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Who are some underrated thinkers that gets ignored because they don't fit into the Marxist canon?


Why are their hands so fucking big?


It's a robot and a skeleton disguised as humans.


Malaclypse The Younger




Don't you have a magazine to finish?


Communizers like Endnotes, Aufheben, Théorie communiste as well as value theorists like Robert Kurz and Moishe Postone are not liked by Leninists despite being Marxists because they are pretty much "anti-work"/against wage labor and don't wallow in nostalgia.


I remember those being fashionable, what happened?


lack of organisation, they seem to be mostly confined to reading groups or join existing groups but keep their views quiet.


Well that's not very surprising since it's mostly just academics jerking each other off.


underrated writer currently is the author of this linked comment

i'm so fucking done with thinkers. First of all, most good things have already been said. Like, at least a thousand years ago a lot of the time. But it's still up to use to properly understand words, and translate them into ideas through experience and context. Also academics: there's so much academic anarchism, marxism, left-com stuff, etc. and it's always neat to see what the avante garde nerds have latched onto recently and what new stuff is being put out, but the problem is that there's so much information and thoughts being made, and 90% is super insular and like, inbred. The academic nerds in general have more developed and better ideas than just total mouthbreathing MLs, but they still are very disconnected from actionable thought and getting their thought diffused into (counter)culture while retaining their insights.

This is just kind of the nature of academia though. I really wish anarchists globally had a bit of shared culture, sharing, and memory that lived outside of academia or small and insular circles. Everything good has already been said, and it's just not readily seen or understood.

I dont even know if this has a solution, or if the solution is just trying to keep a foot in both worlds, and for people to keep writing about their ideas even if only some people get the message and are impacted by it.

Anyways, the real test of ideas is their application and success. Waiting…. 🕰️



how are you underrated? stfu and stop humblebragging


You wouldn't understand.


Erich Mühsam doesn't get mentioned enough
>badass music
>badass theory
>participated in an actual popular revolution that took care of Bavaria's monarchy and established a council republic that wasn't an authoritarian hellhole
>murdered by the nazis in a concentration camp because he was to based to be left alive
like seriously, he should be in the same league as Luxemburg, but just because he's an anarchist he was ignored my ML's and thusly by the left in general


he even looks metal as fuck, wow


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