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who was this n1x I hear about so often?


Someone who used to theorypost with the anarcho-nihilist flag on 8chan in the old days. Then made an anarchist imageboard, 0ch, that was lots of fun. But it was abandoned and life is not that good anymore.


where yould I contact them for a sex date?


There's a list of contacts on the bottom of the second site. I recommend trying Pleroma.


she had fed vibes, also the "blackpaper" is cartoonishly stereotypical and wrong about a lot of its assumptions


>person from nick land's twitter bubble is a retard
who woulda thunk


File: 1642548477056.jpg (55.82 KB, 540x540, IMG_20181031_141859.jpg)

hey anons how's it going

I also made this board back when bunkerchan was first launched but I think at some point I deleted my mod account or something because I just was tired of being involved in /leftypol/ on account of having built up a reputation being a retarded cringey tripfag troll

>fed vibes
if I were a fed I would get very into cancel culture type shit. that's clearly where the money is at if you want to really disrupt radical groups. or I would be more of a generic radlib anarchist that could more easily sew myself into radical groups and gain clout there instead of like, consistently a postie/nihilist for about a decade now and going out of my way to not get along with hardly any other anarchists and being highly critical of their gay little revolutionary aspirations.


hey n1x what is up


What was the reason for the deletion of 0ch?


>consistently a postie/nihilist for about a decade now and going out of my way to not get along with hardly any other anarchists and being highly critical of their gay little revolutionary aspirations
I don't know who you are or care but that is fed shit


What a terrible impersonation, and I fail to see the purpose.


File: 1642602620262.jpg (31.86 KB, 540x540, IMG_20181226_120713.jpg)

I'm just already regretting posting in this thread, how about you

At the time I was having issues with the site itself, I don't remember what happened exactly. But rather than recover from the backup I decided I'd had enough of being an imageboard admin, because it's a thankless task, I'm perpetually having money issues, vichan is a shitty piece of software to have to deal withand lynxchan isn't much better, imageboard culture is almost unilaterally awful these days, a site like 0ch is going to get raided constantly. There are a lot of reasons why it stopped feeling like it was worth the trouble. I still think from time to time about bringing it back just as an excuse to do an imageboard engine in common lisp, but I wouldn't be interested in it unless I managed to implement some design ideas. Making a traditional imageboard in $current_year is just pointless imo.

I mean if you think post-leftists/nihilists/insurrectionary anarchists are all feds then you've clearly taken a stance that forecloses any productive discussion from taking place. Being critical of mass politics and revolutionary anarchism is pretty standard post-left stuff.

Oh but let me guess, I'm spreading FUD or disrupting left unity or something by suggesting that maybe every radical movement in the 20th century didn't just coincidentally fail and that maybe we shouldn't just keep doing the same shit and expect different results.

What are you expecting, that I'm going to use a tripcode, use the nihilist flag (I honestly just forgot to put that in the other post), attach a picture of a spooky skeleton, act like the same annoying clown I was back when I was active on /leftypol/? I stopped having a presence here and in the IRC channel because I hated who I was and the reputation I hae, and while that was entirely my own fault, the best thing for me to do was fuck off from a community I wasn't welcome in and didn't really feel like I fit into anyways. For the most part I always hated /leftypol/'s culture for largely being tankie /pol/ anyways, or at best ancom /pol/. It just happened to be the last somewhat decent board on 8chan up until I stopped using 8chan. I used to like lainchan and arisuchan a lot but arisuchan is gone now and lainchan is mostly complete trash these days and hasn't been good since appleman took it over.

Anyways if it's not clear that I am who I say I am then I don't know what else you want but it's probably not something I'm going to do. You fags posted a thread about me first, otherwise I wouldn't think of identifying myself here.


Okay fair enough, I believe it's you. Now be truthful; are you also the "hobo nihilist" that posted here a year or two ago? I really loved how hard she disrupted this place.


>I'm just already regretting posting in this thread
Then stop
Nobody cares about you


Someone cared enough to make this thread.


Do you fit more in on Twitter? That site seems even worse than imageboards. I can't imagine why would anyone ever want to use it.


File: 1642621978177.png (77.07 KB, 1129x627, alright.png)

i don't think she's a big fan of hobos or anything similar


ok who cares?
can we fuck now or what?


File: 1642655662722.jpg (1.03 MB, 800x800, IMG_20190831_214452.jpg)

nah, I haven't really used this board consistently since like.. 2017 probably.

This is a piece of fictional writing my guy. The author (me) doesn't hate the homeless.

>literally posting in a thread about me that was on the front page one of the few times I decide to check /dead/
>hurr nobody cares about you

I don't really use twitter anymore. I only keep my account in the event that I have something to promote. I hate that place too though and only ever made an account because for awhile there were some really smart people that had formed a community on there and were writing really interesting accelerationist stuff, and this was around the time when I was starting to feel extremely alienated with imageboard culture, but that hasn't really been a thing since the end of 2018 and I can only stand people reply girl'ing Nick Land's terrible boomer tweets for so long. Really, I can't stand almost anywhere on the internet these days. Eternal September has infected every space online no matter how niche it is and every site is a different kind of hell. Were it not for the gravitational pull of having some friends online and being the admin of a Pleroma server I would consider just not having a presence online at all anymore and focusing on doing more reading/writing/working on programming stuff. All of this is just spectacle designed to keep people in a consoomer mindset passively absorbing content.

no sex before marriage anon, sorry


What do you think of Desert?


>This is a piece of fictional writing my guy. The author (me) doesn't hate the homeless.


>hurr durr authors must share every opinion of the fictional characters they invent


File: 1643196481548-0.gif (803.73 KB, 428x394, ena.gif)

I was here, >THOUGH< not on time. Read Firestone (but not the incest stuff). 情熱的に性交 pillows and robohusbands. Read Solanas. Don't treat your BPD. Burn bras. Stream Loona. Smoke ARGs. Wear those stickers they put on bananas on your nose. 녀성은 꽃이라네. Something is occurring in Chicago …


File: 1643206206106.gif (1.81 MB, 410x640, hi.gif)

huh just learned /dead/ still exists


>hurr durr ignore the weird blogpost where they come up with a fantasy in their head about an imaginary homeless person to justify despising them because you're a fucking loser


Fact is, “Nix” is a dumb angry little beast that has overstayed her time in the internet limelight and will chase it down with white noise uwu posts on “Pleroma” in lieu of her totally realistic internal fantasies of genocide. Pathetic even by the standards of a cult leader. Smh



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