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'The weapon of criticism cannot, of course, replace criticism of the weapon, material force must be overthrown by material force; but theory also becomes a material force as soon as it has gripped the masses.' - Karl Marx
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If you guys had to pick 4 short books as the ultimate starter pack on /leftypol/itics, which ones would you pick?

Which ones are the best combination of being essential, uncomplicated and short?


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My Reccs:
Marx's The Communist Manifesto and Das Kapital

Lenin's State and Revolution and Imperialism, the Highest Stage of Capitalism

Dialectical and Historical Materialism: https://www.marxists.org/reference/archive/stalin/works/1938/09.htm
Economic Problems of Socialism in the USSR: https://www.marxists.org/reference/archive/stalin/works/1951/economic-problems/index.htm

Mao's Red Treasure Book - the most important excerpts of his Selected Works.

Castro's History Will Absolve Me: https://www.marxists.org/history/cuba/archive/castro/1953/10/16.htm

Parenti's Blackshirt's and Reds (pdf)

The first two are the groundwork of communist theory and understanding capitalism's development, the second is as direct as it gets; the relation of a capitalist or monarchist state relative to a communist Revolution and the intricacies of a revolution as well as the relation to Imperialism. Stalin's works involve a consolidation of Marxist-Leninist ideology, a concrete analysis of how and what Materialism is for socialists and the second work about practical issues and considerations that the first real attempt at socialism has run into. Mao's works are excellent motivators and Castro was a spirited defense of himself and his movement while on trial. Parenti discusses the Post-Soviet Sphere. Losurdo has some similar works as well.


Instead of reading multiple short books, just read Das kapital and Lenin's Imperialism. It's honestly most of what you need.

If you still insist: Gotha is my favorite short text, as it teaches you to show skepticism towards the liberal left. To always ask: "privilege to whom, at what cost, to what extent, to what end?"


I will put down here books I like not of leftypol thought which is really just overthink most of the time. I have put down more than four because that is way too short.


He was the first socialist. He created the idea of human nature as good and the idea of great unity or communism. His school should be studied especially Menicus.

>Tao Te Ching

NEET philosopher Laozi explains his idea of Tao which is superior to old skool Marxist materialism as Tao is an immanent non-transcendent force which is the source of all things whereas Marx idea of matter is really simpleton theory

>Republic Of Plato

Creator of Platonic communism. This is a must read for everybody interested in pol shit. Pay attention to Platos mysticism which is covered up by most Westoid gay "researchers"

>Three Books Of Occult Philosophy by Agrippa

Mostly this is a book of magick and the occult with important stuff relating to transformation and self-transfromation (spiritual alchemy)

>Communist Manifesto

Duh obvious no brainer. Its an easy read too and covers most shit

>Wage Labor and Capital by Marx

Okay so this is easier to read than DAS KAPITAL and is a good intro to that book. Every beginner should read it

>Discipline and Punish by Foucault

Everybody should read this. Its about how disciplinary power and mass surveillance is necessary for capitalism


Grover Furr 's book Khurschev Lied and Dialectical and Historical Materialism by Stalin are the only books you ever need.


Value, Price and Profit + Wage Labour and Capital are the best short introduction to Marxism possible. I don't really know about the other two. Terminator vs Avatar by Mark Fisher is also a text that is essential for modern Marxists, but it would violate your second rule.


Yeah I can tell some people read that and only that


Recommanding a falsifier and a schizo to understand Marxism instead of Marx makes me think you glow hard


Das Kapital vols.1-3
Lenin's pamphlet on imperialism


Not capitalist realism, that's for sure. Doomer pessimism.

Capital (By Marx/Engels)
Grundrisse (By Marx)
Dialectics of the Abstract and the Concrete in Marx's Capital (By Evald Ilyenkov)
Thinking and Speech (By Lev Vygotsky)

This is literally all you'll ever need. The highest kernel of truth is hidden here, maybe revelations have further requisites, but in the end, ultimately, these 4 texts contain the answers. BUT WHAT ABOUT MY POST LEFTISM, WHAT ABOUT CONTINTENTAL CRITICAL THEORY BLAH BLAH BLAH, PSYCHOANALYSIS ETC.
No. I've been there anon, I've been to the end of the earth and back. And, in truly Hegelian fashion, like the dialectical loop of reality's limit-point, where does all of that lead you…? As they say, "Back to me."


P.S. there is… one more text beyond all of this. But that's too high power level for this place so I won't disclose it. Maybe one day you'll all come to understand.


File: 1717155824831.png (74.82 KB, 255x226, 1608528765882.png)

>If you guys had to pick 4 short books as the ultimate starter pack on /leftypol/itics, which ones would you pick?
>Which ones are the best combination of being essential, uncomplicated and short?

<Anarchy by Malatesta

<Principles of Communism by Engels
<Why Socialism by Einstein
<Oppose Book Worship by Mao
special extra option
<Karl Marx's Capital by Cafiero


>essential, uncomplicated and short
Umberto Eco's pamphlet on fascism. It's timeless. lt's on libgen.is


read postmodernist lit instead Its better than leftypol marxoid garbej


The Communist Manifesto (read Fight for Socialism by Max Shachtman if it's too hard for you, ignore all the nonsense he says about state capitalism)

State and Revolution


Lessons of October by Trotsky


It's also wrong/liberal analysis


Start with Rousseau's Discourse On Inequality and The Social Contract. Then move on to the Economic and Political Manuscripts of 1844 and the Manifesto.

Then read Baudrillard's Mirror of Production and Passwords along with Foucault's History of Sexuality. You will have ceased to be a Marxist and ascend to post-leftism. Then this site will become totally useless to you and you will find yourself coming here less and less.


Good list. For Direct Action it seems like someone search and replaced every instance of "man" or male pronouns for "woman" and female pronouns for some reason; it uses the wrong pronouns for Moritz Rittinghausen, for example. Made me kek when I realized it, what a strange thing for someone to do.


I'd add the Lenin three component parts of marxism one


I always recommend Bullshit Jobs. It's not the best book on leftism by a long shot, but it's a very accessible one that deals in issues most people are already kind of aware of. It's good for dealing with people who are otherwise politically illiterate.

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