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Post Copy pastas, videos and books which debunk common Fascist, Liberal talking points which are repeated often.


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the only one youll need


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New and Improved version(With more sources)

Putnam Study debunking
From https://www.businessinsider.com/immigration-myths-open-us-borders-debunked-2018-8?op=1#myth-3-they-will-undermine-social-cohesion-3
It looked like a distinctly inconvenient truth, when the famous sociologist Robert Putnam conducted a study in 2000 which revealed that diversity undermines cohesion in communities. Specifically, he found that it makes people less trustful of each other and less inclined to form friendships or do voluntary work. Basically, as Putnam concluded on the basis of a staggering 30,000 interviews, it makes them "pull in like a turtle."

Shocked, he put off releasing his findings for years. When they were finally published in 2007, the effect was — predictably — akin to dropping a bombshell. Hailed as one of the most influential sociological studies of the century, Putnam's research was cited in countless newspapers and reports, and up until this very day he's the go­to source for politicians who doubt the benefits of a multicultural society.

There's only one problem. Putnam's findings were debunked years ago.

A later retrospective analysis of 90 studies found no correlation whatsoever between diversity and social cohesion. Not only that, as sociologists Maria Abascal at Princeton University and Delia Baldassarri at New York University discovered, Putnam had made a critical error. He hadn't taken account of the fact that African Americans and Latinos report lower levels of trust, regardless of where they live. When you adjust for this, Putnam's shocking discovery crumbles to dust.

So, if diversity isn't to blame for the lack of cohesion in modern­ day society, what is? The answer is simple: poverty, unemployment, and discrimination. "It is not the diversity of a community that undermines trust," conclude Abascaland Baldassarri, "but rather the disadvantages that people in diverse communities face."

More on that from https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/does-diversity-create-distrust/

<In a society where one Shares the same language and culture, how much trust does a multiracial society have?



<Economy is important in determining trust, materialists proved correct again.

> Ziller (2015) analyzed changes in trust in 22 European countries between the years 2002 and 2010. Cross-sectionally, nations with higher levels of ethnic diversity and non-Western immigrants had lower levels of trust. However, changes in these variables did not predict changes in trust over time.

>Longitudinal changes in general immigration levels did, suggesting an effect of immigrants qua immigrants, regardless of race. However, this effect was only negative when the economy was not growing. At levels of economic growth above zero, the effect of immigrants on trust was positive and statistically insignificant.

<More studies proving that the effect of diversity on trust is negligible.

>Finally, Kikergaard (2017) analyzed data on 3,100 US counties while looking at how ethnic diversity related to a county socioeconomic status. This analysis found that the relationship between ethnic diversity and SES goes away after controlling for cognitive ability.


>Alesina and Ferrara (2002) looked at the relationship between racial diversity, ethnic diversity, and income inequality, with trust. Income inequality and racial diversity each correlated weakly at -.1 with trust, while ethnic diversity correlated even more weakly at -.03.


>Guest et al. (2008) looked at 3 measures of social capital. While diversity had a statistically significant effect in a multivariate model, it explained less than 1% variation in various measures of social capital.


>Lipford and Yandle (2009) find that a 10% increase in diversity RAISES volunteerism by 1 per 100 people. A 10% increase in people with a college degree increases volunteerism by 5-6 people per 100.


>Fieldhouse and Cutts (2010) look at both subjective ratings of trust in an area and objective participation in voluntary associations. Diversity is found to have a smaller effect than poverty in the US, though the same was not true in the UK. That being said, the impact of diversity in the UK was only significant for one of two measures of social capital.


>Dincer (2011) calculated racial diversity based on 6 ancestry categories. Diversity was found to have a U shaped relationship with trust, with trust peaking when diversity equals .34.Other variables were found to have a linear relationship with trust. A 10% increase in the proportion of people with college degrees predicted a 10% increase in the proportion of people who have a high level of trust. A 10% decrease in income inequality predicted a 15% increase in trust. Etc.


>Alesina and Ferrara (2002) looked at the relationship between racial diversity, ethnic diversity, and income inequality, with trust. Income inequality and racial diversity each correlated weakly at -.1 with trust, while ethnic diversity correlated even more weakly at -.03.



