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Seems like there are a few people on leftypol interested in this subject so I thought I'd create a thread dedicated to discussing the Wydna collective and Pseudodoxology podcast
>What is Wydna?
Wydna is a research collective dedicated to reading history through a unique lens. Taking inspiration from Marxism and Accelerationism, Kantbot and other members of the collective dedicate themselves to uncovering the conspiracies, traditions and ideologies that circle the elites of the British and American Empires. Through their podcast, they discuss secret societies, scandals, and factions of the deep state in a fashion considered unconventional to our current interpretation of history.
>That sounds great, where can I learn more?
Their episodes are paywalled, so that's why I'm making this thread. I will be uploading some of their more noteworthy episodes on request here for those who aren't interested in paying the 5$ a month on patreon.
You can listen to their most popular episodes for free on Spotify https://open.spotify.com/show/45p4IYDT96zuulXl1oH5wW?si=4uuH0B85RjWbbqdEmnwQkw
And I will be filling this thread with links to episodes I consider noteworthy.
I'll start by uploading their episode on the history of political economy, which is 7 hours, so I'll be breaking the audio up into several parts. This post, OP, contains the first 3.


Political Economy parts 4-6






and finally, 13. enjoy.
let me know if there are other episodes I should share. I was already thinking of sharing the RAND corporation and Robinson Crusoe ones as well.


can you upload a whole archive ?
or at least a link to a mega/torrent/mediafire with a whole collection of The Pseudodoxology podcasts?


i noticed the spotify collection isnt up to date


Robinson Crusoe sounds interesting?


appreciate this and really enjoying the podcast thanks OP.

(although tbh, you didn't need to split it into 13 parts, which makes it fiddly to listen to)


Op, is it possible to upload this 7 hour episode as just one file?


not to leftypol. maybe I’ll make a mega link


> : (
>Fucking Kant bot shilling the anti-dialectics website on tik tok.
I like him overall, but sometimes I want to slap him.

Anyways, which episode have you enjoyed? I'm thinking of listening.



Robinson Crusoe and RAND Corp are good. I’ll put them in a Mega archive later


Based. You should upload the whole episodes somewhere.


I only started listening to this because he started having Edmund Berger on as co-host.


A mega link would be preferable, please.


You still going to make that mega link?


I thought kantbot was a rightoid?christian_communismChristian Communism


I think he was some time ago, but apparently not anymore.
He changed his name to fisher_bot for a few months in honor of mark fisher for example.


Interesting, perhaps this heralds a leftward swing among the anonschristian_communismChristian Communism


Edburg’s analysis is always based, KB is hit or miss.


This is the gayest shit I've ever seen


It is pretty gay, I guess.


I could listen to Edburg drone about whatever research topic he has going on for days.


any update on mega link PLEASE


>Edmund Berger
who's this tl;dr?

I listened to the Crusoeu one. It was nice. I like the chillness of the podcast. I feel it's overproduced in an amatuerish way at times, but overall I like the chillness and the non-standard well researched topics.
wdym? -.-


>KB is hit or miss.
Yeah, I once heard someone describe him as the "most-read idiot in the room" which I think is pretty accurate.
>who's this tl;dr?
He's one of the more interesting marxists to come out of the "Post-CCRU" or "Accelerationist" blogosphere (otherwise known as the interesting side of NRx), as well as the #CaveTwitter era (2014-2018). All of his blogs are still up; I'll link them below in chronological order.

https://deterritorialinvestigations.wordpress.com/ (2012-2018)
https://disubunit22.wordpress.com/ (2017-2019)
https://reciprocalcontradiction.home.blog/ (2019-Present)

And here's his twitter: https://twitter.com/EBBerger


he also wrote this book, and one on acceleration but the latter is only available in italian atm


Uh guys, did Marx complete German Idealism?


Oh, that takes me back.


where is the collection anon ?


Any chance of posting logo_daedalus' read books episodes?


Please someone post the Iran Contra ones


Lurking in hope I can avoid giving kantbot 5$


Pseudbros please….. I also would like to listen to the Iran Contra episode.


And the Watergate one, where's the files




Someone post it please


File: 1629687418913.png (78 KB, 1174x414, napoleon on china.PNG)

thanks for the mp4s anon


we really need the mega link


I’m dying out here Pseudbros….


same man


New ~free~ episode just dropped with KB, Edburg, and Haz discussing topics such as Fascism, Heidegger, Hitler, and Mongol universality.


Is it any good? I saw the haz interview with KB on infrared. It was alright.

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