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What is this?


File: 1623714507153.png (262.11 KB, 1213x813, 1623705581291.png)



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Final page.

If you want to support Takimoto who's had a rough time after the NHK anime, here's links to buy it online.

It's an alt story of Welcome to the NHK located in modern times.


Sounds interesting but you shoul learn how pdfs work


I enjoyed it. Shame it wasnt an actual sequel though, I loved the novel and anime as a kid and its still one of my all time favorites


> who's had a rough time after the NHK anime
How so?


File: 1623730227792.png (1.52 MB, 1280x720, 1623709804917.png)

Too depressed to work, drug addictions, tried to make new stuff but never got around to it, wasted all the money he got from royalties.
Welcome to the NHK is a work where the author is laying bare his fuckup of a life onto the pages, so funnily enough if the original was based on his life you could say he's got enough material to make a sequel now.


I've heard he's in a band now and has been doing better since writing Welcome to the NHK, although that might've been old news.


Someone pdf this
op is a retard


you dont know how to do that yourself and you call others retarded?spurdoSpurdo


File: 1623784242381.pdf (3.5 MB, 222x300, KILL_YOURSELF_OP.pdf)

alright did it myself, sorry for expecting the slightest bit of human decency from someone who supposedly wants to generate discussion over this shit if he cant even upload it properly
its in a shit quality cause this faggot probably screenshot it and can't show up in 22h to fix his fucking mess like the uyghur he is


Calm down jesus


A remake of light novel? By the same author? We're reaching level of commercial reimagining that shouldn't be possible.


It's literally a doujin he sold with his band…


fr i dont understand people who use anonymity as an outlet for anger just play ur low k/d cod matches instead of shitting up the threads lol


I suppose this is well made but it feels boring to me.


>unique IPs 2

damn, he fell once but he just keeps falling even more.


It's only 2 IPs since the .net split, this doesn't count the other posters since the thread was made, 3 months ago.


not related but every time I look at the title I instead think “Welcome to the DPRK” and I chuckle hehe


I've been waiting for a proper remake and we get…this.

Also it makes me sad how satou thinks he has a horrible life when it's all the opposite, he's a NEET leech that doesn't have to work and that has a cool friend and even a hot gf, also he fucked senpai in the anime.

He's probably more of a fucking chad than 95% of all otakus in Japan and here.


Sounds like current Watamote.


Normies can't even begin to comprehend the misery we were abandoned in.

Unique IPs: 7

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