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'The weapon of criticism cannot, of course, replace criticism of the weapon, material force must be overthrown by material force; but theory also becomes a material force as soon as it has gripped the masses.' - Karl Marx
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What should I read if I want to be a Maoist intellectual?

The only authors I've been suggested are Althusser and Badiou. Who else?



I’d also suggest Frantz Fanon.


Mao and Mao somemore
Gonzalo if you want to be edgy


The Battle For China’s Past


Any Black Maoist texts?


Assata’s autobiography.


i guess if you want to read some french asshole's philosophical ramblings, or mao's ghostwriter awkwardly aping lenin, then go ahead



Carl Schmitt


How does reading reactionaries make me a better Maoist?


Settlers — J Sakai


Maoism rejects linear time or some shit.


Even reactionary theory can contain valuable tools. Carl Schmitt wrote some insightful things about the bourgeois state in particular.
I don't recommend this text. Sakai often doesn't cite and made several factual errors.


So NO ONE is going to mention Bettelheim???


What factual errors?


Someone post the BPP reading list.


Whatever hurt his settler feefees


I think most people in this thread are not being serious and are giving out recomendations not linked to Maoism at all. Here's a starter list:

>Collected Works of Mao and the works from the Great Debate and Cultural Revolution

>Collected Works of the PCP
>A World to Win magazine (just read enough to understand who the RIM were, you can find the publications on BannedThought.net)
>Publications of the CPP, Ang Bayan magazine, and Sison's Works
>Works of the CPI(M) and Ajith (he writes BANGERS).
>J. Moufawad-Paul


Mao was consistently against the application of "red terror" in villages where the Red Army stayed. Many of his works from the 1930s are about preventing such "excesses," e.g. unjustified attacks on rich peasants, "commandism," etc.


File: 1703386044478-1.png (360.45 KB, 1357x839, ClipboardImage.png)

probably marx lenin and mao
also sison

i read part of this and it was good


Would Mao have approved of October 7th?


Usually the main criticism is Sakai uses a lot of quote mining.


Sison wrote a textbook on Maoism, similar to the one anon posted here >>21212


Any books that are unironically pro-Khmer Rouge or pro-Shining Path?

I know Jan Myrdal (Swedish NazBol) has praised Pol Pot before.


Also Herbert Marcuse wrote a book on Heideggerian Marxism


That too.


all of Mao
Zhijiang Xinyu
Political Theology, Schmitt
Ho Chi Minh - Report On The National And Colonial Questions At The 5th International
Doctrine of the Mean
Nixon in China libretto


File: 1712010230366.png (616.35 KB, 662x831, ClipboardImage.png)

Already knew this was going to be first post.
We need more obscure maoists!
I have seen books triying to rationalize their actions (and inactions) but being Pro, not even from them tbh.


Seconding this, just replace Gonzalo with Cockshott.
Also crazy this hasn't been linked yet (MLM library canon of ebooks, has hosted virtual conferences interviewing prominent Maoists internationally, check their youtube): https://foreignlanguages.press/


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