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What is the egoist view on infidelity? I have a LDR gf that I love and would like to marry, but I'd like to fuck sluts on the side. Am I a piece of shit?


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Don't ask us for our view, ask yourself what you value more and if you value it because it pleases you or to conform to an abstract ideal of "manhood" (responsible married man/Chad thundercock slutbanger). Because it's obvious that you aren't going to be allowed to do both unless you get an open marriage.


egoist view is fuck yourself in the ass, obviously
now be a fucking ubermensch and chose what will make you actually happy
good luck i guess


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>Am I a piece of shit?
Are you mad? That shits based!


Do her feelings matter to you? After all her feelings are relevant to the value you see in her. How does she feel about exclusivity?


>Do her feelings matter to you?
Yes, very much so.
>How does she feel about exclusivity?
She's always saying that she "want me and only me" so I don't think she'd be up for it. But I'm horny…




What is an LDR gf?


long distance


>Yes, very much so.
Then you have to choose wether or not you think you can cheat without getting cought. If that's within your ability, it's totally your right to do so.


this isn't about egoism but it's about stupid idiot perspective:
its not just about getting caught with facts or anything. If you're more distant, if you constantly spend time away, are more distracted or disinterested in your gf, then she might think something's up, or just read the vibe, and that's also bad for everyone involved.
There's a reason why relationships happen how they do, and break down how they do. Believe it or not, most people these days think they're being all enlightened egoists with what they do, especially relationships, and they're the average retard.


You should talk to her. Maybe she doesn't want others but doesn't mind if you do. How long are you stuck LDR, could you accelerate?


>but I'd like to fuck sluts on the side.
does it matter if she never finds out? srs


if i had a gf and she cucked me but kept it secret enough that i never found out and never even had a suspicion that she did so, would it really harm me? would it even matter, philosophically?

hypothetically in such a scenario where my cheating partner kept it THAT secret, the only way i can think of that would really make it obvious would be if she got pregnant and after the baby is born it's very obvious that he doesn't look like me

so for argument/philosophical discussion sake let's say that didn't happen, in this hypothetical

what then?


File: 1622939976008.png (677.02 KB, 440x587, ClipboardImage.png)

i guess what i'm getting at is kinda(?) like the idea of "if a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?"

idk, thoughts?? i'd really like some input, anons. idk why but it seems like a simple topic that has the potential for very deep and enlightening philosophical discussion. and i love philosophy. especially when i pair it with a cold non-alcoholic cider and some chill music


most people pretty much accept the idea that if you do something that might be hurtful to someone if they found out, and they never find out, then it's not hurtful at all
but personally i think that's pure hubris. Life isn't so straightforward. All i can speak on is my own life really, but i know that if i commit to one thing, i'll end up usually doing another, and it'll be even better. I'm not talking sexually just with projects. But also sexually. Do you really wanna be with this person? because if you start down this path, you might find someone you hook up with to be way more than you expected.
Honestly i think life has a way of playing dialectical jokes on us. What I predict happening: you have a ldr gf, it's really good, it's serious, but there's no sex. So you go fuck some people inconsequentially, because you just want sex. This very lack of meaning opens up the space to breath, whereas a "serious" relationship can be stifling and full of respect and care (i.e. full of insecurities because you respect them too much, full or trying to not step on the other's toes because you care so much), and when you see what can blossom out of a "no strings attached" situation, you leave or grow distant from your old gf. Now this new side thing is your main focus, but it can't last because it was formed by cheating. This leaves both sides with insecurities, and maybe there were feelings there that covered up the fact that you two don't actually have as much in common as you thought. Now you're alone, and free to fuck whoever I guess. And if you're smart, you'll be able to be friends with people without getting too close to the people you really love again, or getting too distant in your closeness.
It's like chemistry, but then again not really because in chemistry a stronger bond will take priority over a weaker one. Whatever
The point is, if you love her, she needs to be your side-slut. There can be no other side sluts above her. If you want to cum, use your hand or sex toys.
The problem here is a fundamental misidentification of what a relationship is, imo
The primary form of relationship is side-sluttery
everything else is secondary. You've accidentally put your woman in a secondary position, and you're looking for a new person to fill that gap. You need to make your gf a slut u fuck, and take it less seriously so that the idea of "just fucking sluts" can't seem like a minor thing on the side, but as an equal relationship to your established one, making it more consequential, how it really it. This idea of a serious, normal, "full" relationship, opposed to a half-formed, temporary, "just sex" relationship is wrong. It's cope to cover the fact that they're really on the same level, and you could seriously threaten your serious relationship with a (seemingly) temporary, sex-based one.


Hiding shit from each other is bad for relationships and infidelity creates guilt/insecurity in most people. I'm not an egoist but I'd also be concerned that cheating on your gf is a violation of the trust she placed in you and an objectively shitty thing to do someone that trusts you whether that bothers you or not


what is this importance of this trust? relationships are by-nature exclusive, sure, but this uneeded *emphasis* on the exclusivity is what reeks of a shackle that only exists to moralize jealousy.


Something tells me this whole "egoism" thing is just a meme ideology engineered for cunts to justify being cunts


Intimacy requires and implies mutual feelings of trust and understanding. You can do open relationships if you want, and there is nothing wrong with that, but that is different than secretly cheating in an exclusive relationship.

I think a lot of the time it's justifying amoral behavior through the lens of ideology and other times just autistically attributing every abstract concept to spooks


cunts are already cunts, and cunts have always existed.
egoism doesnt justify their existence, in fact its the end of any justification because to the egoist there is no justness.
throughout history cunts always had to hide their cunt-like behavior behind moral justifictaions (i have to beat up the homosexual nut because im a hateful cunt but because god wants it). egoism sais if you are a cunt, just be a cunt.
however, being a cunt is not necessarily better than not being a cunt, so you might as well not be one.


jealousy is such an incredibly toxic aspect of human relationships. i don't understand jealousy, and i don't tolerate it in my own relationships


Isn't it profoundly anti-egoist to ask what the proper egoist view is before doing something


Jfc just read Sade


not if you consider other egos as an extension of your own, such that asking them questions and receiving answers to those questions amounts to nothing more than a self-dialogue

>t. transcendental metaphysicist, panentheistic, cosmic solipsist egoist


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