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Who are some underrated thinkers that gets ignored because they don't fit into the Marxist canon?
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how are you underrated? stfu and stop humblebragging


You wouldn't understand.


Erich Mühsam doesn't get mentioned enough
>badass music
>badass theory
>participated in an actual popular revolution that took care of Bavaria's monarchy and established a council republic that wasn't an authoritarian hellhole
>murdered by the nazis in a concentration camp because he was to based to be left alive
like seriously, he should be in the same league as Luxemburg, but just because he's an anarchist he was ignored my ML's and thusly by the left in general


he even looks metal as fuck, wow



Can you be an anarchist and a buiness owner?

Or am i approching Anarchism the wrong way but asking about what dosen't make an anarchist? I haven't done that much theory reading, but i've run into anarchist who disregard theory all together.
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god damn
drugs keep the noble egoist down… smdh
stirner was SxE, he only drank milk
how does that make you feel?


who cares, stirner also wasn't into ass eating
the times they are a changing


stfu fake egoist, you worship ass


>egoist means you can't worship anything


>a TRUE egoist


Im gonna do it


damn she's just like me…




> until my toughts reset
How to achieve this?




have fun, don't forget to bring food

File: 1616959968800.png (459.31 KB, 800x450, ClipboardImage.png)


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wait did you guys have your own site wtf


>Brave Browser



First 0ch and now this. Someone really does not want us to waste our time online.


Good news friends! >>>/music/2863

File: 1630830784070.png (36.31 KB, 470x128, diogenes.png)


Was Diogenes our Greek?


the real diogenes was probably nothing like the one we know today and was made up in the late roman period


Link to OP's picrel?



File: 1608528382854.jpeg (92.46 KB, 750x738, 8f863f5716a928d5.jpeg)


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File: 1630187063114-0.png (848.26 KB, 600x840, FALGSC.png)

File: 1630187063114-1.png (70.91 KB, 777x700, close call.png)

File: 1630187063114-2.png (434.25 KB, 483x746, Red redditors.png)

File: 1630187063114-3.png (452.6 KB, 548x538, tank.png)

File: 1630187063114-4.png (162.46 KB, 2600x1079, utopia.png)


File: 1630246590770.jpg (81.79 KB, 1080x1044, FB_IMG_1626447954119.jpg)



File: 1631211926373.png (970.42 KB, 620x1024, rowx2h.png)


>90% of edits don't get that this is what makes the meme funny
True. The atual original was just the virgin and meant to make people feel insecure for things that are totally normal. Half of the "virgin" traits are things that are bizarre to criticize but through the lens of a socially isolated internet user, might seem like real problems. I mean come on:
>walks too fast
>little arm movement
>too polite
>looks below parallel (everyone does this so they don't step in dog shit lol)
>hair seems to overreact to wind (?????? lol)
The point of the CHAD addition is to poke fun at how stupid these insecurity-bait criticisms are by presenting their opposites and asking you if this really seems like a preferable alternative. The early edits understood this, but we have mostly lost the irony now. The gigachad memes sometimes recapture the irony, like with the "bursts into conversation, says X, leaves without elaborating further" etc, but most people seem to do edits that are straightforwardly "that is cringe but this is based."

Pic related is sort of half way between the trends.


So this is it
I found /dead/


maybe the /dead/ found you
also fuck your cringe ass flag

File: 1608528376620.jpg (174.9 KB, 1024x768, Solidarity_Attack.jpg)


>ctrl+f music
&lt0 results.
ITT We post music.

Old Trees - Violent Resistance
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Stirner was my property :)


>Does he try to use Stirner to justify why wars happen?
To me it sound more like he explaining how they are able to happen, because ppl are willing to throw away themselves in favor of the Man.


File: 1608528453027.jpg (13.73 KB, 266x189, i got it.jpg)


File: 1628521529432.jpg (146.92 KB, 1000x560, shutterstock_55147141.jpg)

Reviving this threat because listening to music is one of the few truely unalienated acts left. The reason music speaks to us, why we feel music, is that we find ourselves in it. The emotional content inside music is never a foreign thing, because it's our own perception that which is the source. If music wasnt listened to by someone it would just be a series of tones with no further connotations - so we find ourselves in the music we like.



Plague Mass - Union of Egoists

File: 1620436821146.gif (166.68 KB, 220x268, uqrehuuax.gif)


>wake up
>eat commodity
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1. projection
2. all you can say about it is go back to leftypol, obviously you know somewhere deep inside i'm right and this thread is a weird as shit circlejerk for people who have lost all imagination, never played outside as kids, and want constant validation for their pessimism


