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are there any tips to retaining memory of theory that you've read? I've just started and i feel like i'm missing large parts and just taking the overall message


take notes of what you find interesting


i've just started taking notes and i retain way more
i think its super important to both note down good quotes (for sharing or remembering for later), important key concepts (to help u understand), and then summarizing it how you can, or even summarizing what you don't get, what you feel is missing, what conflicts with other things you know or other authors, etc. But depending on what i'm reading, i'm not gonna critique it or summarize it, just take notes on the basics - other things i feel the need to summarize but there's maybe not enough technical points to write down – do it how you think is best, but write down whats important. That's literally it. Also really get down and cozy with it, make sure you're concentrating.

A friend of mine always has trouble with jargon words and weird complex grammar, so make sure to stop and look stuff up, read smaller materials (you find online) to aid with the main one, and take ur time re-reading when u don't get smth.


do amphetamines before reading


I recommend remnote.


Don't just take notes, but take specific notes:
>when a point comes together, write it down and try to distill/summarize it
>when you have questions/confusion about something, write it down
>when you see a reference to some other work, write that down too
It helps if you put section headers in your notes and mark the relevant page numbers when looking at the notes later. After you have read a section/chapter, go back over the notes you took from that part and review. This will help you remember what you read and you might find some questions have been answered.

It also helps to skim through something before you read it. Start reading a book with the table of contents, so you can see what the chapters will cover and in what order. Maybe even skim the chapters and see how they're broken into sections. If you really want to help fix it in your head, read the first paragraph or two of each chapter (in most books this will give you a sense of what the chapter is going to do). And before you read any individual chapter, definitely skim through to see how it's organized. This will help your brain build a structured understanding of the book, which helps with retaining the information.


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It also helps to revisit your notes every few days. Your memory works like this half life graph. Your memory of what you read goes down like the graph here. But every time you revisit your notes, your memory goes back to hundred. The way I usually do it is I revisit what my notes the next day, then three days later, then a week later, then a month. It only takes a few minutes to revise.


>made a thread on "how to read theory"
this mf is not reading at all

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