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File: 1687706817530.png (871.48 KB, 1024x768, Rance-gahahaha.png)


Fellow weeboos, why do otaku like this guy? I can't stand him. I'm sure his games are fun, but he pisses me off so much that he ruins them for me. Let's see:
>Mary Sue
>two dimensional at best, one dimensional 90% of the time
>overpowered in a lazy/uncool way
>acts like a spoiled child
>almost always gets away with his crimes and gets what he wants
>is pretty much fucking Satan but whitewashed via moral relativism, poor excuse of "comedy" and plot armor
Some of these are fine in isolation or as satire, but ALL of these in combination? Holy crap I hate this fucker. And I don't even love to hate him like a villain that gets you pumped up, I HATE hate him. What's the deal? Am I missing something?


i also apply moral judgements when deciding whether to like or hate a fictional characters


Fuck off. When someone is introduced as a puppy killer, you're supposed to hate them. That's moral judgment. Cunt.


yeah i also hate fictional characters


You just aren't into it. Rance is basically "let's make a terrible person the hero and roll with it", meant as a parody of Ys' MC, the fact he kind of has such a strong niche is what makes him so endearing, because you aren't going to find the same flavor anywhere else.

He's shown to be effectively an anti-thesis to Japanese culture, someone who does what they wants, defies the nature and societal order. He's naturally gifted and has plenty of talent, but he's lazy and unless the situation truly calls for it he falls into depravity instead. He's an exceptionally flawed 'hero' that could easily become a villain in multiple other settings (and even his own). Put through another lens he's actually a pretty horrific, selfish bastard. He's not really idealized or perfect in a way a mary sue or gary stu is. He constantly gets criticized by other characters in his own setting and even others (Evenicle). His faults and failings make the games what they are, rather than his strengths. The central drama in Sengoku Rance's normal route for example comes from how much of a fucking tool he is and he's almost perfectly manipulated by someone in very clear open daylight. The games are filled with flaws like these that hurt him personally and emotionally.

Rance isn't really guaranteed to win anything any more than the player is guaranteed to win and has had some pretty shitty stuff happen to him, despite winning.
The whole point of the character is getting to play the villain. His personality gets him in trouble constantly and he gets by mostly on luck and wit. Guy joined the army and got kicked out day 1 because he wouldn't follow orders.


File: 1687805798155.jpg (70.62 KB, 396x321, Fzfcg3nXoAAMOmQ.jpg)


it's for ppl who have rape porn fetish u naive dummy


people who like him likely are spineless cowards, so they like him as a self insert, as he is capable of doing what they want, and he does what they want. I think that’s concerning.


this is gigaprojection


the worst trend to take off is people trying to find moral justifications for liking or disliking something. sometimes a thing is just good or bad, sometimes a thing is for you or it isnt


Characters for self inserting are used for self inserting. Keep coping, since you cannot refute my statement.


>channer buzzwords coupled with moralism


By this logic any character a reader likes is made for "self-inserting". Rance isn't a blank slate character at all.

>I think that’s concerning.



muh projection



File: 1699909330666.jpg (568.23 KB, 1452x1825, 1699890415649457.jpg)

With Rance in particular I feel like the black comedy really softens things, add that in with the context of it being an eroge and it doesn't come off as offensive as it might have otherwise, for me anyway.

I've only played Sengoku Rance but I was blown away by how much I was having fun with it. Humor is spot on, the gameplay is actually well designed, and tracks from the OST still pop into my head now and then. You can tell that Alicesoft is a studio with 30 years of experience.

I also watched the old 90's OVA and it was honestly a lot of fun.


you are not really supposed to read the dialogues or follow the story, much less get emotionally invested. go straight for the mechanics and the porn
the writer needs a plot and characters that can produce sex scenes. these scenes have to include rape because japanese society thinks consent is anti-erotic. rance and his universe are the path of least resistance

lets do an exercise so you can see it, try to imagine a character that has an excuse to go around killing people and raping women (and with the unequal power dynamic the japanese public likes) but that you would find likeable
even easier, try applying same criteria to your average ck2 character, and now imagine if the game also had to include fucked up sex scenes


You are missing a lot then. Rance is one of the few eroge that actually would be great even if it was only a story without gameplay or even porn. The writing, world building and characterisation are that good.

