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Why are ugly bastards so popular?




I'm betting on humiliation and/or projecting.


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Humilation of the bastard, or the pretty girl/boy? The second one you can do with every other type of character, and happens with futa or normal girls often.


The latter, obviously.
>The second one you can do with every other type of character
This is in fact what happens.
>and happens with futa or normal girls often.
Well yes, because futa and normal girls are popular.


To better make readers identify with the raped/humiliated, because very few'd identify with the bastard.


Some people like to insert themselves into the humiliated character who's being fucked by the ugly bastard, maybe because they get off to the thought of doing something so dirty voluntarily or because they have rape fantasies.

In other cases, people like to see a character they like being humiliated, or turning into a dirty slut, because they find the character attractive and would like to fuck it.

Ugly bastard is a really effective way to please both audiences. Some people might even be part of both groups.


It's purposefully dysgenic because the taboo arouses people sometime. Typically, Japanese men aren't that fat nor strong, so it may be a sort perverted ideal. Albeit, it's not internalised, rather externalised. These fat bastards are the spectator's better. More sexual, dimorphic, and masculine.


Materialist explanation of this product?


Are archive file attachments really allowed on the boards?
Isn't there the risk of zip bombs and similar?


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What about hot bastards?


You mean like the tall, muscular & tanned playboys that are so common in NTR?


Because it heightens the sexuality of the female subject in contrast.




First plausible answer but it doesn't seem that way in practice. Wouldn't lesbian porn seem less erotic than anything hetero if it were the case?


>Wouldn't lesbian porn seem less erotic than anything hetero if it were the case?
In my experience, there is not that much overlapse between the Ugly bastard NTR audience and yurifags. So maybe thoses two crowds have not the same way to highlight the sexuality of the protagonists and neither the same way to make it relate to their own sexuality.


Why are the other answers not plausible?


I find lesbian porn incredibly boring.


The ugly bastard represents the US who came to rape and humiliate Japan
As is often the case the population uses pornagraphie to cope with this trauma and talk about this topic which is otherwise a taboo
As a side effect the population devvelops stange fetishes


Case in point.


They know their audience.
Otaku want to be the little girl.
Specifically, otaku want to be the little girl being fucked by an average schmoe.


Under communism, will there be more nonmale bastards?


What's different about normal cuckoldry compared to NTR?
Do the cuckolder and the female participant just have more agency in NTR?


It's wrong to assume there's always a self-insertion aspect to pornography. If this were the case lesbian porn wouldn't be popular with guys.
And yes, it's way more of a stretch to assume every guy who's into lesbian porn is actually projecting into one of the girls than to simply acknowledge that projection and fantasizing aren't necessary aspects of sexual arousal.


If by "normal cuckoldry" you mean like consensual cuckoldry, I think a big part of NTR is the bad feelings that come from watching the protagonist suffer emotionally, little by little. Whether you self-insert as the cuckold, or the guy stealing the significant other, or the person being stolen, or don't self-insert as anyone and just enjoy this kind of drama. Which is probably why it's considered a "dark" genre. You're either a sadist or a masochist to watch/read that shit.


Why is anime so horny.




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