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'The weapon of criticism cannot, of course, replace criticism of the weapon, material force must be overthrown by material force; but theory also becomes a material force as soon as it has gripped the masses.' - Karl Marx
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Recently got this book, because it sounded interesting and reading the first pages I found it to be promising. So I'm dropping it in here. Perhaps we can talk about it.

It's a collection of essays by Evald Ilyenkov, a Soviet philosopher, who acted as a figure to make Hegel's role in Marxism understandable and accessible to the general public.


I try to curate this thread with accessible sources for Hegel. Feel free to repost. >>4337

Have you read any good ones?


The Logic of Desire by Peter Kalkavage was quite helpful in understanding Hegel for me.


After reading the second essay I must say the author repeats himself a lot. Maybe he‘s just making sure brainlets can memorize the content better.


I’ve been using this too and it’s great.
Also Hyppolite and the Bernstein lectures seem very good.


i just finished the third and yeah it feels like he starts off super strong, then goes in circles for a while (maybe necessary ones), then picks the plot up again at the end and drives it home, tho i was still left wondering wtf was the point even
beyond "Hegel was a logician, so he reduced everything to logic, btw it's just the nature of science to do this" or smth.

I mean this is really diminishing it though, it's an amazing book so far and i feel like a lot has been solidified for me which i was only speculating on before, since i never read any hegel, only marx+lenin+stalin lol.

I'd say it cured my desire to read hegel (because i feel like i understand the core of his ideas, i dont need the whole history of thought part) so that's a plus.

I could share parts i highlighted but maybe it'd be better in another thread. Anyways 10/10 book.


Sounds really cool. I was reading a secondary source for Hegel's science of logic and it got too convoluted at some points. Some sentenced read like parody. If you're not familiar with the way words are used "indeterminate being is nothing because it lacks any determinations and hence is nothing which is immediately being" is just mumbo jumbo.


Just finishing the fourth essay and yet again the author is repeating himself ad nauseam, but the last few pages of the essay get really interesting. I'm too much of a brainlet to put it into words yet, but there is some point to be made about Gödel's incompleteness theorem and Hegel's dialectics. Perhaps material dialectics.


5 pages to say "he's a logician so he sees everything from a logician view" and another 10 to say "M-C-M' is what hegel thinks"

tbh it makes reading very fast though, when there's only a few novel ideas in the whole essay. I was like speed reading cause it was so un-dense.

I get what you mean about Godel's incompleteness thing, well i dont totally cause i looked up what that even is the other day, but i think you mostly refer to the part where he's saying Hegel's main critique of positivist logicians is that they can't prove their own starting theorems?

I liked the part where he talked about how the law of non-contradiction and identity gets contradicted as soon as they end up equating qualitatively different things with each other, but tbh i didnt get it much cause i'm not a logician :p


I finished The Problem of the Ideal in Philosophy and I recommend it double plusly. The second half even would be a great intro to Marxism. It centers around professional cretinism near the end, and in the middle about how Marx was originally taken in with bourgeois politics and idealism, but made his way to a materialist critique of feuerbachian idealism and eventually was won over by the necessity of communism. I didnt see this essay in the marxist.org archives though


I bought a copy of this translation, unfortunately
Man, is he a bore
Just pages upon pages of dull, scholastic prose


okay brainlet, maybe stick to TikTok


I'll stick to actual theory instead of meandering philosophical nonsense


>actual theory
Here that might be more up to your speed


bruh why you posting scat in the thread ?


File: 1679037910939.png (186.15 KB, 334x500, ClipboardImage.png)

Nah it's this
It seems like you wouldn't be into it, not enough weird projection about being obsessed with random e-celebs


yes, I‘m sure you wear your big boy pants too when you read your big scary book


Okay, stick to jerking off to TikTok then


damn crypto positivist.
Diamat is theory.


>Evald Ilyenkov
I like some of his stuff but he's a bit too much of a hegelian for me. I lean towards the anti Humanist stances, kinda like althusser though I think his structuralism leans too far much into postmodern positions and his comments on political economy can be retarded especially on the productive relations. their was a brand of anti Humanist sentiment within the early Soviet Union though (prolekult specifically, though I have my issues with them).
> i never read any hegel, only marx+lenin+stalin
Have you ever thought about reading Plekhanov before?


File: 1679592066577.png (3.23 MB, 1125x1492, ClipboardImage.png)

Say what you want about Althusser, but he put anti-humanism into practice

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