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What is this?


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Final page.

If you want to support Takimoto who's had a rough time after the NHK anime, here's links to buy it online.

It's an alt story of Welcome to the NHK located in modern times.


Sounds interesting but you shoul learn how pdfs work


I enjoyed it. Shame it wasnt an actual sequel though, I loved the novel and anime as a kid and its still one of my all time favorites


> who's had a rough time after the NHK anime
How so?


File: 1623730227792.png (1.52 MB, 1280x720, 1623709804917.png)

Too depressed to work, drug addictions, tried to make new stuff but never got around to it, wasted all the money he got from royalties.
Welcome to the NHK is a work where the author is laying bare his fuckup of a life onto the pages, so funnily enough if the original was based on his life you could say he's got enough material to make a sequel now.


I've heard he's in a band now and has been doing better since writing Welcome to the NHK, although that might've been old news.


Someone pdf this
op is a retard


you dont know how to do that yourself and you call others retarded?spurdoSpurdo


File: 1623784242381.pdf (3.5 MB, 222x300, KILL_YOURSELF_OP.pdf)

alright did it myself, sorry for expecting the slightest bit of human decency from someone who supposedly wants to generate discussion over this shit if he cant even upload it properly
its in a shit quality cause this faggot probably screenshot it and can't show up in 22h to fix his fucking mess like the uyghur he is


Calm down jesus


A remake of light novel? By the same author? We're reaching level of commercial reimagining that shouldn't be possible.


It's literally a doujin he sold with his band…


fr i dont understand people who use anonymity as an outlet for anger just play ur low k/d cod matches instead of shitting up the threads lol


I suppose this is well made but it feels boring to me.


>unique IPs 2

damn, he fell once but he just keeps falling even more.


It's only 2 IPs since the .net split, this doesn't count the other posters since the thread was made, 3 months ago.


not related but every time I look at the title I instead think “Welcome to the DPRK” and I chuckle hehe


I've been waiting for a proper remake and we get…this.

Also it makes me sad how satou thinks he has a horrible life when it's all the opposite, he's a NEET leech that doesn't have to work and that has a cool friend and even a hot gf, also he fucked senpai in the anime.

He's probably more of a fucking chad than 95% of all otakus in Japan and here.


Sounds like current Watamote.


Normies can't even begin to comprehend the misery we were abandoned in.


Isn't this supposed to be 33 pages, with a note from the author?


People who become hikki are far from normalfags and NHK ni Youkoso is an autobiography.


The guy had such crippling depression and anxiety he couldn't leave his room for several years. How is this "chad" behavior? Life doesn't revolve around sex or girls (both of which are mentally ill too, by the way) for fuck's sake.

If you think that's enough to have your life fixed then you completely missed the point of the story.


He was never a true Hikki he just had a bit of social anxiety (not even that much since he talked with Misaki just fine) also he's a massive bullshitter and a plain retard.

Satou was just a failed normalfag, a NEET leech. and even then that was enough to seduce 2 hot girls, fuck him, and fuck Yamazaki too.


>coping that hard about a fictional character
I believe you your life must be real shit


Gatekeeping mental illnesses is one of my favorite phenomenons on imageboards.


I was gonna try to buy and refund this from Amazon, but it's in AZW format - not AZW3 or AZW4. Is AZW still uncrackable?


Turns out its much easier to rip off Amazon than I thought. If anybody is still interested in this, here is a clean rip converted to a PDF. MUCH higher quality than OP's version; I might dump the EPUB for this on libgen or something later on also.



just finished the anime and the manga and I blatantly misunderstood the main point of the series, so…
where do i find my misaki?


>and the manga
I hated it, completely ruins the point of Misaki.


Honestly he should write the sequel.
I always felt the original ending was tied up to simplistically.
The underlying message was “GET A JOB” which, I get is important, but the protagonist never really realistically overcomes the psychological issues that originally prevented him from getting one in the first place. His whole motivation for finally going outside was shame and necessity.
But that’s also probably why the writers life hasn’t improved much either.


wow its fucking nothing
ill admit it got me to smile a bit but its very underwhelming for being the only content the author has put out in so long


So what's the right way to go with this series? LN, manga or anime?


I didn't like the way the manga changed the personalities of the main characters and there's no LN, this is originally a novel.


Ah, I think I assumed it was an LN just because it was adapted into an anime. The original novel is probably the best version then?