In fact aside from Sengoku all other series are turn off in terms of gameplay for me. Too much grind and repetition while walking in samey blocky dungeons.


>and tracks from the OST still pop into my head now and then.
You don't say, heh


Stop having opinions about games you haven't even played, jesus.


I've had fun with all Rance games (even 5D) but it's always at the endgame and/or postgame where the grinding gets too much for me and I have to bring out Cheat Engine.


File: 1699945100982.png (217.69 KB, 900x851, sigh shrug anime gril.png)

>why do otaku like this guy
Because its edgy and also plays to some of their fantasies
>I can't stand him
That's fine, even if you want to associate with/identify as an Otaku or weeb, you don't necessarily have to share the exact same likes and dislikes. HxH is very popular, I don't really like it, and that's fine, there's no cult-leader forcing you to like it. I personally don't care for Rance much, however I also don't care if people like it, it's not my problem, and as long as the shitty aspects remain fictional, then there's little harm done.
>I HATE hate him
Relax, breathe in and let it go comr8, there's bigger problems in the world than some VN protag.


File: 1699945413044.png (977.16 KB, 3217x4000, 1699938145862099.png)

my favorite rance fun fact is that the first games where he was at his most depraved were written by a woman and started softening and developing as a character when a man got put as the new main writer. both are good but still, shoutout to perverted women


He's a realistic depiction of what an otaku sort of man would actually do without any of the sad sappy bullshit that the revenge of healer had in his backstory.


not rly, its simply a ys parody that started from an injoke what if adol was a horny bastard


I skipped 5D and only read about games after sengoku. Honestly they should just put them on steam, since it allows porn now. I also used cheat engine since i never was a fan of their dungeon crawling mechanic.

>Because its edgy and also plays to some of their fantasies
The answer is wrong because the premise is. I wouldn't call Rance a particularly popular character. It's hard to play into someone's fantasies when the character has actual personality and not a complete blank slate.
>HxH is very popular
It's really not. It's pretty niche.


NTA but
>I wouldn't call Rance a particularly popular character.
Rance was pretty well known among weebs/otaku that play VNs, even if it's not talked about as much today. From what I've seen of unironic fans, they either identify with Rance or just enjoy the edginess.
>It's really not. It's pretty niche.
Maybe 10 years ago, but by this point, HxH is pretty big in the anime community, the only reason people think its not is because it was the gateway anime for a lot of 2010s contrarians that wanted to like shonen but pretend to be deeper than the rest (proof of that being the shitflinging threads between shonen fans of HxH and the Big Three). Also HxH was under the shadow the Big Three and Dragon Ball making it appear less popular, even though that is untrue. Mention Hunter x Hunter on any anime forum I can think of and people WILL recognize it and a lot of them like it, hell it's rare to find a post actually shitting on it, which indicates a general liking of it.

To clarify - being well known does not necessarily mean mainstream.


Yup, the whole point of criticizing a character for being a "self-insert" is that they're bland/boring/blank slate, which Rance definitely isn't. Even the romance options don't turn into 0 personality sex slaves either. Also, there's a whole separate character in the setting that pokes fun at the generic isekai protagonist trope.
Hell, I always suspect everybody calling him their "self-insert" to be idiots that never played the games and only know him from the epic rape chad meme. Rance is a comedy MC first and foremost and the game goes out of its way to let you know you aren't supposed to take such a childish meathead seriously.
For similar reasons and what >>20113 posted it really doesn't make sense to call him a "mary sue" either.

>Rance was pretty well known among weebs/otaku that play VNs
That's such a small pool of people, man… (Sadly…)

>they either identify with Rance or just enjoy the edginess

That "or" is doing a lot of legwork there. People who play a black comedy game enjoy black comedy, huh.


File: 1699950402062.jpg (101.78 KB, 1000x563, Hanty-Patton.jpg)

Going on a tangent here but many gripes people may have with eroge are as usual a product of market forces. TADA's (former VP of Alicesoft, one of Rance's creators) had a long blogpost in 2021 about how jealous he is of how well 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim does character relationships, and how he regrets the nature of eroge meaning all heroines have to be in reach of the player/protagonist. He even mentions that he wanted to make more characters in the Rance series couple up independently of Rance, but was stopped by other staff out of fears for player base reaction. They still did it with some major characters but, yeah.


