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how exactly do we convert them into communism?,last time i asked this question everyone said lol no you can't they are inherntly bourgoi,but why?




Tell them that the state will pay for their glasses.


>cochlear implants will be more accessible under Communism
>they will be more accepted


This mango really got me in the feels even though I could tell what sort of emotional manipulation it would attempt coming from a mile away.


uygha this is the anime board


is it bad that i fapped to hentai of the deaf girl?


Sir this is /anime/.


Why should disabled people not be able to be fapped to?


i don't know it just doesn't feel okay to me.


If you're not doing it because of their disability but because of their personality there's nothing wrong with it, is it?


What if you do because of disability? I mean, a fetish is a fetish. As long as you don't actively work on creating more deaf people it's not that bad. Not really different than liking someone because of any other physical characteristic, hair or eye color for example.


Well if your disability fetish somehow involved abuse that wouldn't be very nice of you, but otherwise, whatever


Yeah, i was talking about cases where no abuse is involved.

Also, not really a fetish for me. Not even sure there is such a fetish.


You all never heard of Helen Keller? She was a blind and deaf socialist activist.


Did you fap to her tho


Why? She wouldn't even see me cumming.


Maybe that's exactly what you'd like about her

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