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>No Black Lagoon thread
Time to fix this.spurdoSpurdo


One of the most thoroughly enjoyable anime series I've watched, also probably one of the most based.
In addition the OST is above average (if you skip the intro with the heavy broken English).
Highly recommend


What was the name of the based japanese red army/maoist guerrilla guy? What a fucking chad man


Is Dutch actually reading Mao in this scene or is it edited?


loved his character, although he was abit of a defeatist adventurist (which makes sense given his history and the time he was in)
pretty sure he really read mao

pretty mad the guy drawing was so poor he had to drop it for porn (afaik). i would have loved getting more


That would be Masahiro Takenaka. And yeah, you could fault the guy for plenty of things but he's dedicated himself fully to his ideals to the point that he himself acknowledges there's no going back even if he did think his struggle would ultimately amount to nothing.
It's not an edit, Dutch is actually regularly shown to be a big-brained chad who reads theory and namedrops figures like Sartre. There's plenty of speculation about what his actual past is since some things about him being a Vietnam vet who went AWOL don't really add up and he just generally has this aura of mystery around him. The one that I choose to believe in is that he's actually an African revolutionary who's using crime as a means to get funding for the cause.spurdoSpurdo


Haven't read Black Lagoon since the clusterfuck of volume 9, but it's amazing how the author managed to mix communist revolutionaries, palestinian freedom fighters, chavez supporters and the US dirty war on Venezuela.


File: 1624618136997.mp4 (3.4 MB, 854x480, dutch_reading_mao.mp4)

It's real. Dude's got a dedicated theory bookshelf.

I think the guy was also involved with Re:Creators, but he doesn't really seem to have any other notable credits.piratePirate


>German versions


>Phénoménologie de l'esprit
>Reading Hegel in French
Either Dutch is making stuff extra hard for himself by studying French at the same time as he reads something as hard to comprehend as Hegel or this is another piece of evidence that he is originally from a country that was originally a French colony.
The only titles I spotted were in either English or French, but then again considering how big-brained Dutch is he might well know plenty of languages.


>a country that was originally a French colony.
I mean, Vietnam would qualify, wouldn't it? Knowing French wouldn't necessarily conflict with his alleged history even if it would be an odd thing for a patrol boat captain to know.piratePirate


Dutch doesn't really look vietnamese


No, but neither do a lot of Vietnam War vets. Between his (alleged) time he'd spent fighting in Vietnam and the 20-30 years he'd have spent in the area afterwards between the end of the war and the start of the show, I don't think it's out of the question that he might have picked up a decent amount of French.piratePirate


Fantastic show.


Balalaika is based best girl


File: 1646772476747.png (Spoiler Image, 485.81 KB, 886x537, The Real Background.png)

Just read the latest volumes of the manga after watching the anime and holy fucking shit there's a lot to unpack.
[spoiler]So, apparently Dutch is in fact not American or a Vietnam vet but a pretty high-ranking former officer from Burkina Faso. He was part of a group of young officers who were trying to overthrow Blaise Compairé's government in the 1989 coup attempt and basically return the country to how it used to be under Sankara. He was the only one of the leadership who survived getting executed after the coup was foiled and now the neo-colonialist French state is basically trying to eliminate him as a loose end. How can one guy get more based than this?[/spoiler]

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