Bro, this is /edu/, not /b/


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Simping for pol bait might as well be a /b/ thread


So one of the main reasons /pol/tards are so resistant to Marxist ideas is the fact that they believe in race realism and similar "scientific" ideas. I will attempt to debunk three of the most crucial race realist tenets in this thread.

a. Ethnic diversity(With the same culture even) causes societal trust to decline.
b. Blacks are genetically predisposed to commit more crimes.
c. There is a genetic IQ gap between races.

A: There are two types of diversity
-Diversity of culture and language
-Diversity of race
>It is found that diversity of race when culture and language are the same does not effect trust significantly(2% difference at most) thus proving Civic nationalists correct.

>Diversity of culture and race causes a minor but significant decline in trust, however the effect is not seen in a good economy but a bad one. Also poverty still has a greater effect on trust than even this kind of diversity.


B. Now it is true that in the USA race is a stronger predictor of criminality than poverty. However single motherhood is another factor which is stronger than race.
>Also the racial crime gap between Hispanics and whites seem to have closed" Declines in disparities were more pronounced when considering jail inmates of both sexes between 2005 and 2018 with the ratio of disparity per capita declining from 4.8 to 3.2 between blacks and non-Hispanic whites and 1.6 to 1.0 between Hispanics and non-Hispanic whites.[79] "
>Another factor is inequality which drives homicide rates.
>over a 20-year period, the American states that had the greatest inequality in visible expenditure—spending on items such as clothing, jewellery, cars, and eating out—also suffered the most from violent crime. So if you’ve got it, don’t flaunt it—especially if your neighbours don’t have it as well.

However let us look at other countries.
>In Brazil the Non-white homicide rate is double that of the white rate.
>But their poverty rate is also double that of whites.

Finally the UNDOC(UN department on drugs and crime) statistics completely dismantles this argument.
The Homicide rate of Africa as a whole is 13.5

>However if we look at poor countries without any inequality or active conflicts we see that the homicide rate is ridiculously low, Dirt poor countries like Malawi, Benin, Burkina Faso, Liberia, Sao tome and Principe, Guinea and Guinea-Bissau have rates between 1-3.

>The countries which have high homicide rates in Africa are horribly unequal like S.Africa and friends or have an active conflict going on like CAR or the DRC or Mali.

>Finally we have the middle countries with rates between 3-8? Good rates but still slightly uncomfortable, the Horn of Africa all seem to share maybe it's due to the low-intensity conflict that is there or maybe something else.


C. I've looked into this topic, and It's too complex for me to unravel, however I would like to point a few things out.

>The famous IQ map of the world I posted Is wrong.

>The famous IQ researcher Richard Lynn who made the map used the IQ of mentally retarded children in spain to come up with the numbers for E.Guinea, and many other such "mistakes"(Probably deliberate).
>Another famous IQ researcher Eysenck has had his papers retracted or accepting money from tobacco companies I think.
>But In the end this topic requires many more lines than what I'm capable of.


Against social Darwinism

<A persons IQ can fluctuate by 13 points in a few months thanks to wealth and poverty.

>In a series of experiments, the researchers found that pressing financial concerns had an immediate impact on the ability of low-income individuals to perform on common cognitive and logic tests. On average, a person preoccupied with money problems exhibited a drop in cognitive function similar to a 13-point dip in IQ, or the loss of an entire night’s sleep.

>To better gauge the influence of poverty in natural contexts, between 2010 and 2011 the researchers also tested 464 sugarcane farmers in India who rely on the annual harvest for at least 60 percent of their income. Because sugarcane harvests occur once a year, these are farmers who find themselves rich after harvest and poor before it. Each farmer was given the same tests before and after the harvest, and performed better on both tests post-harvest compared to pre-harvest.



