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Welcome to /dead/, the endless magical nihilist gulag. This is not 8/grim/, but it is the continuation 8/grim/. Think of it as partly an /r9k/ for anti-capitalists, partly /dprk/ with skeltals, and otherwise whatever you make of it.

Now in amazing Techni-nocolors!

>1. Global rules apply
<2. Please keep /r9k/-tier & tfw no gf shitposts to one thread. Capitalism is only one of the many, many reasons why you don't have a gf.
>3. Meta posts belong in this thread
<4. This is a #SAFE space_ for anarkiddies and nihilists; cheka yr authoritarian privilege fam
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how do i fix the css of this fucking board it wont work and this all black shit is so fucking annoying


Select theme, bottom right.


What is the actual point of being a leftist in 2024? Basically everyone on this forum is a LARPer and has no irl effect on anything apart from evangelising on the internet — even trade unionists are fairly irrelevant in the modern day and are just social imperialism and/or making concessions to capitalism.

Mass-movement and organising is absolutely dead in the 21st century and liberalism has hegemony basically everywhere. Normal people aren’t going to read or have the time for 400hrs of Marx, then 400hrs of Hegel, then 400hrs of Kant, then 400hrs of Althusser, Sartre, and Foucault just to understand theory that has no immediate practical use and is very dry, analytical, and several decades or centuries old. A vanguard, which is meant to help nullify that, will probably still fall into either revisionism or dogmatism. Something like Christianity and Islam which is bigger and more unified still has these issues and relies on dogma more instead of being a “science”. There is literally +20 versions of tiny sects of communists and anarchists still arguing about sh*t from the 20th century (i.e. Trotskyites).

I’m not trying to disprove the law of value or historical materialism — I’m saying they are pretty irrelevant to the subjective human experience although absolute truths can still exist and is still relevant in economics and political science. Most things people do are done with irrational — a priori reasoning, and instinct. The “end goal” of Marx is an egalitarian society where humans don’t toil and unleash their infinite creativity so they can work on things they find meaningful. But even existing itself is toil and profound boredom and discontent (not like pain from the homeless and paycheck-to-paycheck though). Even billionaires and sports players just get lifestyle creep instead so the problem is genetic and how people are predisposed to their environment

The only way to truly and permanently cure suffering is either suicide or some form of experience machine, wireheading, progressive hedonistic reward system which sets a minimum base line for human suffering, etc.

Also, sidenote but people on this board talk about l*li or something like that and the “Marxist solution” to it which is just funny. Like /pol/acks arguing for the white man’s video game or music or x y z. I think people tend to substitute actual hobbies with politics a lot of the time.
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I strongly oppose leftist organizing because I have faith in the people. It's not my place to boss them around. The people will build socialism when they are good and ready. Hectoring them into doing the right thing is rude. Just get out of their way.


OP glows like radium glass.


Normal people have more potential than you think.
You are right that a lot of it is ersatz activity but then so is non-politics. 95% of everything is shit.


I hate how leftism hasn't gotten weed legalized yet.
Absolute logistical failiure.


What are some writings similar to "blessed is the flame"? Stuff that posits that, no matter how hard the repression, resistance is remains possibke?


I did not like Blessed is the Flame, I wish it had more about actual resistence and less of ITS or whatever those losers are called.


>Stuff that posits that, no matter how hard the repression, resistance is remains possible?
Fanged Noumena

File: 1707866654374.jpeg (13.07 KB, 259x194, images (1).jpeg)


I don't get it, they all seem to insist that once the ego is destroyed you are enlightened or one with divinity or whatever.
What is the historical reason for this and has anyone actually experienced ego death or achieved nirvana ? What's it like?
There has to be a reason why ego death is so valued amongst these traditions


Nietzsche understands that religions began as the first social expression of the will to power, where the will was turned against itself as a form of self-harm to offer transcendence. So its about being powerful. Thats why something like martial arts grows out of buddhism.
Asceticism as the tendency of all early religions shows that the transcendent is sought in a relationship with self-harm, or "ego death", where we die to ourselves to thus be reborn.


