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Where to find language learning communities, where I ask something about the language I am studying and get responded? I am not using hellotalk because it glows, nor fbi.gov for obvious reasons. I am a brazilian learning greek and mandarin and intending to learn korean and spanish, in case I need to be specific.


I think this is an area where you just have to bite the bullet if you want to be able to use such a service. It's like asking "I wanna use a dating site that doesn't glow" – they all do, so you gotta focus on containing it / the least worst (either as it has to do with the hardware, software or compartmentalization principles you use).
The alternative is to go really oldschool/slow and torrent a bunch of language learning books, but that's also way less engaging and time-effective of course.


hellotalk is CIA?




I am not using chink software, but I am still considering if I should use thatcord.
TL;DR it is chonk and sends data to Facebook.
>nor fbi.gov for obvious reasons.


Fux having alzheimer, I was going to ask if tandem is better.


That's di$cord, not reddit.


start a group on


The obvious reason here is that I do not want to join a social network full of freaks, and apparently thesecord has stickers only avaliable for nitro users, LOL.
No one will join.


because you're a noxious racist channer


Fuck off liberal


So i will have to use this cock? I created an account on tandem, but these apps are more for chatting. I want to ask about the language, and reddit is not an option, since unpopular posts are ignored there.


How did you learn English? Why not just do the same.

T. Monoglot


I played PS2 games in english in my critical period, so I accquired the language. The game was in english, so i was already using the language. And I still have questions about the language sometimes.
Never mind, i found out about hinative. Goodbye, nerds.


uygha quoted the OP and deleted.


Was World of Warcraft ever localized for Urdu?


What makes you prefer HiNative to the other services you've seen? What makes it better than say Tandem or HelloTalk? I've never heard of HiNative, but I have heard of the latter two.


If I wanted to just be able to read Koine Greek, would learning actual contemporary Greek be enough?


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Sorry to bump this thread but I'm studying german right now and I want things to read, I want something like a german reddit to get used to colloquial language and german culture, I already tried krautchan and it was shit.


Yes. If you want the long answer watch vid related.


Video unavailable
This video is no longer available because the YouTube account associated with this video has been terminated.


How the fuck does one learn a language. It feels like no matter how much I try, the target language is near incomprehensible.


I can only speak from my experience of learning English in secondary education:
You need to avoid the trap of instinctively translating into your native language and accept a languages vocabulary as distinct words, then maybe build their meaning of association with several words from your native language. This becomes easier, when you can judge singular unknown words from their context. Even words with direct correspondence will often have slightly different connotations. (Compare steel with the German equivalent Stahl. They describe the same object, yet when used symbolically, the English word has a lighter connotation, that may also describe intense mental preparation (to steel yourself). In contrast Stahl sounds more war-like. I associate the English word with bluish, flexible steel and the German word with a gray, hard and durable material.)
While reading, you need the words to make sense without translating and while writing, you need the words to closely describe what you are thinking. If your thoughts often involve language, you might also try forcing yourself to think in the language you want to learn. You may later find the ability to voice thoughts in this language useful, if it has more accurate descriptors for a topic than your native language.


I just read The Ignorant Schoolmaster. Is it actually viable to learn a language using 2 versions of Telemachus and a dictionary or is it more of a meme, now that most languages have freely accessible tutoring material?


critical period is a meme. you can still learn almost entirely by immersion (with cramming vocab being optional, but helpful) way into your adulthood (see stephen krashen, the norsk experiment, ajatt/mia, and so on, and so on). the "just read more" meme from /djt/ is literally true. millions of ESLs learned english just by playing vidya and watching youtube, past their "critical period" and way into late teens and early twenties, including me. i also repeated this with jap a few years later, and now am learning chinese just by doing anki and watching bilibili daily for a few hours. it's slow, but comfy, and it does work. you just have to supplement that with speaking practice later on, because immersion is hyper focused on reading/understanding—you'll have to do speaking practice later on for it to catch up (i don't care that much, since I learn languages only to read books in the original, so I don't mind having shit output if I understand 99% of everything)

literally just immerse more, with native subtitles (if you're learning french, then french cartoons with french subtitles) and some lighthearted vocab study on the side. after a few months of that, take an easy fantasy/adventure YA book in your target language, a dictionary, and literally just read it. it'll take a few days to go through the first page, but with each book you'll get faster and faster. reading is amazing

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