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These are becoming popular among small independent communist groups that want to investigate material issues and publish their findings and theses. They can also pseudonymize writers and put the focus on subjects first and foremost, akin to how imageboards detract from online personalities at least to the extent where fetishization is minimal and ignored if ever pushed by anyone.

Here's a decent Toronto area one that I've been reading:
Program wise, they're a little too Maoist, and it seeps into elements of their investigations obviously, but it's a good concept and spirit in vague.


These are the only ones I know about that can be counted as "journals". They are affiliated. One is UK-based and the other is China-based. They are like very, very, very pessimistic trots with some useful advice on organizational matters. Looks like an interesting thread. Hopefully we will see some new groups mentioned on here.


they're not trots, they're communizers. the endnotes collective itself was founded out of a collaboration between western european communizing theorists (https://libcom.org/library/meeting-%E2%80%93-revue-internationale-pour-la-communisation-2003%E2%80%932008) but has begun to branch out to California recently, mostly cuz of the logistics workers struggles there ig


I feel like every day that goes by I find out about some new obscure leftist tendency that I have literally never heard of before in my life
Gonna check out the Endnotes, thanks


It's not new, it was pretty popular online a few years ago. It's basically anarchism for Marxists who still want to feel superior to anarchists.


it's just a way to theorize communist politics given (supposed) new developments and whatnot. i personally think there's not much worth getting from it. endnotes/chuang/sic in general (https://sicjournal.org/en/) are kind of petty bourgeois and unscientific in a lot of ways
that's why there should be newer, better journals and investigative groups


This one has been around for a long time but It's on the very cutting edge http://m.qstheory.cn/


About your thread OP. You want journals that are A) not academic journals, B) anonymously edited by a collective C) journals that are not magazines of the sort like cosmonautmag and monthlyreview, am I right?
Because that makes those journals by their very nature, a bit harder to find, no?


looks like chinese state propaganda
yea but they’re gems


It's the theory journal of the central comittee of the Communist Party of China's
It's exactly the format you asked for precisely because it is exactly used in the way you specified

You want journals like this but you don't like the one for the biggest most successful communist party in the world?

Are you even interested in theory lad?


I think he means "independent" journals that are not officially tied to a large organisation


I do not care for white noise CPC propaganda that has absolutely nothing to do with worker's struggles. Clear?



Peace, Land and Bread is the journal of the Center for Communist Studies and has a ML-bend

Monthly Review needs no introduction. I know it is the biggest magazine for socialists in the US, but a magazine falls under the category of non-academic journal so here you go.

Cosmonautmag is a newcomer sort of, but publishes great insight imo. They say they are dedicated to scientific socialism.


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>Caleb Maupin
This is /edu/ not /ITG/


all of these are shitty propaganda fronts that only peddle vague rhetoric on behalf of their cults
beginning to really regret posting this prompt on here tbh


Wtf are you talking about? Make yourself clear what you want, retard. Small independent communist groups having journals? Were should I even look for ones that are publishing english. I can give you some, but they are german. Will you read them anon? Tell me please


i want stuff on actual worker's struggles in the here and now and focused ENTIRELY on them, not some fucking NEET with an active twitter account vomiting out their dime a dozen opinion on kautsky or lenin or stalin or geopolitics while limply giving statements of support to actual real world stuff once in a while
why do i even need to say this shit? fuck off


Like I said, I can give some german shit which you can't read. The problem is that you are asking for something highly localized and most of the non anglo journals don't publish in english


i'm learning german rn personally, and you can share them here for other german readers anyways


Ok, but those guys are some sort of left-communist group. I have a hunch that the only communists that are running those study groups and journal(that you are especially looking for) are only to be found in the more ultra-left wing like communisers, maoists etc.


https://uppingtheanti.org/journal canadian. very steeped in traditional Left activism but interesting stuff in there nonetheless. especially these:
hmm, seems like they mostly tackle philosophical stuff


For english readers who want something like OP is asking, what's the next best publication or medium?


How is Chuang unscientific?


oh man i wrote that months ago
i think i was talking about sic-affiliated stuff in general idk

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