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how exactly do we convert them into communism?,last time i asked this question everyone said lol no you can't they are inherntly bourgoi,but why?




Tell them that the state will pay for their glasses.


>cochlear implants will be more accessible under Communism
>they will be more accepted


This mango really got me in the feels even though I could tell what sort of emotional manipulation it would attempt coming from a mile away.


uygha this is the anime board


is it bad that i fapped to hentai of the deaf girl?


Sir this is /anime/.


Why should disabled people not be able to be fapped to?


i don't know it just doesn't feel okay to me.


If you're not doing it because of their disability but because of their personality there's nothing wrong with it, is it?


What if you do because of disability? I mean, a fetish is a fetish. As long as you don't actively work on creating more deaf people it's not that bad. Not really different than liking someone because of any other physical characteristic, hair or eye color for example.


Well if your disability fetish somehow involved abuse that wouldn't be very nice of you, but otherwise, whatever


Yeah, i was talking about cases where no abuse is involved.

Also, not really a fetish for me. Not even sure there is such a fetish.


You all never heard of Helen Keller? She was a blind and deaf socialist activist.


Did you fap to her tho


Why? She wouldn't even see me cumming.


Maybe that's exactly what you'd like about her


Actually, deaf people have a pretty strong subculture where cochlear implants are sometimes even frowned upon, and people who take them are viewed as "traitors".


bruh we need to come up with a term like white washing for when historical people's communist politics is ignored and co-opted


Oh yeah, they erased that shit hard. She wasn't just a socialist, she campaigned and made it her life's work for the second half of her life, yet somehow that never makes it into the history books.


Einstein too, and MLK


lib washing

and Oscar Wilde, Bertrand Russell, Pablo Picasso, Nelson Mandela, Mark Twain, Charlie Chaplin, Lucille Ball, Francis Bellamy (writer of the pledge of allegiance of the US), etc
The list is pretty fucking long.


Bellamy was based yo


To add to the others, W.E.B. DuBois also was another example of a socialist, or at least very much sympathetic. He even praised quite deeply Stalin supposedly. Later, he even also met Chairman Mao, in a visit likely at China.


File: 1622543336882.png (118.6 KB, 680x684, tfw Lenin.png)

That series blueballed me so hard. None of the series' many, many assholes get their comeuppance, all of Shoya's emotional problems are suddenly solved by going to a festival and the romance ends on an ambiguous note.

I was hoping this was leaving room for the anime to provide closure, but apparently not.


I fucking love lenin wojak so much because I am reminded every time that dweebs my age post here



Hi retard here. I always thought that these were just hearing aids like little earbuds with an amplifier and that deaf people were being dramatic about it.

Its fucking surgery on your head. I don't know why I didn't get that from IMPLANT but if anyone was like me now you know. I totally understand now, especially why people advocate not doing it to babies.

pic tw: surgery


Holy fuck dude, just use the Spoiler Image option



File: 1657029162257.jpg (101.71 KB, 1063x752, 2533.jpg)

Play Katawa Shoujo


Bro did you miss how he grew up as a person and made up for being a bully?


He made up how? By being bullied and ostracized? By feeding the fish with Shouko as if it was indulgence? It's pretty clear that at no point did he consider Shouko a person, she's always there only to establish his social status.


Way off topic but this rreminds me there is a live action docudrama series called Genius. First season was about Einsten and they included his politics. Then they did Picaso and also included his politics. It's a good series.


It's a completely unbelievable story
Einstein was an idiot. He thought time and space exist, like reified into substances. But space and time are nothing and if you make up spacetime you have nothing squared. They bear no relation to material realities. They are pure mental constructs. Einstein lacked even the basis of reasoning and science. Only produced mysticism. Einstein has been debunked infinite times but it doesn't really matter since he has no actual real life application at all. Plus he was a dumb racist, an eugenicist and a zionist.


>It's a completely unbelievable story
Under what metric? Good bait with the Einstein bit though. I almost fell.


Well, if we're operating on the logic of that manga, all problems are immediately solved by attending a festival, so all we need to do is host a communist festival and invite the deaf people to it.


Some character development doesn't mean the story had a satisfying conclusion.

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