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'The weapon of criticism cannot, of course, replace criticism of the weapon, material force must be overthrown by material force; but theory also becomes a material force as soon as it has gripped the masses.' - Karl Marx
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Hey y´all. I´m on a translating journey and I thought that others might benfit from a general thread for others that might be interested in the effort or to give their input.

Ill be translating from Spanish to English myself, but perhaps other anons will use this thread for other languages.


Currently working on a small booklet. will post both the PDF (its in Spanish) and the translation that I´ve done so far (first two chapters). If you can´t read Spanish its fine, I´d love input from native-English speakers, or English speakers in general, to see if what I am writing is at least making any sense.


if you're translating anything marginally marxist-related, you can contact the marxists.org staff at [email protected]
they'll get back to you pretty quick and find a solution for hosting it on their site


You doing this for work or as a hobby project?
I'd like to get into translation myself, but opportunities are pretty slim around here.


Translation of marxist-related things is planned, but since I'm currently starting out I'm focusing on smaller scale things. For now, looking to get actual experience translating basic things before I delve into more complex subjects. Like this booklet, for example.

Amateur translator with no real training and basic educational background looking to contribute to the struggle, a bit more serious than a hobby.


Sounds good, I wish you luck. Translating can be really fun but frustrating too.
I wish I'd be able to help, but although I speak both English and Spanish none of them is my native language.


Thanks! If you want to help all you have to do is read what I´ve translated so far and see if youre able to understand the text with ease.


Could not get Word to convert nicely into a .txt. Added two more chapters. Apologize for the slow workflow.


Keep in mind that this is from a social-democratic/keynesian political party, the PIP, that has split several times throughout its long history from its socialist and communist wings, which, because of that, has been the only pro-independence party to be legally permitted to run for elections of the ¨commonwealth¨. Although just barely. I will add this information into the translator´s introduction that I´ll make after I finish translating the actual text. A good shotgun history of Puerto Rico and its struggle, if a bit outdated, for freedom.


>shotgun history of Puerto Rico and its struggle, if a bit outdated, for freedom.
shotgun history of Puerto Rico, if a bit outdated, and its struggle for freedom*


Quizá alguien en el hilo /lat/ quiera ayudar.
Also have you tried deepl? That shit is amazing.


¿Que es deepl? Y buena idea, lo voy a sugerir


>the PIP, that has split several times throughout its long history from its socialist and communist wings
might be why it's still a colony


An unfortunate but real factor in its historical development




Well, the sources I'm translating are in PDF or physical form, so I would still have to transcribe that into a word processor.


I'm mother tongue in italian and russian.
I can translate, but i go to university, so ill be slow.


I have 0 (zero) knowledge of communism.
I have some amateurish experience translating from russian to italian, because im an immigrant and my mother write letters, complaints, etc. in russian and i translate them (more or less ive been doing this for 7-8 years).
But if someone wants me to translate anything, just ask and i will translate it.



I decided to translate one of these (i suppose) journal articles.
I choose one that had a french translation, so i can help myself if the italian is too difficult (italian journalists, especially opinionists, write their articles in a very complex way, using many different words, forming sentences in weird ways, etc. just to flex their knowledge of italian).
I noticed that the italian translation was utter shit (idk if someone of you people translated it, because in that case, no offense): the translation tried to emulate journalistic italian, but kept cutting off bits of text (even like entire sentences), weird wording, poor grammar and even straight out wrong translations.
This faggot not only did he forgot 1/3rd of the title. But he even translated "proletarian class" into "working class".
I mean, the original work says "class of the proletariat", and working class might be classism (you know, "the code monkey is not a proletarian" type of reasoning).

So i have 3 question: did you give me those links to read shit or to translate it?
If you gave it to translate it, doesnt it end up fucking up the original work if i translate a translation?
And if i translate something, what should i do with it? Where should i send it? Isnt that website just a bunch of commies reposting "certified" translations?


Hi Comrades, Editor of New Multitude here..I'm looking for someone who could translate an Italian workerist article from the 1970s..any interest in that? Message me on Matrix if you'd like to!


Position filled!


their translations are known for being subpar
it’s only extremely part-time volunteers who bother to translate this stuff, you know since it doesn’t have the academic clout as say gramsci


File: 1650432699367.pdf (73.14 MB, 172x255, Scansioni Lavoro Zero.pdf)


New Original Translation. (also included this document as another example of some Italian autonomist stuff that could be translated)


I finally translated La quinta raza / The fifth race by Vasconcelos to english since I haven't found a version in the web
It is quite the strong book, if you manage to understand that the author, coming from a enlightened but not communist left, catholic and mestizo past in contrast to the segregationist protestant US anglosaxon one. The end relies too heavily in christian values, but that is something one can expect. For one reason the man was sidelined when the PRI was in the left/right hotspot (and not to mention the tense relation between the party and the church see cristeros war). Personally, I quite like it.
The two or three mentions of oriental have been translated to asiatic.
In spanish black is just negro, it doesn't have the taboo overtone that it has in the anglosphere, so it was put as black.


it’s catholic and mestizo bro it’s a different strain bro i swear bro it’s not segregationist protestant US anglosaxon that’s a different strain this is another one i swear bro


Does anyone have an English or Spanish translation for this book?


¿Que chucha es esto? ¿el mito de la raza aria para crollos?


I believe this is the same book: https://archive.org/details/dli.ministry.04548/page/21/mode/2up
Archive.org is always a good place to check for older books; sometimes it's necessary to crack the DRM if you want to read at your leisure, but that's not that big of a deal with Calibre and the DeDRM plugin. This one doesn't seem to be blocked behind the borrowing system though.


Actually, I'm not sure; it's seems like it's a similar book but not quite the same? Still, this is all I managed to find.


Can some jewish anon translate this page?
I need it for my book (i write it in my free time so no need to fret).
I dont need it in any specific format. You can even write it directly as a post.
Big thanks for the one who decide to do this.


Looks like this thread was left to swim with the fishes


File: 1663500601329.gif (3.87 MB, 600x600, capitalism kills.gif)

I will plug the black book of capitalism project here, which is translating a book from french to english: >>>/leftypol/1122230


nice gif but missing a fuck ton like the holocaust and the fall of communism and khmer rouge etc


Does anyone here remember the name of this French book that traces the entire history and meaning of the word democracy? Would any French anons be interested in translating? I'm highly interested in this book. I could try it myself if someone tells me its name, I forgot to bookmark it.

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