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This is a thread about a third-person shooter game featuring Alunya.

It is a free-and-open-source game made using Godot and Blender. Contributions are welcome.


The pre-alpha demo game (0.0.1) and its source files can be found here (read the description for instructions to play on Linux/Windows/Mac):

Current controls are:
WASD / Arrow keys = move in a direction
Right click = aim
Left click = shoot
R = reload
[top number keys] = change weapon
ESC = quit

Draft plot:
The game is currently based around Alunya evading Porky's hired army. Porky wants to make Alunya sign over merchandising rights for her likeness, and isn't afraid to hire ancaps to get dirty. Avoid electric weapons and rubber bullets.
Additional levels may involve her resisting cancellation from reddit socialists and evading assault by the chinless horde.

The most immediate goals from here are:
>more levels/themes
>bigger levels
>more effort and detail in levels (doors, balconies and windows, plants, streets)
>improved enemy logic and types (currently only two enemy types and they are pretty dumb, basically just a reaction time delay when a player is within range then aim towards the target and shoot. Improvements include a more realistic detection system, and actual navmesh pathfinding)
>improved animations

I am unsure how collaboration would best work. Ideally we could just use git.leftypol.org but I believe there is currently a restrictive file upload limit. Maybe that should be changed.


omg based vaesrt buysytratw


File: 1638235493098.png (12.29 KB, 295x244, Oekaki.png)



What the fucking hell? Leftypol actually doing something, this must be the beginning of the true socialist revolution.


not fair i want to make a game too
but i've been too obsessed with making weapon designs
and i mean THE weapon designs i got some god tier meme weapons here


If they're made as 3D models, they can probably be added to the game. Contributions welcome.


How's this engine for gamedev? How does it compare to others like Unity?


I've only had exposure to basic hobbyist use-cases so far and it's been years since I've used Unity so this won't help much, but it's been pretty good so far. Similar basic interface and all so switching wouldn't be hard unless you're doing advanced or specialized stuff. I guess the only downside experience-wise I immediately noticed would be the far far far smaller online asset library and less community maturity (although there is still a decent amount of maturity, good online documentation, and probably more passion).
I think an online guide would be more helpful than this comment, there would probably be lots of comparison articles by experienced game devs. Just remember that things change somewhat quickly, so a year-old review may claim Godot doesn't have a feature that it now does. There are a lot of big missing-features/issues that "are fixed in 4.0" but it's gonna be Waiting for Godot as 3.4 was just released on 6 Nov (predictions for 4.0 were end of this year but I wouldn't be surprised if it were longer. I'm not basing that prediction on anything specific, just how software tends to release). Occlusion culling was considered a big missing feature; "Although raster (pixel based) occlusion culling will not be available until Godot 4, some geometrical occlusion methods [e.g. portal occlusion culling] are being added to Godot 3."
I found GDScript super easy to pick up (as I have Python experience, I didn't even need to look up any syntax documentation to mod and extend scripts). The example projects and some random tutorials were a lot of help in general.
Interaction between Blender and Godot has been pretty good. There is a work-in-progress Blender plugin for integrating but I've been just exporting animated models to .glb files and importing.

Oh great, just checked the changelog for 3.4.1 (26 November) and it looks like they fixed an issue that I spent too many hours trying to troubleshoot (Rendering: GLES3: Fix particles emitting at old location GH-54733)). which caused bullet graphics fired in different directions in quick succession to fire at the previous target. This means less invisible shots! (part of the crappy coping workaround)


Holy shit man good job


Have you though about adding a license file to the source code?
I couldn't find one.


It is Free as in Freedom which means it will always be better than proprietary trash no matter what.



oh i can make into 3D models
the problem is the gimmicks behind them
they need to be implemented not only into the game but also into the map design
but trust me is gonna be fun


I've added some in the in-game credits, but I would like some discussion about it because I didn't put much thought in to licensing.
The base code form the official Godot 3PS demo and some sampled code from the other Godot 3PS demo are both MIT. My contributions are currently GPL3. Thoughts?

>they need to be implemented not only into the game but also into the map design
Go on. Even if, for some reason, not in this game I can try and demo it for you if it's not too complex.


anyone try speedrunning this yet?
needs raytracing


File: 1638315021943-0.png (2.04 MB, 770x1069, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1638315021943-1.png (1.32 MB, 677x940, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1638315021943-2.png (1.1 MB, 741x1049, ClipboardImage.png)

add some posters


>needs raytracing
It has raytracing. That's basically all it has beyond proximity detection. It's just dumb raytracing that aims at your center rather than the point of collision and makes no attempt to predict movement.