The formal "mystery cult" gnosticism sees ego death empirically as a direct perception of the divine, undertaken by psychedelic substances or otherwise a divine madness, like the oracle of delphi.
Today ego death has mostly taken this approach and so has forgone the tradition of religious instruction and opted for getting high instead of becoming a more powerful being.
This is why i think insanity today is revered as a sort of hidden knowledge of things (et al, the movies today that glorify conspiracy theories), and too where symbolic rebirth is depicted as an easy fix-all solution to our limits.
You'll notice this in fiction, where the protagonist "dies" and then comes back glorified, but they didnt do any work.
Induction today too is shorter, while in the past you would have to be in a strict cult for years taking moral vows.
So basically as the esoteric becomes mainstreamed and initiation becomes broader the divine also loses its character. This is why cults used to be closed off from the public.


I'm not going to address actual ego death experiences, which can be transformative in a positive way, but the reason why esoteric cults (including political ones) are so on about 'ego death' is because they want to change your personality to make you fit the cult & its goals better. It's that simple. The 'ego death' they mean is shedding your old personality and building a new one.

an aside: both positive ego death [whatever that means] and a cult controlled process of the death of your old personality are based on our capacity for structural dissociation. Most people have some kind of trauma and so ego death experiences are able to have a therapeutic effect, to get outside of your current self-concept and see things more clearly, or to integrate parts of the personality. Both rely on the same system.


File: 1708290430528.png (163.98 KB, 300x300, The cool wiki.png)

>Why religious cults so obsessed with ego death?
Because they like to use lotsa drugs to keep their followers believing and some drugs make ego death experiences

See the psychonautics wiki:

File: 1690513832862.png (81.97 KB, 898x725, 1623600947032.png)


Lets say you start an anarchist commune, and the neighboring capitalist society would attack you with tanks and soldiers, how would you defend your commune?
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i'm a femboy, now all I need is for someone to give me std's


>The well being of the anarchist commune isn't my well being.
It is if you live there you anti-social booger.


so far drones seem to be doing pretty good damage


use the forbidden vietnam no jutsu and turn the entire surroundings of the place a massive death trap

File: 1705462260612.png (407.41 KB, 960x960, kc3dvkfxzw7c1.png)

 No.4490[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

How to not get demoralized and tired as an Anarchist when you constantly have to deal with Marxists? I have this horrible feeling whenever I look at Neo-Nazi imageboards and online spaces and see actual useful (for them of course) and constructive discussion based on what should be done to actually further their movement. Compared to, for example, leftypol where Anarchists are constantly weighed down by Marxists seemingly obsessive desire to pull down the Socialist movement at every opportunity, to alienate it from the general public and argue about useless semantics and "dialectics" instead of anything that actually matters IRL. A movement isnt attractive if you have to constantly argue the validity of your given sect of the "movement" at all times from your supposed comrades.

"A house divided cannot do shit" or whatever Lincoln said, it is just better for us to just separate, for both parties. I would create an Anarchist-only imageboard if it werent for me being retarded when it comes to technology.
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>markus spams 'beria with 14f
>jannies move it to /dead/
>markus spams /dead/ with 14f


technically most active post in /dead/ history?



>Does daddy Stalin kill the landlords who ask me and my roommates to pay more than a thousand bucks to have a roof over my head, in a crumbling appartment where the water balloon is barely functioning anymore?
He actually did do that for a lot of people and it was pretty cool


Alright, now, can I sleep in an Albanian bunker because I'm homeless since yesterday and all this shit is abandonned?
Yes, if I enjoy getting bitten by snakes.
It's all small ass shit that is barely enough to fit two soldiers together anyway, I would rather pay a rent in exchange of my labour power.
And Stalin still is dead and won't kill the fucking landlords, so I virtually spit on his grave. U mad???




can someone explain this to me?
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Man can't you use fucking yandex or something to try and reverse image search your 1890x1194 yet still mushy image before posting it


It's part of the aesthetic.


Aesthetic so bad it makes me feel and want to be blind


Welcome to /dead/.


someone asked me once what comes after post-left and I gave the shitposty response that it'd be "meta-left" and this dumb image was made that still gets reposted in the year of our lady of sorrows 2016+8


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oil isn't dead dinosaurs/animals or whatever, it's buried plankton/algae blooms. You can actually make oil out of algae (like turning sugar into alcohol), but the process is more costly than pumping it up from the ground, pre-aged.


Like some non-organic science thing. If it was only made of bacteria that would be better than made of trees but I think the ideal would be no living matter being killed at all. Of course our bodies kill billions of bacteria every day anyway so I don't know.


