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Any fans here?

I read:
An Uncivilized Planet
Tropical Citron

years ago.

Loved them all. Be warned of adult themes.

His artstyle is so unique and amazing. I'm reading Joshi Kouhei right now. It's about some Evangelion-ish future where men pilot these giant robots from another dimension that look like Japanese schoolgirls but eventually they get psychotic and think they're actually schoolgirls.


I'm so glad the Joshi Kouhei scanlations were completed last year. It's criminal that Velveteen & Mandala is the only work of his to get licensed.


File: 1668039910490.jpg (1.16 MB, 3500x2500, Joshi Kohei1.jpg)

Joshi Kouhei is the best Apocalypse Now fan fiction out there.


Is it ever explained in the school girl mech manga where the rebels get their tech? My personal theory is that the Ai is intentionally giving tech to rebels.


I don’t know what to think about this thing. It’s full of weird perverted pedo shit, but there is also some art in there. One of the things I found interesting, is the implication that the ai/machine that humanity uses is actually aiding both sides. Also really liked the “final” arc where mc gets gaslit so much that he/she starts to believe that there is no war.


Really good illustrations, honestly I'm surprised he's so obscure even in /weeb/ circles.


I think he's definitely an inspired mangaka, though as for if the content is actually good its hit or miss. Tropical Citron was I think the best art he has done. I like manga that are just vibes sometimes. Its cool. Uncivilised planet was decent enough. Alice in Hell was really mediocre and boring. It didn't have the spark his other works have. Freesia is the most famous one but it sort of lost me after 20 chapters. I don't think it was really good enough to keep me reading any further after it turned into sigma assassin vs sigma assassin and like 'predator auras' or whatever shit. Maybe I'll finish it one day, I mean the first few chapters really hooked me it just fell off from there. Joshi Kouhei is my favourite of his manga by a wide margin. Its not perfect, but when its good it is very very good. The problems come from how it was clearly meant to be a oneshot originally. The first volume is so fucking exciting, with a basically 10/10 premise, and it sort of bleeds over into the second. The problem is when they get to the front lines it sort of loses its focus, because Jiro had to work out how the story was going to go. I think this part is still drawn and written great but it isn't really needed and it kills the pacing. It might have been better if they were moving to different places all the time. It really comes back in the last section though after the main character's flashback and it comes back strong. The porn chapter was unironically pretty subversive. The last volume is some of the most gripping fiction I have read and makes sure I'll remember it. One thing in particular though is I'd have prefered if it had more detailed gore and less panty shots. The visceral enjoyment I got from reading was not seeing the Assult Girl's underwear, it was seeing them break down under stress. All his stuff is also pretty negatively liberal, like most people are evil and psycopathic. At the same time he has an almost perverse fascination with liberation movements. He reminds me of Fujimoto, just instead of an inclusive modern liberal who writes for shonen jump, he feels a bit more old fashioned and much edgier. Also whoever wrote Humoncolous. I couldn't help but think of that when I was reading Freesia, and honestly its a better manga.

Does anyone recommend any of his other stuff? Some of the oneshots look good.


>the Joshi Kouhei scanlations were completed last year.
Got a link, I'd love to see some, I can't find stuff I've heard/read about and I want too.


If I remember correctly he had a manga about a guy surviving in a pos apocalyptic world with a sex robot or whatever. It wasn’t as a weird as the premise sounds! I recommend checking it out, unfortunately I don’t remember the name.


That's Jigoku No Alice. Forgot to mention it in the OP.

Here you go: https://manganato.com/manga-vf972914


>Also whoever wrote Humoncolous.
Yeah that one was good too. There was this scanlation group that did all the edgy seinen back in the day. Something or other wolves. That's how I found all these. Dorohedro too. Surprised they made an anime of that recently.


Yeah that's Alice in Hell, sorry for using the gaijin name. I didn't really like it that much though.


File: 1713993754678.png (324.26 KB, 500x503, 1650838453032-0.png)

Do you like Furuya Minoru by any chance?I tried making a thread about them before but no one had heard of them it seems:
Another of my favorite seinen authors. More comedy focused but a bit of dark stuff mixed in.


File: 1714154868549.png (625.32 KB, 614x934, itisover.png)

You were about a year early to me getting into his works with that thread. I've started with Wanitokagegisu and quickly devoured most of the things he made after that. I think I couldn't find a full translation for Himeanole and Green Hill, and the j-drama adaptation of Wanitokagegisu. I'm slowly working on getting my dekiru up so I might read those in the future though. He's great at portraying comedy and hopelessness in the face of common tragedy.

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