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It was always weird to me that both of these exist and are so different in every way.
I think you would find nobody that prefers the first one over Ultimate.
But for me Hellsing was always great in alot of unique ways the main problem it has is story.
If you only watch Hellsing you will have no idea what the fuck is even going on for some odd reason they dont explain the most basic principles.
Hellsings Seras will always have a special place in my heart
So lets talk Hellsing(Ultimate)tankieTankie


>I think you would find nobody that prefers the first one over Ultimate.
You'd be wrong. Hellsing is an incredibly fucking stupid manga and the original anime improved it by replacing some of the stupidity. Ultimate on the other hand is too insultingly moronic to take serious.


I agree with you
Is this sentiment widespread? I only ever heard people talking about UltimatetankieTankie


No, most of Hellsing's fans like to wallow in stupidity and mock you for wanting a story that is consistent enough to suspend your disbelief in.


Well than its nice meetin you heretankieTankie


One Punch Man is the best rebuttal to Hellsing


I'm interested tell me moretankieTankie


It's about a guy who wins every fight without trying, just like Hellsing. Except there's actually some tension and clever writing.


One man punch is pretty goodtankieTankie


>Hellsing vs Hellsing Ultimate
It's a FMA vs FMA: Brotherhood situation TBH


Original Hellsing blows Ultimate out of the water. It was written by the writer of Serial Experiments Lain. When I watched Ultimate I didn't finish it because I was too enraged how they had ruined Seras's character and turned her into an annoying Genki girl and had ceased to make the story revolve around her struggles with becoming a vampire. Hellsing with the villains from Ultimate would have been great, but alas.

This is why Original Hellsing places no dramatic weight on the exploits of Alucard and he's basically a side-character and all the real "plot" is Seras's personal struggles (also he's less overpowered in the first place)


What's your opinion of the FREAK Chips?


File: 1634579179711-0.jpg (145.94 KB, 1920x1080, 113315.jpg)

File: 1634579179711-1.gif (982.3 KB, 540x408, gfjcghkjgj.gif)

Hellsing Ultimate is what hooked me into watching anime. There is nothing quite like it out there. Not much in terms of story, most of the show takes place during a single night. It is carried by characters and visuals. Animation is absolutely gorgeous, every frame is like a painting.

The original Hellsing was literally the first two episodes of Ultimate stretched into entire season. Plus something about werewolves, I dont remember what that was about. I think it was just another Nazi transformation plan, the same as artificial vampires. I did appreciate the character stuff with Seras thought. And the OST was the bomb, really wish they used it in Ultimate.



Hellsing Ultimate is more like an exploitation film and that's why I liked it more, but both are good and worth watching.


How about just Hellsing Abridged?

But as a side note I like how shows like FMA and Hellsing had their own interpretations before the official manga releases came out. I wish they did that for shows today, rather than keep breakneck update schedules to keep the anime from catching up to the manga. Instead we get fillers, and unlike in the past where fillers could be fun and nuanced by letting the anime writers use their creativity outside the main plot, current fillers are usually boring garbage. Ironically Boruto fillers are largely less egregious than the majority of the manga-based plot episodes.


>Dio wins
I'm surprised people weren't more mad about it considering the sheer seethe in almost every comment section of Death Battle

As a side note
Patrick Seitz, the voice of Dio, an artificial vampire, also voiced Dracula from Castlevania.

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