Marxism was invented to depress people


>never played outside as kids,
The fuck are you on? I have fucking played outside as a kid, what does that have to do with anything? Are you really so fucking patronising that you think ppl on here are depressed cause they didnt have a dumb, mythical, petite-bourgeois picture-book childhood? Get fucking over yourself.
It must be fucking nice though, to delude yourself about the state we are actually in. When >>2258 said that there are no other things, no things outside of capitalism anymore, that is undoubtedly true.
What is there to do? You say 'do some hobbies' (wow what a fucking revelation, are you also the type that tells depressed ppl to be happier?). Like for example one could join a sports team. Sport teams, as we know them today, came up with fordism and the new demand for past-time activities . So it's a structure thats directly born out of capitalist development. But sports also reproduces capitalist ideology, seeing any field as a field of competition, with the winners eligible for big-money sponsorships and semi-prominency. If your arent able to fulfill the specific perfomance standarts, your are useless. Also, sports are being consumed as commodites (just like literally everything surrounding us) and thus also produced as commodities. Ones it gets proffesional, sports is no longer done for intrinsic value as sports, it is only a way to accumulate money, sport is only made to be sold.
Same is true for the next example I'm gonna look at: arts. No matter if you are drawing, making music or movies, it has all become commodities. If you draw, you are better ready to lower yourself to drawing pregnant furry commisions for small money. Forget doing something just for its own sake - the market for art is big and inflated, so you better lower your standarts. But at least the field of drawn art isnt as dominated by giant mega-businesses as movies or music are, squashing any creativity in favor of marketability. But what's even worse than them are their counterparts on the "indie" scene - pumping out one dull nightmare after another in desperate attemps to subvert the culture - sadly not understanding that they reify industry norms by doing so.
What other hobbies are there? Im sure there is a hole host of stuff Im not evenPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Yeah I'm in prison, a prison called society


damn all that text just to say "i'll only see the reality i want to see"
good luck at living. I'm actually sorry that everything you do, you feel like you end up trying to make money off of or being forced to spend excessive money on, or that other people are trying to make money off it and that ruins it for you.

On what you said "hurr get over your childhood or something", it's nothing like "get over your childhood" or "you're sad because you didnt have a mythical perfect petite-bourg childhood", its literally the opposite in both cases.
I meant that you obviously have no idea of how to do things that don't involve buying or selling (except writing essays about your anger at everything on leftypol dot org) because you're leaving out the dimension of play - which imlies you never fucking did it, or else you'd understand that not everything is about buying shit and selling shit or formal organizations or any of that. But you refuse to see this. Idk how or why or if you've just been having a bad week or something or who knows what. But its ridiculous as shit.

And I mean I have to add, that I'm here because I have generally the same politics and views of society. What I don't share is the pessimism and small-mindedness about my own range of action. I do agree that much of what we do does unintentionally support or buy into capitalism. But I also think there's space for a neutral ground (which is trying to be impinged, and may need more and more courage of subversive attitude to carry out as anything not pro-empire is seen as criminal and anti-empire) of just meaningless and informal play, and there's also the space of subversion of capitalism, which is a whole set of activities and relations in itself which you could put your time towards. So I can't understand at all why there's all this vitriol to support the idea that there's nothing we can do that's not commodified. For example, why do you have to draw furry art if you draw? You can just draw. The point of a hobby is that you just do it, without making money. And you can do it without expending excessive money too, on specialty items or things that make you feel good and supplement your identity. Those things are an option, and an option which we can opt out of. Obviously it's super fucked up that so much is commodified, and I'm not saying we can opt out of society or aPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1630872708505.jpg (7.21 KB, 170x296, skeleton_lantern.jpg)



What does /dead/ think about this article by an anarchist?

Are we approaching a new state of consciousness? or is it just bullshit?
I think the writer doesnt really understand the book that well, since they seem to not get that the idea of non-conscious volition is thought to be itself a form of authoritarian repetition of outside will, which is basically what they say we're turning into with technology and modern epistemological fears.


It does not make much sense to me. The original thesis sounds doesn't sound really convincing, and applying it to our present situation does not seem to help us at all. I much prefer this article: https://www.e-flux.com/architecture/superhumanity/66877/engineering-self/


IIRC Jaynes seems to frame "consciousness" as being a bit too foundational to our psychology. What he discusses seems more along the lines of a theory of self, something contained within your language or your "software." Different modes of consicousness make more sense as a tool for interpreting the more fundamental drives and biological states we have. Moving into some new mode of consciousness or theory of self does make sense in theory if the mode of production is transforming.

I see where the article is going and sure it makes some important points about where people's heads are at right now, but I think that the change we're seeing now is a different one. The bicameralism-to-consciousness change is a change in theory of self, but the current breakdown is in our relationship not to ourselves but to the reality around us. We mostly have a sense of who we are, but the heuristic failure being described indicates a breakdown in our ability to trust information about the world. Many alternative interpretations of reality are competing for our acceptance, so perhaps the change to happen here would be in our ability to imagine a "multiverse" of different interpretations that different people believe in, and someone with the new mindset would be more adept at "traversing" across different "alternate realities" by internalizing and understanding different beliefs about the way the world is, without necessarily accepting those beliefs themselves.

The capacity to do this sort of thing is already apparent when it comes to fiction. People love to get engrossed in fictional realities and to develop an understanding of some comic book universe and so on. The same kind of obsession with "lore" can be applied to the real world (as we see with people like history nerds), but also to the different political and social theories that compete with each other. Maybe in a similar way to the fiction Jaynes was using as a reference point to explore a change in psychology, contemporary fiction can tell us something about where people's minds are going. The multiverse concept has become pretty popular in recent years in fairly mainstream movies and TV.

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