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Mangadex is finally back but now they've got a full-JS UI, god damn it.
Is it really so hard to make websites that still work with javascript disabled?


As a marxist, you should be pro-js. As a code monkey, it is so much better when we get to use modern tech on a project.

It makes me think that the prole life is still worth it.


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Yikes, now that's one hideous fucking user interface "upgrade". Guess I'll be mooching off some other manga site now.


I spent 3 minutes figuring out where chapters were now located. All they had to do was make the website more secure after getting hacked, not change the whole design for fuck's sake. Also uploading is still disabled LOL


I don't understand why they didn't just make it read-only from the beginning.


How are you supposed to add new stuff if it's read-only?
It's fucking shit. We waited more than a month for this crap and we still gotta wait.


what are the best takyomi extensions to browse mangas with

what are the best manga sites on f-droids manga app


I thought this was the most relevant thread to share.

Look at these cucks and laugh.


I don't read a lot of manga, but quite a lot of the manga i was looking for was on mangasee


Yeah, this is just pathetic


Imagine waking up and taking 5 hour of your life for 2-3 days drawing about being butthurt that your editor/publisher isn't getting more money that you're going to get peanuts from.
Truly an incomprehensible culture.


is this a good resource?


Anyone know of any CLI software to easily scrape manga from mangadex? There's gallery-dl but they haven't updated to the new API.

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