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What are your oponions on this?
I think its one of the if not the most interesting anime in recent time.
The story focused around suicid and trauma is really intersting
The art style is also nice even though the animation is not as fluent as it could be.
I liked the first 10 episodes the eleventh was quite strange so I'm very interested about what they are going to do with the 12. and last episode


File: 1617086248351.jpg (266.17 KB, 2245x2543, 1616056097102.jpg)

I've seen a few shots of it that got me interested.


What anime is this? I'm curious


Check the thread's subject. Alternatively, check the filename.


shiiiiittt, I just saw that, thanks homie, haha


Give it a chance you wont regret it


ayo what the fuck it's beautiful and emotional
is there a letterboxd for anime

i want to watch and log this stuff
what do you all use to watch anime? i use 9anime.at


what is a letterbox?
>what do you all use to watch anime?
I use streaming sites (the ones I use are country and langueage specific)


Myanimelist is similar to letterboxd but the website kinda sucks.




How are you going to get your 3TiB of anime, if you don't use torrent?
https://shanaproject.com https://nyaa.si


Torrent and a txt file.


Superior txt gang


Just started ep 09, this shit is dope, thanks for the rec.



what if txt become go loss
do you back it up anywhere


I unironically rsync it with a usb stick.


Just watched the last episode it was nice
I hope there will be a second season even though i didnt wuit like the metastory that got introduced rather late i liked the basic stuff that happened from the beginning more than this insane shit at the end


What was the last episode all about? It didn't explain very much.


It was mainly to prepare the next season


Wasn't there only supposed to be one more episode though?


I dont know anything about that


Yes, there is supposed to be a special part to complete the series.


thx for the info sounds interesting

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