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Which do you think is better?
Is there a silent appreciation in the black and white

I love the vibrancy of the color ones, but also think there's something lost in the enjoyment of the anime then

The colorless ones can have a certain, afternoon reading vibe to it and help enjoy the anime and manga in separate ways. I don't know much anymore, tell me your insights


i like a few colored pages here and there. i think it's really cool to see them because they're rare, they only appear at the beginning/end of the volume or chapter and they give you an idea of what the manga would look like colored. sometimes, i remember/dream the manga as an anime episode because of them


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what is the getcomics.info of mangas? the nyassi sites don't seem to have regular updates

wow, you can dream manga? i guess it's the same with books too, the cover serves as an inspiration to help your mind weave

the db kanzenban used to have such special pages, that were tinted in some special red and black hue

idk, i can still make up mind, some pages feel tacky, some feel special,

i think you've given me a good idea, i'll do exactly that, the pages that feel great, i'll keep them colored and the rest black and white

mix and match


When art is simple it's better in colour. Detailed art looks better in black and white to me with one or two no more than three colours added in sometimes.


could you post an example picture of detailed art being better in B&W rather than color


When you add color it really shows how low quality the actual linework is


I don't see it
Which panel?


File: 1662059579273.jpeg (128.75 KB, 650x922, 02.jpeg)

Most 'completely' colorized manga aren't done or approved by their original creators, so B&W all the way. JoJo is a great example; at the rate VIZ is releasing new volumes, I won't be up to speed with the fan community until the 2030s (and that's fine). I refuse to read the fan colorizations. I think the only time where I've actually liked reading colorized manga was when Marvel first tried bringing Akira to the states. Otomo personally supervised the coloring process with Steve Oliff, approving every page and end result was just amazing. I was hoping they'd do something of a hardcover reprint for the 40th anniversary but alas.


why would goku use a tractor???


File: 1662094233115.jpg (538.91 KB, 1520x2400, page_13.jpg)

Did they fully do the series?
Yeah, I've seen the Jojo manga colors, I'd also prefer the B&W for some reason it doesn't look as cool

He is a farmer, They use tractors
He respects the process


i wish we colored manga is the states


Something about color in comics really bothers me. I find it a bit irritating. One of the few exceptions is Akira (despite, as >>16832 said, it was originally published in black and white).


>Did they fully do the series?
Not only did they do the full series, but they serialized it issue by issue just like a western comic. Those 38 floppies sell for a pretty penny. Trade paperback versions also exist from Marvel's (now defunct) Epic Comics imprint as we as Kodansha so that might be cheaper if you wanna collect.


I'm a sicko, I think I ONLY liked color manga now,

Nice, Gonna read it in colour then
I've always wondered the colouring process for digital manga

It sounds easy but you'd also have to remember all the colours for each existing item for them to not have to clash

Still no excuse how DBZ is only painted upto the Freeza Saga


this; if the author is involved it can be cool but generally it's just mass produced which results in pure trash, or mediocrity at best. dragon ball for example is so huge and yet the official colorization just uses default "on-model" tones along with darker & lighter versions of the same color for lighting & shading (a surefire way to make stuff look like boring cold garbage).

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