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"The strength of art is greater than that of a nuclear bomb" - Kim Jong-Un
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itt: we discuss and make agitprop


File: 1642144782748.png (992.27 KB, 1242x2037, sex with poljakina.png)

good ending


wojaks are ugly as fuck, fuck off


File: 1642646834955.png (403.02 KB, 1948x2004, antiwork.png)


I get the transgender joke is common with /pol/, but why humiliate the /pol/ posters who want to break free from their group, with the "life after hate" website? Shouldn't you encourage them to leave it?


cyuut :3


I get the message is trying to be positive but i wouldn't use wojaks to convey it though


File: 1651141255789.png (396.91 KB, 708x915, ungov.png)


honk :(


While the art is good, this is too dehumanizing and demoralizing for the working class. Not really motivational at all. Most people understand that the system sucks, just look at Parasite and Squid Game ratings. What agitprop is supposed to accomplish is making it clear to the laboring viewer that they have power, are not alone and that another world is possible.


can you drawn clowngirl porn


guaranteed it's about evil corpos and muh mom and pop business owners


Big brain: Redrawing Atlas but as a worker in the style of Soviet propaganda


File: 1651798609137-0.jpg (501.39 KB, 1300x1952, wheatpaste.jpg)

File: 1651798609137-1.png (980.98 KB, 1080x1080, explodes.png)

It would be nice if we could make a guide to designing and deploying agitprop.

Questions for non-art anons:
>What would you like to know how to make that you currently don't
>What kind of agitprop seems like it would be fun to do?

We could cover designing and dissemination techniques, the usefulness of different formats, and considerations on what to propagate (how to apply the mass line to propaganda)

Here are my thoughts as a hobby digital designer:
We should create a series of templates compatible with free and open source software. Free vector resources. Tutorials. Reviews of printing equipment etc. I am pretty good with Inkscape.

We should create a guide on how to use agitprop to support local campaigns, and how to message based on local conditions.

We should compose questions for well read users about how to apply marxism to our work.

Questions for art/writing anons
> What is a good technique for the mass reproduction of hand drawn artwork
> How can one make stickers easily?
> How should works be written/designed to capture attention?
> What are common pitfalls in writing/messaging that undermine the work?
> Can agitprop promote proletarian culture over bourgeois culture?
> How does one prevent liberal interpretations of artwork.
> How to do legible spray-paint typography
> How to avoid arrest
> Techniques for protest signs

Questions for mega mind anons
>Should agitprop target the advanced, intermediate, or backwards sections of the masses

Questions for computer science anons
>In spreading digital propaganda we are often providing our class enemy with dangerous data. How can digital propaganda be protected from surveillance capitalism?
> Can we create a way to make digital agitprop more subversive steganography? For example, a toolchain to embed markov chain text steganographic data in chan images to increase the cost of steganographic analysis to our class enemy?
> How can tracking measures in printers (such as micro dots) be subverted or deactivated


I spent a good deal of time designing during the long hot summer, and I found that digital printing was actually quite cost prohibitive to the point that color fliers for rallies would eat several people's dues. Obviously this isnt a problem for super well funded orgs, but I wonder what can be done about this?


coexist in - Mao
given Zedong


make designs that economize on ink
get an ink tank printer or a laser printer
steal paper from work


Actual answer: order it at a commercial printing company. I can get 4000 color flyers for 20 euros, half a cent per flyer.

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