>anyone try speedrunning this yet?
I haven't but it's currently possible to do a pacifism run (no shots fired, no lives lost) and a 'flawless victory' with the AK-47 (no wasted bullets, no lost health). A 'pistol only' run is mathematically impossible in this version without dying or finishing the last couple off with the AK-47.
Time limits or ammunition constraints would be good challenges for difficulty levels.


It's a solid start but for some reason it lags to a crawl on my machine any time the enemies start shooting at me. Might have something to do with raytracing, if the plasma bullets are used as light sources >>14052

I would say prioritize tuning the movement/shooting mechanics so that moving around feels fluid and intuitive regardless of what you're navigating.

also maybe run the panorama through an artistic filter in gimp so the modern elements are less immediately obvious lol


Cleaning up the codebase a bit, then I'll chuck it onto lefty git in a couple of days.

I just assumed it would be set in present day, PRESENT TIME, hence the storyline. Some old posters (real or inspired) would still be a nice touch.

And the panorama is more of a quick placeholder I found rather than anything definitive. There's a lot of room for improvement on that one.

>but for some reason it lags to a crawl on my machine any time the enemies start shooting at me.

It does lag for me often the first time they shoot and the first time a bullet explodes, but then no problem after. It shouldn't be a raytracing issue, I think it's more the particles or associated effects. I haven't touched those, I should look into it.

What would you say are the biggest issues with the movement/shooting mechanics at the moment? I know the animation is crappy and rushed, anything else?


>What would you say are the biggest issues with the movement/shooting mechanics at the moment? I know the animation is crappy and rushed, anything else?

Animation does do a lot for 3rd person, but I'd say you need more smooth transition on movement. Right now she goes from running around to a screeching halt when you aim. Having less of a jarring difference in movement speed would help, but ideally you'd have some kind of curve accelerating the movement speed between the two so it feels more natural. It feels pretty binary at the moment. There's a lot of complexity that goes into 3D character movement, especially if you have to see the character.

Another thing to consider is decoupling the actual character animation from the "actor" in the scene so that the player is moving an avatar that's highly responsive and tuned to gameplay while the animations are sort of a "mask" over that trying to match the movement but not actually relevant to the mechanics. This is easier to implement early on in the process and makes it easier to edit one thing without completely fucking up the other. Basically rather than responding to the direct input, the character animation reads the movement of the player object and takes that as input. It's more important to think in terms of system architecture at such an early stage to make it easier to work on later. Embed related. It's the overgrowth guy talking about how he did his animation system and basically step by step what I'm talking about. Doesn't have to be as in depth as this, but you get the principle. The first five or so minutes show you what you could do.


At the moment, the character movement (not including weapon actions) is literally determined by the animation root movement. That sharp stop is literally just the blend between the running animation and the idle animation. That movement paradigm is how it was in the base demo project and I didn't change that because it was simple and my goal at the time was a rapid PoC (it's actually the reason why the mercenaries don't move: they don't have a run animation).
I think this approach in the video is feasible and a good way to get nice results with less effort (unless someone helps out, it's one amateur in spare time among half a dozen other hobbies, so that matters). I'll try and establish some smooth basic movement for Alunya. Thanks for that.
I've never touched inverse kinematics before but it's a far way from where I am so it's always something I can do later. The basics should be easy to establish, the rest is visual icing on the cake that honestly doesn't matter until the gameplay is good.

Fun trivia: IIRC that Receiver revolver game mentioned was from the same 7DFPS jam that SUPERHOT's prototype was made for.


IDK what the animation engine is like but if you go the route of using procedural generation at all, consider breaking the full body animation into sections like legs, torso, arms, head. Can make animating a larger number of things faster. You then only need to worry about keyframe sets for each section. One running animation for the legs but a different torso+arms animation for each gun (or break those down into torso for gun type and arms for individual gun if you have more than that).


