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I was kind of intending this thread to be a storehouse of replies for

<hurrr but who would work without profit motive???? you ever thought about that commie?

where fans have for one reason or another put in a great deal of time and effort to maintain or recreate digital experiences.

For example, I stumbled on some videos for a fan recreation of TIE fighter which, from the clips of it, looks really neat. It seems like video related is a mod based off of another mod for the million year old X-wing Alliance engine. I need to look further into it and see if it's built off of the original game, or its own standalone deal meant to mimic it.

Then there's also Tamriel Reborn that seems like it isn't just a remake of the original, but actually expands on the original Morrowind, I guess to add back in all of the content that had to be cut. Apparently they've been going at it since 2001.


Then there's DOOM, which has just had an insane amount of work done on it and with it since it was released. It's actually pretty amazing to see what people are capable of doing with it after so long.




I'm currently working on not to say a game but rather a practice in blender to recreate GTA Vs map but with more detail with things cities typically have like industrial and sanitational sites, detailed factories with interiors shops and more. This project however is taking me alot of time as modeling and texturing all the assets takes forever and if I put detail into any of said models my dogshit computer begins to start lagging as it cant handle high polygon counts. Is there a way to use pop in within blender to evade this along with easier ways to build models faster


File: 1628402918044-0.jpg (35.45 KB, 414x205, bfp2R2Logo.jpg)

File: 1628402918044-2.jpg (114.19 KB, 1280x1024, POE2 submarine.jpg)

Battlefield games had some great modding scenes until 2's rank-and-unlock bullshit killed them.


C&C has the best modding scene for any RTS games. Mental Omega was so good until they introduced all the Weeb shit.


bumping with Resident Evil 1.5 fan project


>Battlefield games had some great modding scenes until 2's rank-and-unlock bullshit killed them.
What do you mean?


The Nam: Vietnam Combat Operations

Total conversion mod for C&C Tiberian Sun




This rebuild is really neat conceptually, and I gotta hand it to the modders that got it into a playable state, but it's not really much more than a curiosity at this point. Gameplay wise it's just abysmal.



File: 1653871191595.jpg (6.2 MB, 5049x1441, BFTA Roadmap.jpg)

A TES mod for BFME2:RotWK. Empire and Dominion are already implemented and fully playable, with Nords and Dark Elves coming up next update.


A new mod for Red Alert 3 that adds a subfaction for every existing army (Legion for Soviets, Global Reaction Force for Allies and Fujitai for Japan) and a plethora of interesting and powerful new units with original voiceovers.


File: 1653918212811.jpg (46.36 KB, 300x450, Enderal_cover.jpg)

Has anyone else here played this? I'm currently 70 hours in my first playthrough and utterly amazed how good it is.




Played a bit and it was pre cool and inspired my imagination like playing skyrim for the first time again. I am probably gonna make a new modded skyrim build when I eventually aquire a new computer. What are your fave mods for enderal?


I would recomend Amnesia Shrine so you can reset your skill points. You should probably also get the gameplay overhaul which I haven't because I strated my current playthrough for shits and giggles befor I got hooked.


Based. Thanks


oh also did you play with an enb?


nani kore?


File: 1654109277896-0.jpg (550.08 KB, 1920x1080, tWhUF16.jpg)

File: 1654109277896-1.jpg (347.38 KB, 1366x768, willdvarg.jpg)

if you're into strategy games, check out 0ad, completely free open source rts similar to age of empires, also puts some extra efforts into trying to portray more accurate history. https://play0ad.com/

There's also open red alert, another open source project which you can somehow download with a lot of the original art without the people getting copyright issues, idk how they do it but I don't give a shit. it's also changed up the gameplay quite a bit to make the game better for competitive(the changes are definitely good thing, to the point where you might aswell just avoid paying for that crappy remake).


open ra is good, a great recreation of the classic experience


File: 1654141657532.jpeg (317.01 KB, 1280x720, openhv.jpeg)

OpenRA doesn't merely recreate the Red Alert games, its engine is flexible enough to play some other RTSs like Dune. You can now even play a game that never got an official release, Hard Vacuum, through the OpenRA engine.



File: 1664176605984-0.png (301.62 KB, 526x279, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1664176605984-1.png (941.6 KB, 1600x800, ClipboardImage.png)

To add to this, Unciv is a nearly perfect carbon copy of Civ V. Prefer this to Freeciv because it looks way more presentable and intuitive to play which is how I got my friends to play
Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead is a completely free and open-source zombie survival sim/roguelike, and legitimately one of the most in-depth games I've ever seen. I've been playing it for a long while and I still have yet to completely wrap my head around it, it's so good
In general, if you look around the open-source gaming scene you will find plenty of things to debunk the muh profit motive argument, if skyrim booba mods didn't do that already


Does that mean you can play Soviet Union vs the Harkkonnens and so on?


Is there a site to see all the old games multiplayer/fan servers?
I love the idea of a people keeping alive something despite the devs dropping support

Which of such online projects are the most populated

My contribution: There was a Pokémon fan site that helped you activate old gifts and even trade, for the Gen 4 & 5 games


I know there's fan BF2 and BF2142 servers, never got round to playing them myself though even though I loved the originals

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