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Is Madoka truly the AOTD of the 2010s?


File: 1608528795529.jpg (135.2 KB, 609x927, migi.jpg)

It's pretty good, but I prefer Parasyte. Watamote had an excellent adaptation that ended at the perfect time before the comic strip went to shit as well.


>before the comic strip went to shit as well.
I've never seen or read Watamote but the "change" made me want to pick up the manga.


What was the change?


I'm not really sure what to call it. The yuri shipping? I haven't read the manga but i did read a bunch of Watamote doujins on Dynasty and it got me interested.


Originally it was about a ugly otaku girl with severe social anxiety but she has a harem of girls now.


File: 1608528795796.webm (2.62 MB, 1280x720, 1579382150343.webm)

Did any of you guys watch magia record? It wasn't kino like the OG series and rebellion but i still liked it.


Why is there no sound?


File: 1608528795961.jpg (6.67 KB, 195x154, 1580805174715.jpg)

saved it from 4chan, sorry.


Basically they gave her a ton of friends she didn't earn and all the humor dried up.


The author got sent dick pics from 4chan


Eh, I quit reading it before that because it went on so long. Can't fault the author for trying to change the formula though to keep it fresh after all those years.


Yes. It may not have the best storytelling but it is the most efficient one. So much emotions and plot squeezed into 13 episodes.

>magia record?
Nah I didn't. Just waiting for a sequel to Rebellion.


She earned them, though.


I actually just finished this yesterday, don't watch a lot of modern anime myself but I really enjoyed it aside from the means to the ending. I do think E10 is as close to a masterpiece as modern anime can reach. Overall really enjoyed it, was about as good as I expected. Probably AOTD as well


TBH I don't understand the hype of this show


Try watching it.


I did. I get the story its trying to tell, but it feel like such a complex mess to tell and rationalize what is essentially a simple concept.


Madoka is my favorite anime of all time. I don't know that it had the influence necessary to be AOTD though.

Also Rebellion was trash, Homura did everything wrong, and I have to pretend it doesn't exist.


File: 1608528796521.jpg (44.52 KB, 848x480, tomato.jpg)

>Rebellion was trash
Wrong. Rebellion was pure kino.


I played the gacha game it is based on. The story was okay, but after quitting the game I didn't really care to watch the anime.


Rebellion was my favorite part of the whole franchise.


MM was a good anime generally.
Rebellion was very good and Homura's choices were okay.

Madoka fandom often is quite insufferable though.


Thats OPM


Over-rated art-house shit


The remake of Legend of the Galactic Heroes was AOTD.


Just found out Madoka has been milked to hell


I thoroughly disliked it. for the life of me, I couldn't see anything redeemable.


Loser otaku got character development and got a few "friends" while remaining awkward, loser otaku fanbase can no longer self-insert.


>a ton of friends
lol she got a handful of friends, why do 4chan brains always exaggerate everything

>she didn't earn

bruh she finally got friends after over 70 chapters

>and all the humor dried up

why do 4chan brains always exaggerate everything (x2)


>loser otaku fanbase can no longer self-insert
Pure projection on your part. You want her to have friends because it makes you feel better about yourself, good writing or logical consistency be damned. Look in the mirror anon.


File: 1608529145943.jpg (168.18 KB, 1920x1080, mpv-shot0001.jpg)

Nope, that would be Shinsekai Yori.

A friendly reminder that Squealer did nothing wrong.


go back


no it was Psycho Pass


I liked Madoka and that includes Rebellion
Haven't watched anything beyond that though, I'm afraid it won't be as fun as the series and movie


I heard that Madoka started off bad and then suddenly got good. I that true?


Thats the whole point of the show. It's a deconstruction of magical girl shows.
I dont particularly love the show, but it does what it does competently. The first 3 episodes are the b8, and the end of episode 3 is the switch


Ah, shit, I got filtered by the first 3 episodes, so I dropped it.


Madoka is truly the most retarded character in anime as in a lot of characters in moeshit are "lol so randumb xD" played for laughs, but Madoka may be one of the few characters with a legit <80 IQ.


Old as shit but Tomoko goes from quirky and cringy anti social to having a literal harem of cute girls to hang out and do erotic things.

The Tomoko of the anime was much better, a hopeless, disgusting, perverted otaku with bad manners with no redeeming qualities just like me


AOTD was clearly Samurai Flamenco. Madoka was second though.


>Samurai Flamenco
I thought this had been something I dreamed up.


It is highly based.


File: 1640419116050.png (130.1 KB, 380x380, nw6La3.md.png)

About to go on another urobutcher binge
Never played saya no uta tho, is it worth playing?


Apparently it is if you ignore the lolishit


No. You're thinking of Milky Holmes.


it's too early to tell what could be AOTD in a decade saturated with anime like never before but it's good


Absolutely not


Then which one was it?



What's so good about it? I remember seeing it in an anime magazine that's published here


Great characters, impeccable plot, hilarious antics, wonderful music, and an epic conclusion.


Don't forget lolis


So it's shit for pedophilic manchildren, ok.


The only one sexualized is Arsene, and she's a big booby bish. It's a fun show, and you should watch it without worrying if you're going to get horny for cartoons.


Don't worry, I'm going to watch it (looks fun and not coomerbait), I was just taking the piss out of that faggot


You failed.


Do I look like I give a fuck?


Also, they aren't really lolis. They're supposed to be in High-school and are all 15-17 years old. That's just the style. Also, if you're interested in the music, the main girl went on to play Hikari in Revue Starlight. I really enjoy themes of music and such, so that is another one to check out, and that one has even less of an excuse to be called pedobait, since there is no display of nudity or display of bodies in a werid manner. It's also really gay, and I mean like gay gay, not just yuri shit. I'm a straight man, but my gay bro was totally into it.


OK, thank you, that sounds really good.


File: 1642409153053.jpg (Spoiler Image, 75.45 KB, 680x547, unexpected.jpg)

Didn't expect Mami to get so lewd in the following incarnations, though. Shit was hot. Pic related.


Yes, it is.


Mob psycho 100 was better


I don't care that this was 3 years ago, Homura did nothing wrong and the Incubators deserved it. She literally subsututed reality with her own.




Nothing will ever be able to top this fight, it's where anime peaked.


Her wish is still unfulfilled tho


I watched it recently, it was pretty good. But it should have been longer.


Trailer for the new movie.

Madoka still has a chance to become the AOTD for the 2020s, also.


what is its historical materialist significance?
It doesn't seem very political for being a Faust story about selling your soul to the devil for material gain. I would say the whole "sacrificing young girls to fight entropy of the universe" alien thing fits in with the whole Jeffrey Epstein neoliberalism, like those "Effective Altruism" Bitcoin finance kulaks such as SBF and those other eugenicist groomers

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