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What do you guys think about this show so far? This anime has been taking me for a whirl several times, sometimes within the same episode. I'm still not sure if the show is any good or not, though. I think this is one of those situations where the ending of the show can really make or break the entire experience but for now I'm enjoying the ride.


What the hell is this anime?


First few episodes and the tower episode made me expect a subtle Marxist theme but we didn't get that


Sounds too much like soy boy


I think it's worth watching for permise alone but it'll blue ball you with what it could've been


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File: 1639362979809-1.jpg (432.17 KB, 1134x1701, 1633138451714.jpg)

Could have been better. I respect it though


OP here. Yeah, I was really disappointed with the ending. I'm still confused on how much I really dislike the show. From an episode to episode experience, it captivated me. Overall, though, it just didn't land for me. I think my main point of contention is the main character turning into a wage slave and going "this is fine!" after experiencing complete freedom in the other world. A rewatch might make be better appreciate it but I'll wait a few years if not longer before doing that.


This anime gives me zero reason to care about any of it. The mystery is just random bullshit > there's no deduction element.
The characters are all boring. The animation is ugly. What can I say? It seems so muddled. What am I supposed to take away from this show? It's like it's too afraid to stick to a single big mystery and lay it out sensibly. I don't care about any of it. What is the message it is trying to convey? Why was this made? I feel no emotional weight to any of the scenes. Just be yourself. Just stop feeling depressed. We have superpowers just because we do. Actually my superpower is that I am god. Wow so deep. I can't tell you any of the character's names. It's boring. Characters talk and act interested about the most mundane bullshit. Is it on purpose? Is some teen girl just acting interested because she wants indian cock? I truly do not know. Is she supposed to fake act or is it just the voice acting that sucks? It randomly moves to a new setting without any proper conclusion because it struggles to keep the audience attention? With boring characters and flat colors what am I supposed to be entertained about? The ending may be something else. But if the ride towards it is boring filler who cares? What am I missing?


I just watched it and found it underwhelming for the most part. The show doesn't seem to know what it wants to do and is constantly setting up plot threads and themes that are barely explored before the next episode drops into the middle of something else entirely. It's like it's in an awkward middle ground of wanting to have what it's saying be interpreted by the visuals, yet at the same time the characters just explains it to you. Characters are written as mouthpieces for various concepts with little personality, but you're expected to view them as fleshed out individuals. The only episodes I really liked were the upside down tower and the dog's backstory. And despite all that, I would've liked it better if it didn't end in the typical way coming of age stories do despite its presentation.


>The mystery is just random bullshit > there's no deduction element.
So Darker Than Black all over again?


take your meds dtb is based
but yeah


It's literally the Lost of anime.


DtB had animation. And was a solid 6/10, whereas Sonny Boy is more pretentious and therefore feels worse. DtB doesn't switch universes every episode to keep you engaged whilst also trying to explain its rules to you, does it? The problem isn't the mystery not getting explained, the problem is it doesn't stick to anything. I liked the trippy MV part though.

Take this scene for instance, you don't need context, you know what's happening

Then take this scene. You are bored because whatever's being said, it doesn't have any impact on anything coming for or after:

Sonny Boy is for teenage girls that don't know any better. I don't know how else to describe it. People will just pretend to like it many years from now claiming it's some sort of masterpiece.


No, fuck you. Lost is good. The fact that you shits say things like this without elaboration proves you don't know jackshit. You see similarities and think that's all an anime needs to be. Lost is sensible, well-shot, well-written, etc. It's nothing like Lost at all.


Awful trash. Worse than monogatari if you can believe it.


Monogatari is good, too, it just goes to shit once it's unable to let go of characters. The first 2 or so seasons are good. What do you have against monogatari?


Utterly worthless plot and boring characters


Define a worthwhile plot. What does it require?


Meaningful exploration of the human condition


What does meaningful mean as opposed to worth? Define this word for me.


I'm not an expert film critic anon, I just have opinions. All I know is that some plots make me think about what it means to be human and to go beyond humanity, and some others make me think about what the author was smoking. If you find value in what I don't then good for you.


File: 1654883543566.png (888.98 KB, 1280x720, ClipboardImage.png)

Ah. I didn't mean to get overtly critical or desire an accurate definition or anything. But doesn't worthwhile and meaningful mean the same thing? Something is worthwhile if it's meaningful and vice versa. It's circular reasoning. Is it not?

But Monogatari is also an exploration of the human condition. And it's also done well. So when you refer to the plot as worthless… But what is the plot of Monogatari? Are the arcs not set-up and ended properly?

Personally I think Monogatari and the aforementioned shows are all memorable, and therefore good. Whereas Sonny Boy is bad because it fails to leave an impression, any impression is a good impression, even if it's a bad impression. Even if it's one you don't necessarily prefer, it means you still got something out of it, hence worth. But that's just my reasoning.

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