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File: 1653798484821.jpg (58.61 KB, 350x525, thumb-21210.jpg)


Can we talk about how transhumanism is basically trash?
Like fam, why you wanna improve everything's capabilities? Sounds like market logic to me. Things and especially ppl are fine not being more than they are.
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> why you wanna improve everything's capabilities?
We are doing that already with technology. You can use a telephoto lense to see things that are too far away to see it with your naked eyes.
I don't think that people want to implant tech into their bodies, because they'd get stuck on a specific technology level. Maybe a thousand years from now when all the relevant technologies are super mature, and no longuer change much over the life-span of a human.

>Sounds like market logic to me

No not really.


Pretty much just want as long of life as physically possible. The human body is like living in a straw house when one could potentially live in a brick / steel house.


it'd be useful for people with disabilities and illnesses we cannot heal with our current level of technology, or just for convenience


>least eugenicist trans-humanist
oh I know what "help" ppl that view the disabled as in need of being fixed have in store


stop shitposting, obviously most people with no leg would like a cyber leg

File: 1664044181835-0.png (491.19 KB, 1024x1024, ded grace.png)

File: 1664044181835-2.jpg (147.19 KB, 1280x960, Tomb_LouisXIV.jpg)


Anarcho-Monarchy Edition
Shhhh. Secret Grace-chan Thread.
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File: 1665363650809.jpg (251.95 KB, 1024x729, basement.jpg)

Spooky basement.


Why do monarchists like Stirner?


What monarchists like stirner?
I could only see them arguing like: If I am to act according to my desire and appropriate the world to my liking, being a monarch gives me the best tool to do that.
However since monarchism is a social system there would also need to be a reason for the ruled to accept the moarchs rule (its gods will, the natural order) which egoism obviously doesn't offer.
Also I would argue that monarchs can't just realise their personal desires through rule because monarchy also imposes constrains on them.


File: 1666811459387.png (591.54 KB, 600x906, 60c.png)

wherever thou art I must


Time to post.


What is its purpose?
Is this purgatory
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Well yeah that's why I said "other than"


The cure for séx


i can't believe it's been 2 years… waiting for it all to end soon


2 years since what?


imagine not taking them so you don't trigger some dipshit on the internet


ITT: we discuss the Anarchist Library, good texts found on it and ways we can help the library.https://theanarchistlibrary.org/For example, did you know that you can easily edit the texts on the site? It's the pencil icon in the infobox. While reading I take notes of the obvious scanning errors and correct the text when I am finished.
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>As for egoist as dominator, a quote
Oh, boy, oh, boy, do I love it when egoist secular humanists misuse that quote of Stirner as an argument. Wolfi has already warned egoist anarchists about how overquoting Stirner can turn The Unique and Its Property into a bible. We had so much expansion on the Stirnerian thought: Renzo Novatore, Emma Goldman, Dora Marsden, James L. Walker, Sidney Parker, post-leftists. Yet here we are. Regardless, the interests and passions of Stirner are not the interests and passions of every conscious egoist ever. Universalizing compassion would be trivializing the drives, desires and personality traits of egoists that are unique to them and returning to an idea of a "human nature" (or may we call it "egoist nature") that Stirner was trying to escape. Not everyone is able to leverage the same joy from compassion as others. Not everyone needs to. Heck, psychopaths aren't able to feel empathy at all, for Unique's sake. Are they somehow less egoistic than other conscious egoists? I don't think so.

>This might be true, but is it really egoism if you are haunted by `fixed idea` of being "at the top"?

Good point. There's certainly something spooky about being obsessed with political power, not helped by the fact that those who became rulers by ruthlessly disposing of their rivals having some spooky idealistic vision of the future, be it Stalin or Hitler or whatever the fuck. But the opposite is also a spook, the claim that a conscious egoist must deny domination. It becomes a kind of a vice for an egoist, a moralistic taboo, which is obviously against what Stirner stands for. As Jason McQuinn put it: "Whatever you do, get away with it."

Conscious egoists ARE Machiavellian. As Walker said, the ruling class are conscious egoists who rule the world while the rest of us are in confusion. I grappled with this fact for weeks and the best objections to becoming a dictator were made by Egoism Simplified and Dr. Bones:
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not the anarchist library, but marxists.org added a bunch of stuff to their fredy perlman archive from revoltlib.com last year while i wasn't looking
some of this stuff isn't on the anarchist library yet, too


Which ones are missing let's put them up!!



