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'The weapon of criticism cannot, of course, replace criticism of the weapon, material force must be overthrown by material force; but theory also becomes a material force as soon as it has gripped the masses.' - Karl Marx
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look, i know it's trendy for some to be all about that dialectical life, but let's be real for a sec. the way that social-fascist pseudo-Marxists and pro-China neo-revisionists try to wield dialectics is not only tired but downright oppressive. they act like their version of Leftism is the only way to resist capitalism and imperialism, but they forget that even Marx himself recognized the limitations of dialectics in his later years.

i'm not saying we should all become anti-Leninist Maoists or anything, but we need to recognize that dialectics doesn't account for the fluctuations of reality. it's too rigid and dogmatic for our ever-changing world. instead, we should embrace eclectics, which allows for a more fluid and adaptable approach to revolutionary praxis. we can take inspiration from various theories and practices without getting bogged down in sectarianism.

now, i know some of y'all might be thinking "but what about post-structuralists?? they're all about that anti-dialectical life!" and while i agree that their critiques are important, we also need to be cautious about how we approach their theories. we don't want to fall into the trap of the petty-bourgeois intelligentsia, who use postmodernism as an excuse to avoid taking any real action.

what we need is a safe space, a place where we can embrace the complexity and messiness of reality without getting trapped in dialectical thinking. this means recognizing that our ideas and strategies will always be provisional and subject to change, and that's okay. as long as we keep moving forward and adapting to new circumstances, we can create a truly revolutionary praxis that is inclusive, adaptable, and effective.

peace and love


another banger (read: shit) thread from femcel flag
keep 'em coming


Why is a maotist offended? This is right in your wheelhouse lol


>and pro-China neo-revisionists
Come the revolution I will electrocute you by the testicles for having the termity write that phrase insallah

Otherwise good essay, interesting well written and thought provoking plox send it to the Editor at our journal with the offensive phrase removed



Don't assume their genitalia faggot


Embrace dianetics


File: 1683795437737.png (287.22 KB, 593x545, ClipboardImage.png)

>mfw reading all that


Okay, now explain what this actually means. What are eclectics. What are the implications?


There is something to be said for L. Ron I think
Since he was the first cult leader to say he's just doing it for the money


>I'm on the same side as insufferable philosophy booksnort chan
End me


But it's just an old /leftypol/ stock phrase I've been assuming the latest anfem flag poster was cis female all this time they code as that to me


>code as
I had a discussion about GNTM yesterday so I'm not doing that again


i did not post this


I didn't either


it was me, i posted it


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we are all anfem now <3

Poetry is the thinking
Nothing is greater

Just Love!!!


>femcel flag
I'm stealing this


The problem with dialectics is it's about 2 opposing elements in contradiction that becomes resolved when in reality there are always many elements in contradiction. It's like the 3 body problem. If there are only 2 factors in play the system is easy to understand, but add 1 more and it becomes chaotic and probably unstable.


Mao wrote something on this ummm wassitcalled


Read Bukharin's Historical Materialism for an example of substituting dialectics with eclectics.
It completely rejects the Marxist understanding of development and internal contradiction, substituting in its place nonsense about determinism and equilibrium.
Lenin and Stalin were always against this mockery of Marxism.


femcel flag has been a much needed injection of novelty and discussion whereas you are posting stale-ass "gang" memes


Ah here we go
Don't get triggered by the word contradiction please as much as I love a good back and forth I'm too burnt out right now for it