If I'm interpreting correctly, it can. For example, I do a reload animation filtered to only affect the arm bones, so it's the same animation when running or still. There's an AnimationTree system. So I can probably just have an animation for each weapon that requires it's own hand movements, and don't need to care about what the legs are doing. There's also blending between animations (which is why Alunya doesn't go from standing still to 100% running in one frame. I didn't make any transition animations for that, it's all the engine interpolating)

Are there any good resources for base character movement physics? I want to get that solid base at the start. I can find a thousand tutorials which are 'get a sphere, give it acceleration and velocity in relation to the camera' 20 LoC stuff, but the vid you linked had a multiple component system with two base spheres for example. I have no formal education in gamedev so I don't know best practices for that stuff.


This is for Unity, but it's the built-in character controller so the same principles should apply. Compare to what Godot has.


GPL3 is fine in my opinion, although the files that are MIT(exodus or X11?) might need attribution.



do we have a fbi.gov or matrix we could use to have all dev anons to share our shid?


Not them but I just know there's a leftygaming Matrix chat (/games/ sticky)



what's wrong with pisscord?
Matrix asks for more stuff to get an account and i keep forgetting about it


you don't actually need to add an email to get an account, that's optional
just username and password


(((d*scord))) is a transhumanist botnet application that harvests your data and sells it for HRT money


Also, the wordfilter basically changes the link to a 404, just replace the "fbi.gov" part next to ".html" at the end of the link with "d*scord" (just with an "i" instead of an asterisk, i don't want to trip the wordfilter)


lmao mods should make an exception to the filter for this exact link


I spent a few hours trying to get animation controlled by code just to realize the seek function was in seconds and not frames. Once I iron out a few small bugs with running into corners, I should have some smooth code-driven motion to show off.

fbi.gov is a closed-source capitalist venture entirely controlled by a single company. While I personally think most of their employees have no ill intent, it is what it is.
Additionally, fbi.gov required me to give a phone number when I just wanted to view a room. I don't think it's fair to say matrix.org asks for more information.
Matrix is an open federated bring-your-own-client protocol, meaning developers and users have a lot more transparency and freedoms. If you look at the Leftypol Matrix rooms, you can see that many users didn't register on matrix.org. They're hosting their own servers (as in a literal server, not the misuse of that term fbi.gov normalized because le game lobbies)
This project will never have an official Disc­­ord room. We could use the Matrix room in >>14084 but why not just use this board instead of making another private room? We're not big enough to need instant real-time conversation and the file constraints are far larger.



i dunno, always thought game development should be a bit more organized and such


>I spent a few hours trying to get animation controlled by code just to realize the seek function was in seconds and not frames.
Sounds like poorly documented/commented code if that wasn't readily apparent.
>Once I iron out a few small bugs with running into corners, I should have some smooth code-driven motion to show off.

Ever heard of the modding community?


Oh no, it's right there in the documentation. I just forgot and didn't refer back for a while. Remember to sleep, kids!
It should. That's why I will start by uploading it to a source code repo with a basic bug tracker and not a non-public instant messenger application which is a completely inappropriate tool for the purpose of asset collection and issue tracking.


>>14106 && >>14107
* As in, it's original prototyping code I was writing, so it didn't have inline documentation like comments yet, and the online Godot docs did nothing wrong.


>Once I iron out a few small bugs with running into corners
Turns out it's a known Godot bug, and it's not yet fixed in 4.0 yet either. I don't want to manually reimplement move_and_slide() for now so I'll just ignore it. The solution is just don't run into corners.


File: 1638504299110.png (1.91 KB, 156x149, Oekaki.png)

>it's a known Godot bug that shit gets wack when you run into corners



what about art?


What about it?


one of the easiest things to open up for collaboration is level design
if there's some kind of level editing tool or template level (with all the necessary components loaded) then other people could help with that





Just remaking a few animations (run, walk, strafe, reload), then I will upload a v0.0.2. Hopefully that will be done in the next day or two. Same level, just nicer character movement and cleaner code.

That would be good if others can help with that.
My current workflow with the level is:
>Blender project: catalunya-map.blend
>make entire map
>make sure all the objects that need collisions have '-col' or '-colonly' at the end (can be scripted if forgotten)
>export as .glf (a default export file type)
>import to Godot
>manually re-add materials into their placeholders for each object (a bit of a pain. materials can be exported in the .glf to avoid this but massively inflated the game size and loading speed, as in, it's now 200mb instead of 600mb)
>add player, enemies, waypoints, adjust world lighting
BUT if you're not making new objects (or are fine building them yourself), it can all be done in Godot:
>create needed object/s in Blender (like a house) and export
>import house to godot and make it an asset, texture it
<(those two steps might already be complete by me or others)
>duplicate, retexture and position as much as wanted
So once I have enough assets and textures, I could make a template someone could load Godot and create a level in there somewhat easily. Really quick and simple, and advanced users can add code just like normal.
I haven't figured out how to do DLC/addons yet or considered the security of it; I don't know how much Godot could be abused for malware like file deletion or internet connection so one can just download custom levels instead of a whole new build, but that's not a priority yet.


