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Since the board is slow, (and my adhd stuggle to post on near-dead boards), let's do a general discussion thread of what you've been reading/watching.
Similar to the /tv/ thread on hobby.

I'll start:
Manga: Kingdom
It's alot of fun, currently on chapter 430.
Despite the restriction of it being in the past, there's alot of strategy/complication that makes it interesting to read.

And the manga is fun in the fact that it has shoenin level power clashing and hyping of characters – but still respects reality.
Like a character being healed after a fight is explained by months or even years of a time skip, or when situations where "talk-no-jutsu" would've occurred in shoenin, instead the person ranting is just meant to understand the world more before they die.

I am reading some others as well, like: Vinland Saga, One Piece, Watamote, and a few others – just been alittle addicted to Kingdom.
(I should catch up with One Piece though.. I'm 110 chapters behind with it).

Anime on the other hand, nothing.
Though I've been feeling nostaligic for Bobobo, will probably watch in half a years time.

Also if this thread has alot of replies, pin it as a thread to update in when you visit the board.


Kingdom is good. I should get caught up.


Started watching one piece. Just finished the arlong park, I’m really enjoying it even tough the animation and visuals are not anything impressive I enjoyed the character writing and there were some really nice visuals and moments.

I’m also currently reading Houseki no kuni which is very good .

I’m also also reading Jojolands, but the chapter release is so slow that I don’t think there is much to praise yet, even tough it has been releasing for at least 5 months.


What chapter are you on?
Since Kingdom just gets better and better the longer you read it.

The only draw back is you need to pace yourself since you can burn yourself out.
Same situation with One piece


Yeah One piece is great.
Alittle warning: the anime adaption switches from 2/3 chapter adaption rate to 1 around "Water 7".

Oh also, since you've finished all the source material, you can now watch None Piece (the best abridged series ever made).
Since episodes 5 and 9 were taken down by youtube, you can either:
>Watch all the re uploaded videos in one playlist

>Watch all the episodes using the original playlist and seperate links to episode 5 and 9

<(episode 5) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lGyC61afYc4
<(episode 9) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tof8eKndkg4

>I’m also currently reading Houseki no kuni

Interesting, why that manga?
Never heard of it personally.

>I’m also also reading Jojolands

I haven't read through part 8 yet, so I'm gonna hold off. (Maybe I'll wait for the color versions to be done).

What's part 9 like in theme?
For example: 2, Indiana Jones; 4, slice of life + murder mystery; 5, Gangster; etc.


I don't remember really. I got a couple hundred chapters in a few years ago but put it down for some reason. Really I've basically got to start over because I don't remember what happened.


Jojolands is a mystery, like pretty much all jojo parts, but this one is about a mc who is more materialistic than others. It’s hard to say what it’s like right now since there has been only 1 real fight and we don’t even really know all the context yet.

I guess one could say that it’s about small time criminals who got themselves into something too big for their own good

“Interesting, why that manga?
Never heard of it personally.”

Houseki is pretty great in my opinion. It’s hard to say what exactly got me into it, I think it’s the the desire to see how characters change, I can’t really say much, but the main idea of the Houseki is that we get to see how immortal beings with no real concept of death live and change; while at the same time the audience is trying to understand the situation that made the world what it is, you should check it out it’s pretty good and emotional.


I just got past the Sanyou arc in Kingdom

There's something so comforting about getting invested into a manga that you know is going to stick with you for months.


File: 1710391403347.jpg (28.46 KB, 500x375, f86ce0pl1mv11.jpg)

i've been reading Akagi, great manga about mahjong and gambling, after the anime i had to start reading the manga for the conclusion

and on the anime side, i'm going to start K-on, seems like a fine addition to my moe collection


Started playing mahjong for Yakuza, stayed for Akagi.
Fulumoto really knows how to turn a game old Japanese women play into a blood pumping shounen.


Yea it's so good! I want to read other mangas he made too, they all seem very good. Probably will watch Kaiji soon too.

>Japanese women play into a blood pumping shounen



>tfw s5 is only 13 episodes
it's so fucking over. why do they keep getting shorter?


Honestly, from a few episodes I've watched, it seems like an imperialist propaganda. Some ambiguity is introduced but the protagonists never doubt their righteousness despite being viewed by people as invaders.


File: 1711944787793.jpg (20.25 KB, 400x400, pOeVpzmx_400x400.jpg)

>>23643 (me)
watched the first episode of K-on, looks fun and chill, characters are cool and the animation is nice too


It really is nice, have fun!!


>another CGDCT anime



Started reading delicious in dungeon and it’s pretty good. The author knows what she is doing and it manages to raise the stakes pretty well.


File: 1712026233410.jpg (40.59 KB, 1136x553, uttvsh4j8ip01.jpg)

thank u! i also like music stuff so i'll probably enjoy a lot. (i play the keyboard)(literally mugi)

because it's cute also >>23832 :)


i didn't watched it but the characters look fun and all the atmosphere seems comfy, also pic related reminds me of Alunya.
i think i'll put it on my watch/read later too

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