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Why are the people on leftypol such utter porkified faggots? All these people literally think in the confines set by capitalists, they all suffer from capitalist realism, I think the reason so many worship the USSR is largely because it wasn’t that far from regular porky society


idk, theyre capitalist subjects ig
i wonder how they got here though. In politics and just internet spaces. I wonder how many are from /pol/ and various tankie reddits…
I found leftypol in like 2015/16 from reddit. I was probably one of those shitheads for a while, even as an "anarchist".

Also about USSR, i think it's even worse - USSR is like the way capitalist economies are moving towards imo. So they're proper "progressives" of conservative society, where the next stage of status-quo statist progress is something like USSR

I think it's just an existential schism within "leftism" as a whole, where there are those who want basically a more advanced (capitalist) society where they hold a better position and aren't so oppressed (and good luck with that last part), and the ones who want to tear down and attack what hurts them, not caring so much about what comes later, instead trusting that at least it will be de-fanged somewhat if we can do some damage to the prison system, police (militarized police), ubiquitous surveillance, huge land inequality, blah blah.


most /leftypol/ are like /pol/ users: young males who are alienated from society and get hooked on these sites looking for meaning. since the ussr and now china appear as powerful entities, ppl who are powerless in this way will latch onto them.
the power they seek is realised by belonging to a group that they identify with domination. this is the real sense of tankies bringing up that anarchism had "no successful revolutions", even though no ml project ever reached communism. the fact that they were able to force their will onto others, that they wielded political power, is much more appealing to them then whether or not ppl were really emancipated. its a cope.


>I think the reason so many worship the USSR is largely because it wasn’t that far from regular porky society


The worst irony is that power comes from ourselves. nationalism is easy to latch on too though


Do you unironically think it would be possible for the USSR to just do a hecking communism with an underdeveloped economy while fighting a (not so) cold war with the rest of the capitalist world?


File: 1633781153280.webm (1.7 MB, 640x360, awful-post.webm)

> do a hecking communism


They should have fought harder and broken out of the siege. I respect them for what they accomplished but we must also learn from their mistakes. I will never shame someone simply for asking for more. That is what a true comrade does


You're not so good with sarcasm, are you?
>They should have fought harder and broken out of the siege.
Yes, they should've just won instead of lost. Good analysis.


I will fail to notice your sarcasm and say thank you, sincerely. They should have been more aggressive is my point


Aggressive in spreading socialism I mean


Can you give me some examples of situations where the USSR could've done more?


Aid the communists in every country atound the world including Greece and the middle east. Defy the agreements on the German and Austrian ocfupation and take as much territory as possible, actively aid the Chinese, depose TIto and end the split, instead of stockpiling nukes spend the majority of the military budget on infiltrating and stoking revolution in other countries including America. If you want to get really out there: Tip off the Germans about the dday landings, and push all the way to spain after The Germans are more worn down and stuck fighting the West.


I understood that you are making fun of reddit, that's why you should go back there.


the ussr existed for a few use after that though and ever moved any closer to their goal


how about you get the fuck off this board you authoritarian stalinoid bootlicking looser?
if you wanna sniff the farts of long dwad dictators go back to /leftypol/


Perceptive post.

A distraction from the matter at hand. The matter for discussion here isn't really the relative merits of the USSR, or of Marxism-Leninism versus Anarchism, or so on, it's about the pathology of latching onto these things, making them an identity, and then engaging in little ingroup-outgroup battles using them as a prop.

It's helpful to map this sort of thing onto sports. Yes, the Slurforindians have beaten the Slurforblacks in the world series and that's great, that's an objective sign they played the game better, etc. But you feel yourself part of a little group here - you see your team's victory as your own and it makes your own boring life feel more interesting, more exciting. You laugh in the faces of the other team, the losers, oh how they're hurting. But the thing is: you and them, you're the same. You didn't play the game, you didn't win anything, you're an observer rather than a participant in these events. But deep down inside the part of the monkey brain that once recognized your monkey gang had beaten the other monkey gang sees the ingroup fighting the outgroup and kicks into action.

People often warn that there's a skeleton inside you, but feed him milk and he will serve you well. The monkey inside you on the other hand is an eternal liability, he is a cheeky monkey, he wishes only to get up to monkey business and get you into trouble.


This is such a gay and dishonest strawman. No fucking shit they couldn't "just do" communism. What they could have done was opened up their productive forces to the Democratic will of the prolotarates. But you faggots have a power fetish so. >Muh heckin

Go back to Reddit fag.

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