File: 1608528382854.jpeg (92.46 KB, 750x738, 8f863f5716a928d5.jpeg)

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i see the post-left is still as embarrassing as it was 10 years ago


it might be embarassing, but how nice is this cozy board? you dont get that with communism


Why did you tag Me?


I think it's newfags mostly. I still highly respect McQuinn and Landstreicher. BTW, Landstreicher also wrote this to deal with these kinds of guys: https://theanarchistlibrary.org/library/apio-ludd-burn-all-bibles



File: 1635426959706.webm (2.93 MB, 648x576, 1623525586757.webm)


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>Doesn't even know who ATR is.


>death grips cover band
More like the other way around buddy.

>Atari Teenage Riot - Speed (1996)


Not anymore :(


Does /dead/ have any thoughts on the phenomenon/theory of hyperreality, regarding the late USSR and it's potential reapplication to modern 'post-truth' society/.?


What the late USSR has anything to do with modern "post-truth" society?

File: 1667297703258.jpg (29.37 KB, 640x480, 1456045878697.jpg)


>We need to acknowledge that many forms of hatred can be a positive social force: hatred for work, hatred for wealth, hatred for bureaucracy, hatred for militarism, nationalism, cynicism, and the arrogance of power. And that in many circumstances, this will also mean hatred for individual bosses, tycoons, bureaucrats, generals, and politicians, and a rich feeling of accomplishment when one knows one has earned their hatred.


>and a rich feeling of accomplishment when one knows one has earned their hatred.
ew, cronge
I'll vibe with the seething anarchists n shit, but reall, "earning their hatred"? I hope whoever wrote this realizes how mad the most entitled people are when they're mildly inconvenienced - like constantly mad. You don't earn hatred and it's so lame to wear it as a badge of honor. It's taboo, sure, but that doesn't make it good. Give space to people's emotions, be down with the angry peeps, but it's way better to be cold to your enemies, and loving to your friends, comrades, family, and others. Hatred means you feel bad, because they are triumphing over u. Well, suck it up and realize it's not personal. Both sides fight dirty and for selfish reasons. If you take it personally you're a shmuck. Get woke, stop fuming, and aim for the heart.


> it's not personal
it is tho


Thread dedicated to the discussion of anti-work theory/praxis and sharing of further reading material. Shitposting obviously allowed and expected. Share your personal experiences if you want, just don't dox yourself by accident.
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so basically a virtual security guard for porky?


Well I disagree with those


So you would show you up at work the next day?
"Hey Anon, there was a burglary last night at the restaurant, someone has cut the video surveillance system, where the fuck where you? You're supposed the security guard."


File: 1667376256340.webm (2.6 MB, 640x480, socks.webm)


all I can is that somebody who isn't me steals regurlarly at their job and nobody even notices

File: 1608528433837.jpg (233.4 KB, 1280x720, trouble.jpg)


Give me some good shit to watch.
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File: 1654017345603.jpg (461.3 KB, 1920x1080, SF12-thumb-EN.jpg)


File: 1655137429618.jpg (367.78 KB, 1920x1080, sf.jpg)

System Fail 13: The Spoils of Empire


Are there any actually good youtube channels to watch while at work?


depends on your interests




Graeber's new book dropped, it is said to really change what we know about early human history, so I thought it would be of interest here.

Post about it here. I'll try to read it in the next weeks (months? It's pretty long).
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I finished this book.


so, what did you think?


I am still thinking about it. It was a bit overwhelming with the seemingly endless descriptions of the practices of past societies, but I guess that's what makes it a book of anthropology. The subtitle of the book says it is a "new history" but it did not feel like it, it's more like an attack on the current understanding of history. Well, I guess history is a lot more complicated than we were told in school. It's probably too long and dry to achieve mainstream success but hopefully it will at least make a dent or inspire people to do more research in these ways.


Plus it's kind of funny that they start from criticising Rousseau but end up pointing at the concept of property in Roman law as the possible reason for why we are stuck with the current social form.


just read one, don;t let it pile up comrade

hw do i go back to hunter gatherer mode?
maybe i'll go out tommorrow and get lost buying vegetables

or i'll pick a day and just woooolk everywhere

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