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'The weapon of criticism cannot, of course, replace criticism of the weapon, material force must be overthrown by material force; but theory also becomes a material force as soon as it has gripped the masses.' - Karl Marx
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Are you a comrade working on something for school or uni that utilizes math or physics?
Need help on a problem?
Developing a new mathematical theory of marxism?

Post here and ill try to help.

Love & Solidarity


I want to learn physics properly because I was always bad at it both in school and uni and I feel embarrassed about it but I have no idea how to go about it.


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I also did bad in high school in math and didnt even study physics. After graduation i just studied on my own with KhanAcademy. That was in 2016, so now you'll find way better resources online.

So if you have a little discipline and curiosity you can easily make up for that. It will give you good foundation for uni.


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Not OP, but y' is just the differential of y. Find/calculate the integral and then plug in 0.

Use WolframAlpha to check your answer.
Wolfram takes language input, you can just write "find the integral of y' = (y - 2x)" for example, or any other math equation, and it gives you a step-by-step solution, slope field, etc.


But it has y on the right side… And there's g(x,y) that could be any function involving y and x, which means that it could even be non-linear.


I'm struggling with a physics problem.

You have a car weighing 2.000kg on a 22° incline (with negligible friction).

How much force would it take to pull the car up the incline to a height of 120m?

If you had a machine that could exert 180N of force for 6 hours before needing to be replaced, how many machines and how long would it take to pull a 100 cars a) 2000m on a flat plane, b) 100m up a 20° incline?

Show your working.


I would love to post more about my field of research as a physicist, but it's so niche that I'd essentially doxx myself :(


What does Picard's little theorem say? What can you conclude about solubility?


But I don't know if g is continuous or differentiable!


Since this is the physics thread the answer is that a function is nicely behaved until stated otherwise


This could not have a solution at all depending on how "irregular" g may be. Is that the whole formulation of the problem?


Awesome idea. I'm a phd in math, would love to help out in any anti capitalist projects that require math.


First of all you need to find a job at Lockheed Martin to destroy them from the inside



You could read through this and see if there's any interest to you.


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Any opinions of experimentalists on the supposed high Tc SC? Kinda sounds too good to be true


I've identified a need in my region for a product.
It would be assembled from parts imported from China presumably. Who would know what kind of parts specifically and could foresee obvious pitfalls? A mechanical or process engineer or something, or some kind of consultant?


protip: if the question doesn't say to prove something, it's most likely because you can't do so and it wants you to argue against the conclusion


Exercise 2.4.103

Am I dumb? mx''+kx=0, m=5000, x(0)=0.1, x'(0)=1, the general solution is known to be A*cos(ot)+B*sin(ot) where o=sqrt(k/m).

But if I try to solve this, I get A=0.1, and B=1/o. So k=m/B² but I only know m, both B and k are unknown? What am I missing?


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