Just notice the multifactorial approach


My most respected comrades of posterity! Rummaging among these days’ petrified crap, exploring the twilight of our times, you, possibly, will inquire about me too. And, possibly, your scholars will declare, with their erudition overwhelming a swarm of problems; once there lived a certain champion of boiled water, and inveterate enemy of raw water. Professor, take off your bicycle glasses! I myself will expound those times and myself. I, a latrine cleaner and water carrier, by the revolution mobilized and drafted, went off to the front from the aristocratic gardens of poetry - the capricious wench She planted a delicious garden, the daughter, cottage, pond and meadow. Myself a garden I did plant, myself with water sprinkled it. some pour their verse from water cans; others spit water from their mouth - the curly Macks, the clever jacks - but what the hell’s it all about! There’s no damming al this up - beneath the walls they mandoline: “Tara-tina, tara-tine, tw-a-n-g…” It’s no great honor, then, for my monuments to rise from such roses above the public squares, where consumption coughs, where whores, hooligans and syphilis walk. Agitprop sticks in my teeth too, and I’d rather compose romances for you - more profit in it and more charm. But I subdued myself, setting my heel on the throat of my own song. Listen, comrades of posterity, to the agitator the rabble-rouser. Stifling the torrents of poetry, I’ll skip the volumes of lyrics; as one alive, I’ll address the living. I’ll join you in the far communist future, I who am no Esenin super-hero. My verse will reach you across the peaks of ages, over the heads of governments and poets. My verse will reach you not as an arrow in a cupid-lyred chase, not as worn penny Reaches a numismatist, not as the light of dead stars reaches you. My verse by labor will break the mountain chain of years, and will present itself ponderous, crude, tangible, as an aqueduct, by slaves of Rome constructed, enters into our days. When in mounds of books, where verse lies buried, you discover by chance the iron filings of lines, touch them with respect, as you would some antique yet awesome weapon. It’s no habit of mine to caress the ear with words; a maiden’s ear curly-ringed will not crimson when flicked by smut. In parade deploying the armies of my pages, I shall inspect the regiments in line. Heavy as lead, my verses at attention stand, ready for death and for immortal fame. The poems are rigid, pressing muzzle to muzzle their gaping pointed titles. The favorite of all the armed forces the cavalry of witticisms ready to launch a wild hallooing charge, reins its chargers still, raising the pointed lances of the rhymes. and all these troops armed to the teeth, which have flashed by victoriously for twenty years, all these, to their very last page, I present to you, the planet’s proletarian. The enemy of the massed working class is my enemy too inveterate and of long standing. Years of trial and days of hunger ordered us to march under the red flag. We opened each volume of Marx as we would open the shutters in our own house; but we did not have to read to make up our minds which side to join, which side to fight on. Our dialectics were not learned from Hegel. In the roar of battle it erupted into verse, when, under fire, the bourgeois decamped as once we ourselves had fled from them. Let fame trudge after genius like an inconsolable widow to a funeral march - die then, my verse, die like a common soldier, like our men who nameless died attacking! I don’t care a spit for tons of bronze; I don’t care a spit for slimy marble. We’re men of kind, we’ll come to terms about our fame; let our common monument be socialism built in battle. Men of posterity examine the flotsam of dictionaries: out of Lethe will bob up the debris of such words as “prostitution,” “tuberculosis,” “blockade.” For you, who are now healthy and agile, the poet with the rough tongue of his posters, has licked away consumptives’ spittle. With the tail of my years behind me, I begin to resemble those monsters, excavated dinosaurs. Comrade life, let us march faster, march faster through what’s left of the five-year plan. My verse has brought me no rubles to spare: no craftsmen have made mahogany chairs for my house. In all conscience, I need nothing except a freshly laundered shirt. When I appear before the CCC of the coming bright years, by way of my Bolshevik party card, I’ll raise above the heads of a gang of self-seeking poets and rogues, all the hundred volumes of my communist-committed books!



I gave up on 90% of continental philosophy when I realized so much of it was just obscurantism


the op is chat gpt generated btw, i told him to write about dialectics mimicking anfems style
the fact that not one anon picked up on this tells you that 1) ai is sentient and will lead us to socialism 2) anfem posts are literally indiscernible from botposting (conclude what you will)

this has been a psa for leftypol
for months have I posted chatgpt generated threads and replies and it is finally paying off. i have propagated dengist talking points, i have done the same with anarchidt postions. i have argued (fairly often) with myself pretending to be both sides.

the site is splitting into two large camps: the dengist ziggas and the anarcho-idealists
now the rising tension will either give birth to new rev theory or leftypol shall perish

it is a great time to be alive


File: 1683810201459.gif (1.74 MB, 438x250, 1683207951080.gif)

Careful little buddy


but why would you waste your time like this


time spent building the online revolution is not time wasted tbh


we are starting to get some better jokers around here


>now the rising tension will either give birth to new rev theory or leftypol shall perish


But I
setting my heel
on the throat
of my own song.


File: 1683836002291.jpg (53.46 KB, 680x453, FTKvs3VWAAAh5Ov.jpg)


File: 1683837895212.gif (324.96 KB, 498x476, pat-pat.gif)



still a faggot


Soooooooooo based


Ironically neither idealism nor materialism are pragmatic due to philosophy being an endless debate so one must assume both material conditions and ideals can both be the base structure either by topic or in balance with eachother which would cover both possibilities.


>Summarize [text of the post] in under 20 words.
<The speaker, a former poet, now a communist fighter, presents his rough, practical, and revolutionary poetry to the future proletarian, hoping to inspire them to socialism.


Can't be Stalin
Can't be Mayakovsky
Now that we've established what we can't do
The age old question
What do


File: 1683839875482.png (249.52 KB, 1800x1800, alunya_vomit.png)

>people actually replacing to this anon and taking the bait


What else?




the masses are rising up in my name and posting fake threads w anfem flag to piss off the incels

it's all coming up magenta


i knew this was gpt. in fact i reported this for gpt


I knew it was GDP immediately and didn't say nothing to nobody


no you didn't. admit you got fooled and couldn't remember if you posted this earlier in a delirious state


anon if im sane enough to kno i didnt post it, you should be sane enough to not post it in the first place



very based.
all the fields


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