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What are the best books on Russian, Chinese and the failed German Revolution and East Germany.
Books about other communist revolutions and state establishments are also welcome.

I want to know everything that happened before and after those events occurred
I want to know how the conditions and reasons for revolution happened in the first place
I want to know what happened during the civil wars
I want to know what happened after they won or lost
I want to know what were the mistakes they made

Don't care how many books to get a full understanding but as long as they're credible and good it's fine by me. I prefer PDFs.


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Look at the section about the revolution. Fitzpatrick is a liberal though so be careful when reading her.


File: 1620927133751.pdf (4.61 MB, 232x300, ten-days-that-shook-the-wo….pdf)

>Russian Revolution


File: 1620928450443-0.pdf (13.88 MB, 199x300, (History of Soviet Russia)….pdf)

File: 1620928450443-1.pdf (9.88 MB, 193x300, (History of Soviet Russia)….pdf)

File: 1620928450443-2.pdf (15.58 MB, 193x300, (History of Soviet Russia)….pdf)

>Russian Revolution


File: 1620928752156.pdf (33.24 MB, 67x118, (A History of Soviet Russi….pdf)





I'm really curious too, I've read plenty on the October Revolution but not as much on the Chinese, German, Cuban etc. ones. Hoping some anon can drop some PDFs


File: 1623258109369.pdf (1.59 MB, 212x300, Dauve-Authier-Communist le….pdf)



File: 1623258561225.pdf (13.33 MB, 182x300, 2015.52426.Red-Star-Over-C….pdf)

this is basicly the chinese Ten Days That Shook the World


Based as fuck, thank you anon


thank you!
if you find anything about other lesser known communist revolutions
drop them

we have to learn from the comrades of the past and their efforts


E.H. Carr's History of Soviet Russia in a lot of volumes. As it is very connected, he goes through the German revolution atempt as well


Nice to hear that

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