>pretend to be deeper than the rest
Nothing to pretend tho, it is deeper. Even if because of that it can often devolve into walls of text.


>Rance is a comedy MC first and foremost and the game goes out of its way to let you know you aren't supposed to take such a childish meathead seriously.
He also constantly fucks up precisely because of his shitty behaviour. He is his own worst enemy more often than not. Which is kinda the opposite of what Mary Sue is.

Also, i think that his character progression should be mentioned. If at first he was an asshole bungling about and lucking into some (sorta) heroic deeds and recognition, with series progression he had to face himself being an asshole the consequences of his actions and actually choosing to do the right thing. And without loosing what makes him Rance. I think it was like Rance VI where he was at his lowest point morally storywise yet where you could see the cinflict between an asshole rance and hero rance leaning towards hero.


I honestly wouldn't mind more characters who are not rance's harem, but i guess you have to aim for the lowest common denominator when market is concerned.


>Nothing to pretend tho, it is deeper.
LMAO, it really isn't any deeper than most Shonen anime. Maybe Bleach or DBZ, but its really not more than that. If you get something deeper from it, good for you I suppose.


It is a deconstruction of shonen tropes. And a pretty good one at that. If you don't see that, that's on you i guess.


I have played like 5 videogames, and even made one that people buy, for money. I know what I'm talking about


I'm kind of sick of harems myself, I believe it has something to do with the fact that one can always root for a "best girl" to come out on top of these things, it's kind of like a sports competition with how those things come out. You can put out some real dross but get some cute girls on a line up in a beauty contest and people will want to see it.


File: 1700270845344.png (44.45 KB, 493x306, F-fIl4VWoAAY7tJ.png)

Ursula Le Guin wrote this in 2005 and it's become even worse almost two decades later. You'd think a primarily marxist imageboard would avoid this pitfall.


Which is why she is one of the shittiest writers, along with Tolkien and his "nooooo it's not an allegory" cope.


This thread is people talking about the quality of Rance as a character and why people like him. No one's treating the plot of the games like some Aesop fable.


youre very stupid and probably also an american


The antique anglo idea of fiction being necessary moral instruction: if a piece of fiction can't justify itself with a parable, what is its utility then?!

People like this is why I still have a little sympathy for the "the curtains are just blue" people. At least they still have an appreciation for a story just being valuable in itself.

To be fair the OP was trying to make this about actual morals.


>OP was trying to make this about actual morals.
No? OP just said they don't like Rance because they think the character has nothing interesting about himself beyond being an asshole. I disagree, but that's not the same as calling a character bad because they're an asshole even though it seems similar.


File: 1700344589437.png (135.85 KB, 498x299, horsnes.png)


So many butthurt pseuds. If an author is consistently "misinterpreted" it just means they are a shit author who doesn't know how to use the tools of literary expression properly. Also they may be just dishonest with themself like Tokien who was clearly influenced by first and second world war, but denied it vehemently (probably because it didn't paint a very nice picture of himself)

>youre very stupid and probably also an american

That's a lot of projection, whitey boy.


File: 1700349796551.jpg (101.37 KB, 960x960, lynch.jpg)

If you're just gonna resort to buzzwords like "pseud" without even explaining yourself, why even bother posting? You aren't even addressing the point I was making in my post but imageboard shut-ins gotta respond to everyone with broad strokes and memes, I guess.


it's not even that, why should i care solely about what the author intends for the story when it's more interesting to bring my own and other people's perspectives into it. "misinterpretation" is a spook


Misinterpretation is what pseud authors (and directors like Lynch) are whining about because they couldn't make the art speak for itself. Or they didn't like what it told about themself.



Rance was conceived by a team of women. Rance is every woman's fantasy man.


it’s always the bitchless mfs


um no


>the writer needs a plot and characters that can produce sex scenes.
but that's y its shit tho
ranch story is poopoo

>13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim
understandable, based gayme


Just because you don't understand literary analysis doesn't mean that people who engage in it just talking out of their ass.