>>14185 (cont.)
I will probably shift my workflow to the second one. There's not really a downside I can see and it makes updating assets easier (if I want to add windows to all the houses, I only need to change the house asset in Godot instead of adding them to every house in Blender) and user level creation easier.


Pretty cool, very short but I guess you know that. Thanks for creating for leftypol!


i'm not downloading a 600mb file.

something like this should not be a png

save all your textures as lossy webp and at runtime during load screens when loading webps decode them to raw bitmap with decode.h then compress to dxt1 (for opaques or 1-bit alphas) or dxt5 (for transparents)
https://github.com/SergeyMakeev/Goofy (encode to DXT1 with this)
https://github.com/nothings/stb/blob/master/stb_dxt.h (encode to DXT5 with this)
https://github.com/Cyan4973/RygsDXTc (this fork might be slightly faster with DXT5, haven't tested myself)
https://github.com/richgel999/bc7enc/blob/master/rgbcx.h (this encoder might be slightly faster with DXT5 aka BC5, haven't tested myself)


File: 1638916569442-0.png (107.91 KB, 1062x527, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1638916569442-1.png (64.53 KB, 702x753, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1638916569442-2.png (45.17 KB, 745x279, ClipboardImage.png)

>i'm not downloading a 600mb file.
That's about to change: >>14185
>>manually re-add materials into their placeholders for each object (a bit of a pain. materials can be exported in the .glf to avoid this but massively inflated the game size and loading time, as in, it's now 200mb instead of 600mb)

>save all your textures as […] webp

That first release was just a rapid PoC, converting images will be done for the upcoming v0.0.2. The engine now defaults to WebP for lossless images and it's essentially recommended at this point.

I'm not building my own engine and I'm focusing on basic gameplay so I won't worry about manually implementing DXT decoding.


New update: https://archive.org/details/EscapeFromCatalunya-0.0.2

Main changes:
>procedural animation driven by physics
>improved run animation
>significant filesize and load time improvements

>added a ball. idk it's fun.

>minor low-effort visual improvement to the end of the main level
>slightly smarter mercenary AI will now look to see where it was shot from, even if you're out of its idle line-of-sight
>basic level select
>other very minor things
<new strafing animation doesn't exist yet, so Alunya isn't always looking where she's shooting
<can still shoot through walls (shooting is from the camera rather than the gun); want to keep it simple at this point in time and have the bullet go where the crosshair is pointing at


>>Is the name a escape from tarkov reference
>>When will a mobile version be released???
>>Why not use the cnt-Fia flag
>>T-34 pls


Tested it. Nice progress. The ball is cool. So are the achievements. Still get lag at random times, usually when enemies shoot.


I do want to look into developing some conceptual ideas to distinguish this game, something beyond just a fun graphic theme. The cat-like nature of Alunya could provide some inspirational clues.

>>Is the name a escape from tarkov reference
It wasn't a reference to any game, but that is a neat coincidence.
>>When will a mobile version be released???
Hadn't thought of it. Might actually be cool, but I would need to work on how to port the controls. What's a good way to do it? On-screen movement joystick and on-screen buttons for aim-toggle, shoot and reload? Good examples would be useful to see, since I don't game on mobile.
>>Why not use the cnt-Fia flag
I didn't think too much about it, but the Estalada is one that might expect to be seen in a town in modern times, rather than a historical flag.
If I get around to adding some balconies and plants and a few more houses with flags (which I think should be my goal for next release), it could a nice easter egg among the others.
>>T-34 pls
As in the tank? I don't see vehicle-use happening for a few months at least, especially if the dev team remains one person. Cool idea, but priorities first.