>this is originally a novel
thats why its so good, it only had a single book instead of 30 volumes and the title isnt a whole paragraph


Allow me to intrude. I only saw anime and read manga so I cant comment on original yet as I dont have time to read it still. The anime left out some good stuff the manga kept in about drugs but the anime had a better depiction of the characters and the arc where the MC goes to an island for …reasons. Id say maybe just watch the anime and read the novel later to get filled in. I mean the anime was good enough i watched multiple times and i read the manga and i still plan on eventually reading the novel.


Yeah I think I'm tending towards the anime now because that seems to be what most people actually have in mind when they discuss the series, at least in the West, and apparently it doesn't derail as badly as the manga is said to. If I like it I'll probably read the novel later anyway. Thanks


File: 1646400275158.png (578.68 KB, 1502x2048, NHK Vol2 Cover.png)

Anyone want to dump the chapter 2?
it's out


Just post epub or pdf you dumb cuck


he already did >>12010


File: 1646500759992.pdf (4.5 MB, 191x255, RebuildNHK.pdf)

shit quality


File: 1646501234376.pdf (1.96 MB, 191x255, RebuildNHK_Chapter2.pdf)

CHAPTER 2 >>13625


thanks anon


I feel like the story needs a chapter 0 to give some context to what is happening.
Guess the author now just assumes that everyone has read the previous book.



Anyone have the epub for both of these?


File: 1672263191716.png (1004.36 KB, 1502x2048, NHK Vol3 Cover.png)

anyone got a pdf of vol 3?


oh, i was hoping it was a happy requel



boomping this. i do not wish to spend money


i'd buy it, but i'm a neet hikky loser with no money


i'd also buy it, but i'm a student and have a million other expenses
if i get some money THOUGH, i might actually go for it



blah blah support the creator and shit


thanks sis


Bless you.


Thanks brez


bumping thread have they released new chapters?
sexually frustrated faggot cocksucker


theres new ones in japanese but no english


are we there yet? is it out yet? chapter 4.


It's out now.


File: 1692868780698.png (604.32 KB, 1502x2048, NHK Vol4 Cover.png)

im a poorfag hiki
spoonfeed me please






many thanks, fren


thank you anon


File: 1697472527850.png (215.21 KB, 1502x2048, ClipboardImage.png)

could anyone dump the 5th chapter please?


File: 1697472926029.jpg (16.32 KB, 430x462, Misato squint.jpg)

I disliked NHK and I have little intention of reading "Rebuild" (especially since the latter makes me think of the godawful Evangelion rebuilds.
>the author of Welcome to the NHK turned to spiritualism after shitting on religion on his works
>also a decade of not doing anything at all later he's now making a fanservice-filled generic isekai with a hikki MC
>With all the sexual and drug stuff in NHK it just feels like a japanese version of those forgettable, edgy burger "life" novels
It's not surprising considering that NHK ni Youkoso is a loose self-biography

TL;DR: NHK is boring trash and Rebuild is probably as bad.



ok but can you post the fucking novel pls




>makes me think of the godawful Evangelion rebuilds.
before the body dies from neoliberalism, there is a temporary lucidity and clarity of mind


You are a baby lol.


why can't misaki be real


Very well, all Eva anime sucks then.

Maybe the manga is at least decent.


Eva was an anime first and I dont think the manga had Anno on them


I know that, that's the point.


It's out now.


Bumping thread now that chapter 5 came out




File: 1709752632514.pdf (2.13 MB, 191x255, nhk5.pdf)

here you go neetsisters


>NHK with a female MC
That's just WataMote…


>>23506 (me)
Ah, wait, they put a deuteragonist on the cover? Damn, that's misleading.


I liked it a lot, the tone is quite a bit different from the original, and the characters seem healthier? I'm excited to see where it goes.

NHK1 was sorta about unhealthy individuals who for whatever reasons aren't able to keep it together in an at least conceptually functional society. The stuff added in the anime sorta shows that even the normies aren't doing so hot but they're still ultimately, individual aberrations, albeit widespread ones.

Whereas in 2 it's.. not? The conspiracy stuff is the clearest example, it's pretty fundamental to the first one, whereas in 2 it's dropped pretty early on and neither Satou nor Senpai bring it up past that, despite conspiracies being far mor mainstream now. Misaki's own issues are much more integral to her interactions with Satou, and it's quickly acknowledged that their meetings are for her benefit more than his.

idunno i feel like the characters in the first were failures whereas in this they're struggling within a society that's failing but they're actually doing alright given what they're working with
or something
anyway i like it

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