes,and they aren't even a couple,but everybody draw them banging like newlyweds.


It's not like the thing keeping Japanese men from reproducing was that no one had ever made an anime with a cute kid in it before.


What is it that keeps them?


I dunno honestly. I imagine the misery of the salaryman life plays at least some part, and this is leftypol so I have to blame everything on capitalism, but I genuinely don't know. I just think there's already enough media idealizing relationships that you can't really blame the culture.


cost, japanese corporate culture, lack of benefits, time. basically capitalism so you're right.


thanks to the twittershit for derailing the thread with an unfunny normalfag meme but birth rates in japan arent low, theyre just declining when compared to the past


Yes yes but what's your opinion on Neil Young?


Look up population age distribution. Japan is the only one that has way more 80 year olds than kids. I'm all for populations cutting back around the world but Japan's seems to be quite rappid and a sign of their insane work lives. Though the fact they live on an island also likely plays a role. Perhaps certain population densities makes people not feel an urge to have kids as much.


Curious that he didn't chose a north-south divide emulating korea. Being closer I imagine japanese would know more but at the same time they are a US colony. Maybe he is just fascinated with western history just like western authors make movies game and novels inspired loosely by japanese history.


>anime that is 100% eyecandy character design and nothing else is shitty
no shit sherlock


>is shitty
<t. someone with no femoid to watch it with


what the fuck is a "femoid"


a pseudo fema camp


sorry i don't speak portugeuse


>what the fuck is a "femoid"
<self confirmed he doesn't know any femoids


No femoids?


Well well well


nani ga "femoid"


File: 1659116293561.jpg (181.69 KB, 702x566, 1659113372283642.jpg)

Well that's depressing.


he's litterally just butthurt because he had to make their appearance more generic,which is fair I guess,but the muscular dude,monster girl and the prostitute with half burned face are basically the same character.
I felt like the emotional developpment in the oneshot was kinda forced and it wasn't that interesting tbh (I'm sick of generic fantasy setting #1256 too)


>>16570 (me)
I mean it in terms of appearance when I say they're basically the same,Anya is unironically more interesting than the sad medusa,the generic buff dude that everyone suck off and is too strong is just balanced by his father issues (that get immediatly resolved) and the woman just follow them with no real personality to talk about,she just look like she isn't generic because of her face.


fem- as in female and -oid which means looks like-X or pseudo-X, often used as a dehumanizing suffix in contemporary Internet slang. Femoid is a pejorative term for woman.


>Japanese men from reproducing
what's keeping japanese women from reproducing?
always funny when normies scapegoat japanese males about declining population
one male can inseminate multiple females, so what's keeping japanese women from reproducing?


Yes anime is bad actually
Now watch a real show like Legends of the Galactic Heroes or the Original Gundam
Dragon Ball or Slump or something Or Osamu Tetsukawa


The overboard was a mistake.


stress also negatively effects pregnancy chances for both sexes


Cucked capitalist culture.
Women can smell the cuck in the air and choose not to breed.


What's the appeal of this show?


Cute slice of life and wholesome familial interactions


So, it's shit?


if you don't like this type of anime, then yes it is, if not, then it's good.


File: 1659464976244.jpg (38.22 KB, 410x598, based_dept_chad.jpg)

>So, it's shit?

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