>Still get lag at random times, usually when enemies shoot.
Is it once when they first fire and once when it first explodes? Or random times?
I tried using a known hack to preload and cache the particle materials, but it doesn't seem to have removed the initial lag..
I will experiment with making a graphics option for simpler particle effects. Those energy blast bullets are literally the same ones from the TPS demo, somewhat of a visual demonstration of the engine in a dark environment, so it's a pretty intense object to render. The main bullet has a light and two particle generators (emitting 1000 particles/second) and the blast is made up of six emitters. On top of this, many of the above have emission shaders. So now that I look into it, it's a bit excessive for such a small, common object, and most of them can be safely disabled.

On another note: I wonder if I should replace those energy blasts with normal bullets (at least for the normal merc characters). The issue with that is that the current ones are slow and visible, providing an easier challenge the player can react to, where you can't prepare much for a bullet. You just get hit without warning or clear visibility.


>Is it once when they first fire and once when it first explodes? Or random times?
Random it seems. I also get lag spikes when it seems like things load (at the beginning and when I enter the vicinity of enemies, before I see them).

>it's a pretty intense object to render. The main bullet has a light and two particle generators (emitting 1000 particles/second) and the blast is made up of six emitters.

yeah that sounds kind of intense
i have a solid PC but if you have to render a bunch of complicated things at once of course it can slow things down
>I wonder if I should replace those energy blasts with normal bullets (at least for the normal merc characters). The issue with that is that the current ones are slow and visible, providing an easier challenge the player can react to, where you can't prepare much for a bullet. You just get hit without warning or clear visibility.
This is a pretty fundamental game design decision for a shooter that informs the rest of the mechanics. The way you deal with slow projectiles vs fast projectiles or hitscan guns is completely different. The latter is about cover and tactical movement from place to place while the former is about nimble avoidance. You're talking about almost a shift in genre, between like call of duty or a bullet hell.


RIP this was a good idea


OP here, I've got a few projects I had to prioritize and I was the only active dev so this is effectively dormant. I'm more than happy to upload the Godot project to git.leftypol.org and write basic documentation so others can contribute, even if it's simple less-techical things like more levels or better graphics.
Its a cross-platform game engine so its pretty easy to get involved.


File: 1646416908519.jpg (34.73 KB, 375x432, OIP (2).jpg)

>>15936 thanks anon for still developing you happy Stalin as a gift


>>15951 i will do speed run of escape form Catalunya


CS is also free. Your game is tux-kart tier coomerbait. There's dozens of games just like yours getting released every single day. What does your game offer those don't? Why not make a doom mod if all you aim for is better level design with more interesting enemies? All can be done in Doom.


Maybe he just wants to make a leftypol game? Chill man it's not like he's selling it


hmm you know this makes me think that the ideal game for the political ideology catgirls would be some kind of fighting game.
Because each of them could have distinct move sets relating to their tendency somehow, and the left is of course always infighting. It might even encourage some people to learn about the history of the movement.


I love what you've done! The scaled AK pistol is lulzy. Can you post the source for v0.0.2? It looks like your archive for 0.0.1 has the source in it but 0.0.2 doesn't.


he's trying to imply his product is worth something because it has a little girl in it, simple as. As if your time is free


Nah, he's hacking together a cool project in his free time. Don't cast shade, make something beautiful and show it to us.


>he's doing something in his free time
Doesn't negate anything I've said. If you're willing to respond to the actual contents of my postings feel free to do so. If you can't answer my questions don't bother.


Stop being a twat, nobody wants your opinion


File: 1646791213768.png (799.54 KB, 1493x1400, laughingwhoroes.png)

imagine being mad about a game
>What does your game offer those don't?
First hand experience with Godot Engine and various game design concepts.
Any enjoyment you get from my education is incidental. Your opinion has no value.


What does offering your game here offer the people you are offering your game to? If my opinion didn't matter why did you post your game here and why didn't you leave?