This copypasta thread is very useful/


This has nothing to do with Marxism whatsoever


I'm a Socialist who was a right-winger once, and I would like to offer a powerful set of arguments against Ethnic nationalism grounded in historical materialism. Ethnic nationalism or fascism today is traditionalist, looking back to the past in a cowering fashion, as opposed to yesteryears fascists especially the Italian fascists who were modernist and futuristic and this age's communists who are futuristic and forward looking. This point will be crucial.
CRISPR: One of the fundamental principles undergirding ethnic nationalism is people with genetic affinity forming a close knit community. Ethnic nationalism stresses the role, importance and immutability of genetics. However here the liberal cliché wrong side of history holds true, with the advancement of gene editing technology ,Ethnic nationalism becomes Outdated as genetics become more fluid and less important.
Your enemy and Internationalism: Most people here are red pilled on the fact that International Capitalism is their enemy and it's least harmful effects(Yes least). But thus the conclusion should be reached that to destroy international capitalism an effort must be international. Even if the whole of Britain became an Ethnostate, it would be doomed if capitalism would be allowed to continue in the rest of the world, why?(for more info visit r/collapse)
The Fate of merry England: Even if England were to become a "Socialist" Ethnostate tomorrow it would be doomed in 80 years if capitalism in the whole earth did not stop and the whole of Europe turned into tundra and taiga thanks to the failure of the Gulf stream due to climate change. If England and Europe are to be saved action would have to be taken on an international scale.
An era of disturbance: This is an era of reaction, reaction to the ravages of neoliberal capitalism in Europe the Far-right might rise while in Latinoamerica the Left is rising, there is a Marxist-Leninist predicted to win the elections in Peru and in Chile Communist party won a victory and will take a prominent role in drafting it's constitution. In the USA it looks like there will be civil unrest between the emerging Left(Socialists and Communists) and the right(ethnic nationalists) in which the left will probably prevail .


I would suggest using a stable, non-controversial site like leftypedia to store answers to common questions, but I think they're currently migrating so I would hold off for a month until things are more certain.


We need some covid related stuff

Right wingers are just insane about it, but libs are actively working against a decent global vaccination program


File: 1626317255670.jpg (286.57 KB, 1791x963, Uighur reused.jpg)



File: 1626317968081.jpg (114.22 KB, 1024x568, just vaccine sideeffects.jpg)

Maybe because it's a bad fucking idea to make untested drugs globally enforced? Look up the CDC website and find the VAERS data base. Vaccine Adverse Effects Reporting System. It’s climbing over 6300 deaths as a result of the covid19 experimental vaccine. And it’s estimated that it only captures between 1 and 10% of adverse effects and deaths. So you could conservatively multiply that number by 10. To contrast with other approved vaccines…. that’s more deaths and adverse effects than all other vaccines combined in the last 30 years. The FDA and CDC themselves noted numerous extreme and fatal symptoms from the vaccine but were pressured by the government and corporations to accept the drugs.

These vaccines are not made to nor do they prevent transmission, as was repeatedly said by the manufacturers, the CDC, NHS and Dr. Fauci. They only reduce it somewhat but not enough (up to 30%), depending on circumstances. Not so much with new variants. UK and IL reports from last week have the same conclusions.
According last week's AAP report (p.20), over 18 months a total of 335 children deaths with Covid out of 4 million official cases (however the 4 million may actually be exaggerated givene that hospitals have economic incentive - insurance money - to label anyone dead as a covid victim rather than a less profitable cause of death).
Even taking the 4 million at face value, that's 1/2 the 600+ annual child deaths from influenza

Not permitting someone to work in your home country is coercion (that's kind of a big deal when pondering the most basic medical ethics) While risks are officially "low", it is already known they're far from zero, and long term effects are unknown. You are talking forcing someone take a new kind of drug for which there is absolutely no long term safety data, in animals or humans. All produced by companies with long histories of unethical medical practices, and who are protected on a federal (and now global) level from any and all attempts to sue them in court for injury and death caused by their products. I won't even go into how the US government repeatedly spread Syphilis and radiation poisoning to people by claiming mandatory vaccines - (Tuskegee anyone?).


File: 1626318930756.jpg (9.06 KB, 255x247, unamused sparrow.jpg)

As a side note I found this post while scrolling a user named https://www.reddit.com/user/swordsaintzero/ out of a morbid curiosity of his acidic and legitimately toxic posts.

Apparently this guy is a long-winded smart-ass who thinks being constantly condescending and writing lengthy diatribes makes him smart… unfortunately reddit mods seem to agree. I'd think he was a bot (because he posts nearly everywhere) but I have yet to see an A.I. pull off such a good impression of a snooty 1990s college professor. Something of note is that at least one of their posts is a long anecdotal rant about how farmers and city boys (workers) are all entitled retards and that liberalism is the best thing ever! - or something along those lines. The sheer nose-raised condescension and utter disregard for the knowledge and thoughts (and anecdotes) of others is ironic beyond belief, considering that this same user constantly berates people for stating their experiences and belittles and dismisses anyone's concerns or thoughts.

