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「C H O C O L A T E D I S C O」, that's all I'm gonna say.


File: 1608528751480.jpeg (461.27 KB, 1520x1200, JohnnyGyroVSValentine.jpeg)

To add to that,
Steel Ball Run is Based and Anti-America pilled.


Finally tried to read through this series a while back, had to stop when it got to the stands because it was just insufferably stupid. No, not like fun ironic stupid as its fans boast, but like its creator is a fucking moron trying to seem intelligent.


A lot of my frens who are fans are genuine dumbasses and kinda fashy, I think it's all about the rule of cool aesthetic for a lot of them.
That being I think JoJo's pretty fun; the series itself isn't ironically stupid, it is actually just stupid, but I still feel that genuine stupidity can be enjoyed ironically.
I'm curious as to what in particular you found moronic about Araki though; is it his constant forgetfulness of plot points?
Or the weird historical factoids meant to show how knowledgeable he is or whatever?

In any case, any JoJo fan who tries to say it's 'ackshually super smart' is a goddamn idiot.


Stands are better in part 3 and 4 where their just the MC's and pals ghost type pokemon they spawn from their own fighting spirit or some other Shounen / Seinen shit.
When you get to part 5 and 6 and its retconned that stands are actually some like alien parasitic organism that like fucks up DNA or something and creates the Next evolution of humanity or whatever.


On one hand I want to like the 'complexity' of later stands,
on the other, a lot of them are just retarded masquerading as complex.
I think the stands in Steel Ball Run are pretty good generally though.
I don't understand why the anime part 5 is now like the highest rated part though.
It's so boring, it started the stand retcon, the stands are meh, the characters are mediocre, the plot has no meaningful impact, it wasted Jean-Pierre; maybe I'm just an asshole though.


File: 1608528751714.jpg (96.81 KB, 713x623, JoshuHato.jpg)

What you guy's part 8 final boss expectations?

>What we seem to know at this point

&ltTohru is either the final boss or the Vanilla Ice to the Final Boss's Dio so to speak.
&ltEndless Calamity / The Wonder of you injures and tries to kill people attempting to pursue it. It is somehow able to increase the kinetic damage people suffer by accelerating the speed or the impact force of objects (Rai bumping into a table and almost ripping his legs off / 8suke getting shot by rain drops) Stand user is most likely Tohru
&ltThe effects of endless calamity / TWOY on its victim are directly relative to the 'Karma' of them. so "good" guys like Rai and Josuke get mild yet survivable wounds while Jobin who just got done trying to kill a teenage girl and threatening his family after giving his dad heat stroke gets turned into a sprinkler.
&ltJoshu has the plant hold and looks like hes about to waste one of them to heal Yasuho
&ltEndless Calamity / TWOY can completely break the rules about Normoids not being able to see stands and Tohru has seemingly been using it as an alter ego for some time.
&ltFor no explicable reason Endless calamity / TWOY can appear to multiple people at once entire cities away
&ltTsurugi continuing to become pyramidhead in the bedroom


when most of anime is just retarded glowy power levels, just the fact that the stand fights are each unique and have their own mechanics makes Jojo stand out. Also some of the fights are pretty smart imo


Reminder that Joseph Joestar is introduced by beating up cops to defend a black kid from racial harassment.



Aragi forgod :DDD


2bh I'm kind of bored at this point and don't really know how it's gonna resolve;
Tohru seems to make sense though as the finale or penultimate.
But what about the mom? Is she gonna be the real finale villain? I feel like it's been forever since we seent her, but she might make sense too?


I just finally watched all of the anime and I was wondering, is the manga worth it checking out?
Also: 2 > 4 > 3 > 5 > 1
If part 5 had a better ending fight plus less spooks maybe it tied with part 3


I watched all the anime and never read part 6 cause I figured it'll be animated soon anyway.
I did jump ahead to part 7 since it's entirely new shit anyway finished it and caught up on 8.
I do highly recommend reading 7 and 8, they are well worth it.


I hate JoJo


File: 1608528835900.jpg (178.63 KB, 1280x720, DiegoHP.jpg)

>Araki for whatever reason decides to make this chapter the closest he'd ever come to straight fanservice Until Part 8 up when he could have just had a generic stand battle.
>The Fanbases favourite Fanon / Fanfictions about Part 7 all seem to revolve around Diego fucking HP with his Dino-Dick and other shit
>There's no panel in part 7 where someone in universe literally screams "OH MY GOD GYRO THE PRESIDENT JUST KILLED HOT PANTS!!!"
>Part 8 still has numerous characters / references to characters that appear for one page and are never mentioned again (Ocean Baby / Flashback man etc etc)
Either the final boss of part 8 or the next JoJo (If Araki makes another part) will be Giorno Brando whose Diego's great-great-great illegitimate grandson


Why is this anime still so popular? The memes are all its good for TBH.


I honestly find Foo Fighters attractive.


Stands are one of the most overpowered street-level fighting abilities in any media


>The memes
You answered your own question


Who is the best Jojo?


File: 1608529090755.png (1.09 MB, 1000x1010, Jo_Jorgensen_headshot.png)


Who is the best Joestar you cheeky fucker


The original







The old dude


File: 1608529107324.jpg (741.05 KB, 3464x3464, knife Dio.jpg)

People Ruin Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sFLPxn1kBl0

100 Hamon keks to be had.
Good comp of this autism TBH


>55th Poster On /anime/
Jojos are quick to the reply button


*Bane voice* "Of course"


stone ocean anime when


Hopefully never.


JoJo is mostly shit, but the first two parts are so nostalgic both in manga and anime form

fuck you


File: 1611107454080-0.jpg (752.99 KB, 971x1138, 1355682119479.jpg)

File: 1611107454080-1.jpg (615.53 KB, 489x2048, 1368963459688.jpg)


stone ocean anime when?


File: 1611108150181-0.jpg (217.49 KB, 820x700, 1257092545457.jpg)

File: 1611108150181-1.jpg (359.22 KB, 600x800, 1266950423975.jpg)

File: 1611108150181-2.jpg (463.85 KB, 724x1024, 1257092505115.jpg)

File: 1611108150181-3.jpg (989.88 KB, 1200x752, 1267549128493.jpg)


part 6 announced


If that's true then I might actually get into JoJo again


It actually is true. Will be interesting since people love to hate on Part 6


Is Part 8 still ongoing? When will that Autist Araki finnish the story?


That post didn't age for long.
Yes it was announced back in Saturday.ak-47AK-47


>That post didn't age for long.
Yeah, it was obvious as fuck that it would happen some time after 5.



My wife Jolyne looks and sounds beautiful
Hermes has a nice voice too
Oh shit, I'm actually getting hype for this anime, I thought JoJo would never be a part of my life again. I'm definitely gonna watch it.


So what's David Pro gonna do when they catch up to the manga? Are they just going to stop or wait for a new part? Or are they going to stop after part 6?


If they happens, it'll probably be in 8 or so years.


*If that happens
Anyway, I don't think you should worry about it. They also have spin-offs to adapt. And SBR is longer than the previous JoJo parts.


Part 9 announced?? Not sure but it’s trending


Apparently they're talking about this
>"JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Part 9" tentatively titled "JOJO LANDS" by Hirohiko Araki will start after a short break.


Jojo is only good for memes and clips, prove me wrong.


The memes and clips only catch on because the show is fun.


I feel it catches on more because it's just so shocking and absurdist. On paper the story is alright, but the actual result is nonsensical.


That's why it's fun.


Kek, good point


Wrong, it's also good for obsessing over it and over-analyzing it for years and years with other weirdos on the internet.
And for playing a decades-old fighting game.

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