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File: 1661997572428.png (189.15 KB, 2479x3508, pixiv.png)


Pixiv added a harassment policy to their workplace after a sexual assault case occured in their Tokyo office and western otaku are flipping their shit about le woke because they can't fucking read.


what the fuck,
how did it happen, is there a news article?


File: 1662281109390.png (231.55 KB, 608x442, gamers.png)


>The "people" cryying about "le woke menace" in pixiv…oh noes! Not the coomer art and Lolis! Geez…


another guy who cant read, or write, or greentext


I don’t get why people got mad over this shit

Maybe the gender ratio thing is a bit much because people could get hired for their identity over their actual skills but everything else seems fine if not alarming if it has to be implemented for people to understand how to be polite to each other over their

Oh well the only objectively beneficial thing in this image is the last text on social welfare for workers though I question if anyone in management is gonna risk pissing off shareholders to prevent more drama within the company


I don't think it's just not being able to read. Someone has to be planning these intentional bad interpretations of work practices out and to what end in sight? What is their goal? And who are they?


File: 1662766703201.jpg (68.6 KB, 1500x500, sust.jpg)

Pixiv was starting to gather a reputation of sexual harassment, so they established policies to not make this happen.

The company already had to pay ¥1.1 million for sexually harassing a former Niji no Conquistador idol, now they have another lawsuit where a transgender employee is reporting workplace harassment as her superior refused to see her as a woman and believed his harassment was playful.

People unaware of the situation just see "diversity" or "inclusion" and their brain shuts off, as if sexual assault in their military didn't just increase by 13% this year.


you're right, corporations giving all their employees identity politics lessons to try and make up for not firing a rapist immediately & attempting to get across the vibe of "we ALL need to do better :)" instead of admitting they favored a subhuman who knew what he was doing was awful and did it anyway

just say you're glad pixiv are gonna teach their employees intersectionality lol


You really need to word this better.


weebs and cunnyfags can't read go figure


The wokeism is reactionary bourgeois liberalism, but the cope of Orientalist anime fans, over their based trad Nipponese corporations' reactions to capitalist market forces, is probably more a bit funny.


All i see is private capitalist companies getting involved with enforcing social hierarchies.
Maybe some people got mad about this for the wrong reasons, like they would prefer private capitalist companies to enforce a different social hierarchy then this one.

However as socialists we oppose the bourgeoisie being allowed enforced any social hierarchies as a matter of principle. Because they won't enforce a social hierarchy that serves the needs of the proletariat, they will enforce a social hierarchy that will serve bourgeois needs.


im so mad that management had to finally acknowledge sexual harassment issues in their working environment!


>capitalism will fix social problems, if only we will give the bourgeoisie enough power over society
Even if you are just a liberal who still hasn't realized the bourgeoisie no longer plays a progressive role in history. You must be retarded to think that even in the best case scenario they would do anything other than selectively enforce these rules. The basis of cultural power such as this is about letting their henchmen break the rules.
What this document really means is this:
<You may only be granted the privilege of engaging in sexual harassment if your services are important enough to the bourgeoisie.

If there had been any sense, there would have been a worker council that was responsible for this. Every time you involve the bourgeoisie, you grant them leverage. They won't do something nice unless they can use it for blackmail by threatening to take it away.


why cant greentexters address what was actually said and not what the voice inside their head tells them, this is tiresome


because the point of greentexting has always been reductio ad absurdum and misrepresenting the other argument


i hate liberals but damn do they rule when they trigger my enemy


Why is teaching your employees idpol (which is what "diversity training" likely is) a good apology for having an employee who molested a trans person REPETEADLY and refusing to fire him immediately? Did the guy do that cuz he wasn't taught queer acceptance enough? Don't buy that; he's just an awful person.

Even if the lessons they'll give out are reasonable, it's a dumb followup; but I'm very much willing to bet it's stupid corporate idpol & not the good humanistic kind of acceptance lessons.


File: 1663684657680.jpg (39.18 KB, 1200x624, sad but not surprises.jpg)

>stupid corporate idpol
that's the growing trend
>the good humanistic kind of acceptance lessons.
that's the declining trend

The left is losing that battle pretty hard, but there is no self-criticism. Just people who think doing the same ineffective strategy but harder will somehow change the result. Not to mention all the people who are still trapped in the liberal bourgeoisie political spectacle. It's disheartening.


yea I'm not saying that responding to an employee molesting a minority is bad but if you nonconsensually put your face in the crotch of someone who works under you and take photos, your issues go way beyond "not respecting trans identities". yeah the "haha you're a guy, you should be ok with this xD" made it worse cuz it added being a dick about gender to the mix but, y'know, the dude is a sex pest to begin with

if one of your employees molested a black woman at work and went "what? you negress sistaz love that shit" and your answer after refusing to fire the guy for a long time was to give everyone corporate anti-racism lessons that would be goofy too

"the rapist misgendered his victim WE NEED TO ADDRESS THIS" yea he's a rapist. you didn't immediately fire him.

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