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"The strength of art is greater than that of a nuclear bomb" - Kim Jong-Un
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File: 1633251070822.mp4 (1017.21 KB, 850x720, 1630079508465.mp4)


How are videos like this made?


Takes a still image and uses Adobe After Effects to turn the foreground and background into separate layers, then you can manipulate the foreground using various stretch effects. Don't ask for a demo, I'm pretty inexperienced in it and it takes days to do some basic animation.


Can it be done with Free (as in freedom) software?


There's an After Effects tutorial I saw a while ago but it was pony porn I'll see if I can find it


IDK. I don't buy Adobe products, The Russians have plenty of good quality programs (don't get anything Adobe from 2021 or newer)


Anything can be free if you try hard enough


File: 1633290881464.gif (1.53 MB, 522x752, alunya head.gif)

I know how to torrent but I don't give a fuck. I'm not trying to become a professional animator or make money out of it, I just want to try it with Free Software. I made this with GIMP and Synfig. I think it will be good enough, now I just need to find some good manga panel and imagine it moving.


>I made this with GIMP and Synfig
That's pretty cool anon, actually I was going to suggest Synfig but I forgot the program's name, lol.



I think you didn't loop the gif properly, it only does the animation 1 time and then I have to close and reopen the image to see it again.


Well here it is, although OP already found an alternative


Not OP but it works for me




Same. Maybe its a mobile thing


There's supposed to be a delay before it starts over.


Ah, ok.


File: 1633469385042.webm (199.44 KB, 832x856, tania-guitar.webm)

What do you think?


I think the whole hand should move, not just the fingers, but the head movement's cute


Not bad, but you should probbly stretch the lines instead of cut-and pivoting them


What does that mean?


File: 1633503763513.webm (196.11 KB, 832x856, tania-guitar-2.webm)

Take 2, is this better?

I originally wanted both hands to move but the guitar has too many details that make it hard to fill in the missing parts.


Look at the lines at the middle of the hand in >>1260 they wag up and down in a pivoting motion.

Yep, that's better, Keep going anon you can do it!


It's the same thing, I just have to be very careful not to move the connections. Do you think anything else needs to be done on this image?


Yes, move the hair after the head moves in the same direction, not at the same time.


File: 1633631026191.webm (197.07 KB, 832x856, tania-guitar-3.webm)

Is this better? I added a small delay, now it looks like it has inertia.


File: 1633634971098.png (89.53 KB, 239x211, ClipboardImage.png)


All of these are good. Next you must add a fingerstyle song.
Fingerstyle because usually acoustic strumming uses the whole forearm, and flamenco twists the wrist and various other reasons





Tried better encoding it but it is still huge. Is it normal for this length and dimensions to be this heavy?


>Chainsawfag in 3 minutes or less


This animation is so smooth, the artificial VA kinda ruins it. I wish more stuff got animated like this.


Wtf happened to the files, I can't see any of the videos that had been posted


DUcked up during creation of the board, mods haven't restored them (though if you post the files in a dump on another board on the site (say /siberia/) it automatically ought to restores these ones.



With this sort of animation, I'm always triggered by the light reflection moving like something baked on the hair / glasses. Of course, this can be avoided by putting in more work and hand-animating the reflection stuff, but I think there are more clever (=less work) ways of doing it, depending on shape and movement. For example, a big rotating marble can have a circular reflection that is just on its own layer that does not rotate. For the glasses in that particular animation, maybe the white stuff fading in while the head moves back/up and fading out while the head moves forward/down will look a bit better.


File: 1636918103429.jpg (20.5 KB, 336x246, tania no shiny.jpg)

>>1571 (me)
So basically it would fade out and look like this.


File: 1636933031457.jpeg (35.56 KB, 250x238, bruh.jpeg)

I'll admit, Jaidenanimations has good animation skills when it comes to animating people as extremely thick noodles attached to what are basically rectangles


Kek, this'd been more about R34 but that's a good observation too.


Considering her fanbase is ultra-horny adolescents I am not surprised by this.


Telepurte is much better IMO.

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