File: 1700664458683.jpg (251.52 KB, 1024x768, 1700522416293093.jpg)

Beyond the great worldbuilding and serialized story that not many games can match, there's just some entries that don't have any comparison for other games like it. If I want another RPG that plays like Sengoku Rance, I'm SOL outside of other Alicesoft titles. Maybe like, the Eiyuu games?


I for one agree with OP, I tried playing one of those games and Rance was just so annoying it wasn't worth it. If you're gonna make the MC an actual character for a game like this, make them a pervert that's actually scheming and trying to get away with stuff so it feels like the story is about whether they'll get away with their perversions, rather than a generic asshole that society magically gives a free pass to. Hell, you can even still make them a generic asshole, but everyone should at least treat them as such.


>the writer needs a plot and characters that can produce sex scenes.
Corruption of champions is a fucking masterpiece compared to this bullshit.


rofl why do terminally online people only express their opinions in hyperbole
hell i dont think youve even played rance OR coc at all
>generic asshole that society magically gives a free pass to
like youre so wrong and its stuff that the thread already talked about so you couldnt even read the thread before opining on things you dont know about…


why on earth would I lie about that lmao? coc also had way better sex scenes, rance gave me blue balls for like an hour, every time he'd open his stupid mouth I'd get soft.


so your issue is that it didnt turn you on so its "shit"? and because coc did that makes it a "masterpiece"? and the character being an asshole hurts your moral sensibilities? god forbid fiction doesnt try to have epic wholesome chungus role models all the time


God forbid fiction have likeable characters, clearly real life isn't filled enough with bad people


clearly a lot of people like rance? uh?? not everything needs to appeal to everyone and can only fill a niche


a hentai game is bad if it's not actually erotic, correct.


An eroge doesn't stop being eroge because you don't like it, what even is this stupid argument?


No wonder the side boards are dead when the average discussion is this bad.


File: 1700685233674.jpg (9.85 KB, 200x237, Max_stirner.jpg)

eroge that doesn't make me hard IS bad, sorry anon


this is just the average quality of discussion you'll find in anything revolving anime


This is a thread about video games but yes, but isn't that sad, that a niche imageboard with a couple dozen regular posters like leftypol is worse than the average? Worst of both worlds.


You sound like a basic bitch, "anon".


File: 1700752499941.jpg (284.98 KB, 1408x1954, F_jS66eWIAAL-RB.jpg)



File: 1700974164254.jpg (610.22 KB, 2560x1440, 170269.jpg)

You'd know this if you actually engaged with the medium but since the 90s eroge mostly exist as a blank canvas where anything goes literarily speaking, that's the primary reason why so many eroge and VNs are cult classics for those in the know. It's the one place where the YA author's wholesome game claws have not reached yet.


>YA author's wholesome game claws
what the fuck are you talking about?


>Corruption of champions is a fucking masterpiece compared to this bullshit.
understandable and maybe based


nah, you sound like a poser and a pretentious snob
>I didn't enjoy it but I still say it is good because hmmm, internet said so, ok?


You're literally making up someone in your head to get mad at. Please go back to /v/.


>(in his head, this was a good rebuttal)


none of these people can process characters more than “good” or “bad, something as simple as someone who isn’t a good person or a nice person but is a Heroic person breaks their breams


Whatever anyone wants to say with art is diluted if the medium is interactive, because ultimately, players want to make their own choices and enjoy games in their own way.


File: 1713911856301.png (4.81 MB, 1280x2124, ClipboardImage.png)

He's a parody/satire of isekai protags but rather than fully subversive like Konosuba, it leans into the tropes to absurdity.


File: 1713919128912.png (421.56 KB, 1033x904, eyeroll.png)

Rance is a "parody" of Ys, zoomie. They wanted to make Ys but with the protagonist being an amoral rapist that immediately expanded in world-building and characterization with the following games and the main characters end up changing the status quo of the world more than Ys itself, even.

Konosuba gives up the facade of a parody pretty quickly and ends up playing all the cliches straight. It gets even worse in the volumes that haven't been adapted yet.

>the concept of "subversive media" at all


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