File: 1704548857159.png (246.66 KB, 600x600, 1634368382389-b.png)

You fuckin nerds busy making corrections on how oil is made that still line up with the point he was making. Y'all must be absolutely intolerable to be around irl.


we have autism


File: 1704821701136.png (843.61 KB, 641x511, ClipboardImage.png)



I've lost it. I have nowhere to go anymore, noone to talk to. It seems like many modern post-leftists are just leftists with a fancier vocabulary. Communism ("But it's in my self-interest")? Check. Gender essentialism? Check. Ideological orthodoxy? Heck, most post-leftists I see think exactly the same, all the same ideas of anti-civ/anti-work/anti-whatever. And all of them still cling to this utopian project of a better future. Not to mention that some post-leftists are trying to reconstruct morality using a different vocab ("You shouldn't violate others 'cause that's an insult to their uniqueness" or gibberish like that).

The label of "post-leftism" is kinda useless. It pretty much denotes any non-leftist anarchist, it's vague as fuck. Like, what do we really have in common? Absolutely nothing, it's "left unity" for black-flag anarchists.

I'm done, I can't take it anymore. You can call me whatever you want, I don't care. You don't recognize a postie in me? Fine, this is not what I started reading Stirner and post-left literature anyway, it was always about me sitting in solitude and reading political and philosophical literature to understand the nature of the Universe and everything. I guess I'm destined to die alone without a company of like-minded people. Then so be it.

P.S.: Your constant suicide threads are boring af, really makes me want to kill myself.
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Isn't post-left more about post-structuralism?


That's post-anarchism of Saul Newman you're talking about.


keep larping, retard, I bet you've never even held a gun in your life, let alone actually engaged in any sort of active political organization beyond a book club. Bookchin was a collaborator, and so are you and I, but at least I don't pretend to be some revolutionary. I'm satisfied, are you?



I'll show you, or at least i'll try, there is hope for a better future, whether you like it or not. There will always be hope comrade.


I think there is a grave mistake that Anarchists make, and it is to prescribe the evilness of the derivations of Marxist thought (Leninism, Maoism, Stalinism, etc.) to some perversion or revision of original Marxist thought. A certain set of Marxist sensibilities, through the natural consequence of ideological hegemony over the left, has seeped unfortunately into Anarchism; that ahistorical sensibility being that Marx was some godhead of egalitarianism, liberty, free thought, or any other principles that define subjectively socialist thought in the observers eyes, in this case being an Anarchists.

The truth is that Marxism, the actual teachings of Marx and Engels, is an inherently oppressive ideology that is IRRECONCILABLE with Anarchism.

There is no discourse between Marxists and Anarchists, just as there is no discourse between Anarchists and National-Socialists or Marxists and Neoliberals. The 2 ideologies are so divergent that an understanding, a consensus, between the 2 is fairytale.

So called "Leftist Unity," a myth, more often than not, perpetuated by and for the decaying Marxist hegemony is just that, a myth. There has never been "Leftist Unity," the Left being a nebulous exonym, given unto ideologies sharing radically divergent and some would argue, myself included, not at all related ideologies that happened, by convergent evolution to share happenstance similarity, among those ideologies being Anarchism and Marxism.

Those unholy bonds formed out of a misguided Anarchist trust for those supposed brethren in "Leftism" have only resorted in the subsuming of Anarchism into despotism and dictatorship.

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mmmmm interesting concept anon I'll have to look into it


Non-ideological cooperation on specific issues>>>>>X-ist unity.


why would it ever be ironic anon? this is the future of revolutionary libertarians


>The truth is that Marxism, the actual teachings of Marx and Engels, is an inherently oppressive ideology
Marxism is an oppressive ideology but even Marx himself rejected the term Marxist and wanted nothing to do with it. Marxism was created after Marx where you see his followers try to canonize and standardize his work, which was really Engels doing. Its where we get the idea of Marxism as made up of dialectical and historical materialism with Marxian economics. If you read Engels or Lenin, its pretty clear they didn't understand Marx at all.

>Most of what Marx got right, regarding everything, and also economics, was also gotten right by his Anarchist contemporaries.
Not really. You don't see his anarchist contemporaries produce as thorough an analysis of capitalism. Bakunin, Proudhoun, Kropotkin etc. couldn't hold a candle to Marx. None of those people were really serious intellectuals and there are more holes in their work than an apartment block in Idlib. Sure, the are Anarchist critiques of capitalism but there other things to read in Marx. He was an amazing political analyst too. You can't reduce him down to economics either (the same mistake Marxists and Lenin huggers make). Marx was the real deal.



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