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Is it just Ayn Rand for weebs or is there a redeemable message in it?


1) Spoilered OP, why?
2) I'm going to make/repost an effort post of mine from a while back but it will take time to compile.


1.) because I'm retarded


I think if you ask the mods could unspoiler it for you




>Promotes the great man theory
>literally becomes a merchant to grow wealthy
>buys slaves, portrayed as "wholesome"
>rejects all of society to rise above it


The anime and manga had something going for it, but it drops the ball. It's a narrative clad in a bourgeois revolutionary doctrine. The setting is feudal and that impacts the MC by influencing the decisions he makes. He's there to rock the boat, though not by his own volition, so his mere presence threatens the existing order. The shield hero is a heroic archetype caught up in the role of a scape goat. They will always inspire the masses (or beastmen) to revolt, so the monarchy accounts for that. It doesn't particularly matter what the shield hero does, however it just so happens that the shield hero is a merchant. Historically, the move from feudalism to capitalism was progressive, but in retrospect it becomes a fantasy when depicted in any other context. The MC is this self-centred misanthrope whose actions are a means to an end. He trades, buys slaves, and takes advantages of poor villages not in the best of conscience, however he always does in his ethical framework. He has taken his alienation and channeled it into a position of power. It's all about turning your weakness into strength.
Describing it in this way, there's a premise that can be done justice, but I dropped the series and others I have talked to have done the same. It isn't just a problem with the anime, but the manga also suffers from some problems too. It's very obvious that the waifu bait is a key part of the series, but it wasn't properly contained. The fact that Raphtalia went from a loli to a full blown woman was bullshit. It skips character development and the change is jarring. Fillia is forgettable. The tone gets watered down. That's all obvious. My problem is that the conflict with the monarchy is too contrived. Once the queen was revealed I dropped it because the lure of a conspiracy just disinterested me and by then the show's edge was gone.


Into the trash it goes.


Cry harder


As far as I'm aware, we can't unspoil files, only spoil them. Just make another topic and we can delete this one.



Thank you youtubers for giving birth to thousands of pseuds like this that MUST apply their surface-level knowledge of political theory to all media they consoom.


Political analysis of media is something everyone does, whether it is correct is another matter, but that's why this is a thread and not a thesis paper; people write out what they think and discuss. If you're not interested, DON'T READ IT. It's not that hard to hide a post and ignore it.
&ltMuh youtubers
People have and did do this on /a/ long before weeb youtubers were even a thing.


File: 1608529097517.png (964.77 KB, 1273x901, slave friend.png)

Pic is me TBH, It's also basically the theme of Shield Hero's beginning (internalized).


Way too edgy in some ways, not edgy enough in others


Having had a year or so to ruminate over thsis show and read some fanfics as alternate takes I have to say that Shield hero is an interesting show but like Arifureta undermines its dark, gritty premise with cutesy shit and stalled character development after the initial character arcs.


>Is it just Ayn Rand for weebs or is there a redeemable message in it?
It's Randian but has some interesting and redeeming aspects, overall a mix of good and bad in a mediocre worldbuild (that fanfics seem to expand much more).


finished watching shield hero (why did they name it the rising rather than the ascent?) a couple of weeks ago, and i have to say that while its world and ideas are weird, like for example how did a matriarchy even have the right to form if physical differences between men and women still exist in a medieval society, i like the story and the characters too much not to be excited for the second season. i'm looking forward to naofumi and the other heroes' growth, and i'm curious whether raphtalia gets over her separation anxiety enough for her to finally take the slave crest off. i also wonder how shield is going to manage his region, and why are the waves a thing in the first place.


>(why did they name it the rising rather than the ascent

Americans don't know what "ascent" means


Because shitty LN translations are par for the course.


Found the LN on Baka Tsuki. It's pretty mid tbh. I think if it was just an Isekai and not a GAMING Isekai I'd be more invested.


TBH the first season is the only good part. I will give it credit as it did keep me a bit interested. The concept of an isekai hero being hated since the others are preferred is interesting adding in the false rape and criminal allegations. After the said rape allegation and its villain gets resolved though it kinda falls off hard. Just becoming a meandering plot while his two slaves want his cock..

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