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File: 1671203041212-1.png (3.05 MB, 1920x966, it's over.png)

File: 1671203041212-2.gif (6.34 MB, 322x640, hamster-cry.gif)


how do i handle it bros
should we do a watchalong or something

pokemon final adventure…
nostalgia really is ending, it's time for us zoomers to grow up


11 more episodes starting january 23rd :((

i hope team rocket stays THOUGH



what will they steal THOUGH

no pika pi


i think so, does anybody here have a list of all the pokemon anime stuff, specials, movie etc

we need to formulate what is worth watching and not


this is peak tho



I hope it will be a CGDCT anime.


I hope they replace him with actually interesting characters and not with generic archetypes


I was watching some of Ultimate Journeys or whatever the fuck its called last night and it kind of sucked hard dick. Team Rocket's evil weapon was just a literal pokemon gacha machine. At this point it seems like putting down an old miserable dog growlithe.


Imagine if he suddenly went from 12 to 35 years old in a single episode kek


like gon lol


Who the hell unironically still likes ash?
I got tired of his ass after gen 3 and wanted to see the the actual video game protags get animated


yeah he should have been aged up and retired like misty/brock/etc were


i'm upto like episode 13 now
how long until i reach ultimate journeys




i'm using these both as guides with a little mixing of my own


>ash goes to a basement somewhere under oak's lab

>the cursed portrait that has contained his age is there
>he destroys it with a knife, finally
>at last, someone will tell him what sex is, and he will obtain it
>he feels adulthood entering his physical form
>no wait
>something is wrong
>he's mutating into something new and different
>the agony is overwhelming
>no, it wasn't supposed to be like this

>a year later

>a new kid who vaguely resembles ash enters
>gets his first pokemon from Oak
>in the corner, a Mr. Mime with a suspiciously familiar tuft of black hair watches longingly
>on the far wall
>a black-and-white photo
>a young boy, who also resembles ash, hugging a charmander
>"PALLET TOWN, 1921"


what is wrong with you


people who say r34 for everything exists are such liars

But alas NPC gym member #2 in Lt.Surge is not a tag


Rule 35: if there is no porn of it, you must make it yourself


File: 1672978697329.png (12.5 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

i don't know how to make r34, i need to send a commission to some artist from this episode


this just looks like karen with a sweatband and scarlet hair


I want to lick


you think ash ever fucked Pikachu?


It's a The Shining reference/creepypasta.


File: 1673958327349.png (210.92 KB, 920x908, peaksmug.png)

Fucking finally. Ash had honestly long overstayed his welcome but better late than never. Hope we can get someone actually interesting to replace him from here on out.


File: 1674227156491.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 40.32 KB, 586x361, ash x meowth.jpeg)


now that is something i regret seeing




professor oak's experiments have gone too far this time



i realize, i'm just saying that's so dark


what is wrong with you times a hundred


where is everyone else in the watchalong?
i'm in the pokemon orange islands with tracy

it's crazy how much they adapted from this season, female professor, regional variants, hawiian theme

the funny thing is, they recently came out and said that he might return again

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