I enjoyed looking over the v0.0.1 source. I didn't see this until after the author's indefinite hiatus post (Ukraine brought me back to checking overboard). I was gonna add gamepad controls as a goof, but when I started it looked like he actually had them set up already even though I don't think he told us that. I might look into what happens when an enemy starts responding to you, and see if I can make it less laggy (no guarantees). If you're not interested in open source game engines, I'm betting this probably isn't for you. That's fine, go jerk off to anime or whatever your thing is. Better yet, create something beautiful in a different domain. Or, if you're just feeling upset because you don't think you can do things like this and you're trying to bring others down to your level by pissing on what they create, try to follow a tutorial on making games in Godot. Don't offer criticism if you aren't competent enough to be constructive about it. I think the project as it exists has some major limitations, but that is to be expected. This isn't a finished game. In theory, be it this or another, the idea of a community-developed open source leftist shooter game sounds really cool to me. I like the idea that top-down projects sometimes break new ground, but bottom-up projects will eventually surpass them (see The Cathedral and the Bazaar: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Cathedral_and_the_Bazaar ). I understand that the author didn't get much initial response from people wanting to contribute, but one thing I would recommend is setting up a git repo of some sort before sharing a project like this. Doesn't have to be on github, github has the best network effects but you could do a free or self-hosted gitlab instead if you're allergic to Microsoft products. If I end up doing anything with this, I'll post a repo on a throwaway account somewhere for it. Having a git repo somewhere actually lowers the barrier of entry for contributing to people who are used to open source. I'd also recommend README and LICENSE files. OP seems to be able to teach himself arbitrary skills, and I feel like he should probably take a second to learn some git however it is that he learns things. He might get more engagement, even if still limited. I'll also throw out that one personal barrier to me contributing too much to this project would be that I'm already trying to hack together my own third-person shooter game in a godot, and while I really like the idea of cool leftist projects I also realpolitik like the idea of making money by selling video games given the world I live in, and it might be a lot easier for me to justify spending time on this if the game logic was more permissively licensed so that I could end up using it for multiple things instead of splitting time between two entirely different TPS engines based on godot so that I don't have to release the source for a monetized project down the line and have nobody pay for it in the various evil virtual game stores. I totally respect the author's licensing decisions, I'm just being real about barriers I see to contribution. You know, constructive criticism.


You're responding to a flamer, they do this in other threads too. Debatebro shit. They're not worth your time.


OP, v0.0.2 claims to be GPL yet doesn't come distributed with the source code. You should lawyer up and sue yourself.


I won the case and the source code has now been made public.

I don't really know whether to use GPL v2 or v3… pragmatically speaking it doesn't actually matter but I will learn something from deciding.


It doesn’t work for a track pad, specifically right and left click for some reason. Is there a way to remap the buttons?


thx, glad to hear you won the case


Inside the game? Not yet. But if you don't want to wait until someone else bothers to add it (anything from days to months), you can now download Godot Engine and the source-code and edit the input mappings


GPLv3 is what everyone uses, the only stuff still using v2 are ancient programs that haven't been worked on in a while, or programs worked on by stubborn narcissists like Torvalds who want Linux to be about themselves instead of community.


i am getting ready for the speed run


file damaged


I have no idea what you are talking about. I can't help you unless you point to the issue and explain what you did.


>>16449 i download file and open it with rarwin but it didn't load


>>16449 simply the file broke


I would use 7-Zip instead of rarwin. It's an excellent program that's been developed since 1999. I've never had an issue with it.


necrobump to save thread
no new progress due to 10 other projects, but Godot 4.0 is in change freeze.


Damn, hope you get some of those finished at some point anon, good luck


File: 1671505466832.jpg (187.25 KB, 1920x1080, waterways.jpg)

Again, no progress, but I do want to give some updates re: Godot 4.0 (which is now in beta. For non-nerds, that means since September they're no longer adding features, they're now polishing it and fixing bugs before release).
I feel safe to begin porting the project from 3.x to 4.0.

0) Looks like this issue [ >>14118 ] was mostly-fixed/fixed at least half a year ago. Yay!

1) Blender integration is apparently far better existing now, which makes workflow much much easier.

2) Unity did a capitalism and merged with an analytics/ad company so Godot has had an influx of gamedevs. This matters because unless some of you get involved this game is made by a hobbyist at best almost entirely relying on external resources. If people are releasing free assets like Waterways add-on and rigged characters, I can rapidly make nice-looking things without any real artistic experience or time spent.




I make music if you want or need any sound design/soundtrack work


I've had issues importing an older godot4 beta project to a newer beta


what ya expect? It's a one man project, game like that rarely gets done especially when it's supposed to be some third person shooter. I've got dozens of these dead end projects on my harddrive


show some example


File: 1674629376146.png (1.98 MB, 1200x1201, R (7).png)

Just want to say to the dev anon who is the only one doing this. You have my support and I hope you can continue. And if I could, I would help in any way possible.




make some of the enemies bio-luminescent


File: 1690762845569.webm (14.85 MB, 656x784, alunya_voice_acting.webm)

nice anon


Bumping this because I respect it

Unique IPs: 37

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