TL;DR: Don't be like this scunt; In the words of a good man, "Everyone you ever meet has a full life worth of experiences, teachings, and fears that are all different from yours. No one fears something for "no reason", but ignoring the reason for their fear is a sure-fire way to make sure they keep fearing it."


File: 1626330499982.png (2.27 MB, 983x1727, I can't Sneed.png)

Anyone gonna counter this dumb shit, or are we going to just accept troll bait being turned into awful sneed memes? Seriously, as funny as the image is, the fact that it's a reply to the garbage take fake post is annoying as shit, even if I don't post here often.


What do you expect us to do about it? If someone doesn't realise that post is fake then I don't see how we can change their mind.


Shit I don't know, we used to have threads calling out such posts are fake for X and Y reasons.


File: 1626399246484.png (4.19 MB, 3000x3000, wagies dont understand jew.png)

don't argue with people who aren't receptive to arguments. If someone doesn't want to be convinced (e.g. most /pol/yps) don't waste time trying to convince them.

Some /pol/yps ARE receptive to Marxist thought, but they are few and far between. Making fun of "wagies" that defend their bosses is a useful strategy. Describe how ideology ultimately comes from material changes (e.g. multiculturalism being the product of economic globalization).

Remember: Only plant the seeds of Marxist thought in fertile grounds.


Can anyone confirm how true this story is? It sounds so inanely fantastical, that a South Korean Director would be kidnapped to make movies, I don't know whether to believe it or not.


File: 1626712887264.png (23.29 KB, 520x654, Lesbians get nothing from ….png)

If you can't think of a response yourself perhaps they are correct - especially when you're just screaming "nazi" to a person who did not espouse any fascist ideology whatsoever. You sounds like /pol/ bait


File: 1626735377180.mp4 (395.21 KB, 1280x720, That's_a_bingo!.mp4)



>that pic
>vaccine manufacturers aren't immune from liability in the UK
fuck. I just checked and that's right.
But previously I saw on the gov's website and an NHS worker told me that vaccine manufacturers *are* liable. Did they lie to me?


>Did they lie to me?
<Did the capitalist porkies lie to me?
I think you've answered your own question - personally I take anything a capitalist country claims with a hefty portion of salt until I can check and confirm how honest it is.


File: 1626939695751.jpg (98.31 KB, 808x810, offended for minority idpo….jpg)

While I'm glad the mods appreciated by comment I've had the opportunity to talk with some more non-liberal trans people and read comments and social media of trans people.

A good comment from one of these people in regards to "transphobia" and other such things is the following:
>Most people don't hate women or minorities, they just hate the (overbearing) activists
>The majority of people don't hate the black family living in the South Side of Chicago just doing their part to try and get by, they hate the jerk activists who razed a bunch of small businesses to the ground because they could.*
>People don't hate the woman who was abused by her ex-husband and is trying to move forward with her life, people hate the rude activists who hate men and blame anything and everything wrong in their lives on some vague "patriarchy".
>People don't hate the 20-year-old transgender person who struggled with gender identity disorder and is now living a happy life with their new identity, people hate the militant transgender activists with crappy personalities and a screwed-up idea of social justice.
>Some people are jerks and are worthy of our rage. Just make sure that we are directing your rage at the right people.
Also in regards to 'trans kids'
>liberal idealogue: "Do you feel like you're a boy or a girl?"
<5 year old kid with little to no conception of sexuality: "I don't know"
>lib idealogue: "OK that means you're non binary and probably trans"
So-called activists forget that minority people are individuals, not voting blocks. You can’t lump gays in with Blacks and Muslims and say everything is hunky dory because “look at how marginalized they all are!” It’s this morbid fetish activists have of either simplifying groups or complicating individuals’ identities for the sake of power.

*As a comment on this comment, before people go batshit about it being action or whatnot - the burning of buildings during the BLM protests and the raiding of small businesses (not talking about Target here) were wholly uncalled for, it was just smashing shit for the sake of it, and then using a cry of "revolution" to justify themselves, this is an inherent part of any social movement and the more liberal and capitalist-funded a movement may be, the more likely this will occur. The Bolshevik communists despite their estrangement from capitalism did have groups and members engaging in pointless vandalism and banditry but the Communist movement did not leave these people uncriticized or unpunished for discrediting the name of the Revolution with their actions. This same principle is not applied by the movements in the USA.


amerikaner sind so lost lol

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