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It's 2022 and TF2 still slaps.
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>Updated cp_snakewater_final1

Fixed walkable ledge near mid
Fixed match summary screen for competitive mode
Created some space between spawn points and door trigger in first forward spawn
Minor visual fixes


Make sure to play the game and sell cases to rich kids anon
Ghoulish GAINS case indeed


I've made so much money off tf2. I miss when cashing out was easier.


I keep getting offers for my spelled items to cash out
Is the way to do it still, keys - paypal, 1.50$??

what did you do with your TF2 profits


guys where do i submit the application for pro NA soldier?

i was air shotting so god then i turn on the DVR and boom, performance anxiety


Paypal is super risky. Chargebacks occur all the time and they will side with the fraudster over digital items. Convert your TF2 items to high value CSGO items and then sell it on a reputable 3rd party site (there's tons).


It's such a huge download. That's the main reason i dont play.


I would send you a cd out of compassion if I could :(


wow, i fucking hate paypal

it's just 22gs anon-chan, please consider
COD is like 100gigs

you're getting a good deal!


After learning to scam kids off their keys and hats during high school I went to study business and finance and I am now dedicated to day trading in a firm for clients (I keep the good moves for myself)


BASED working class hero expropriates the ill-gotten gains of hat kulaks (and regular kulaks)


>tfw yolo'd all my money into chinese stocks right before Xi started the common prosperity stuff and cracking down on the tech sector
>down by 600% so far
help a brotha out and gib some tips


May Lenin forgive me but I'm gonna open some crates


File: 1665481936019.gif (1.78 MB, 400x279, uhoh.gif)

Have fun turning 2 dollars into 30 cents repeatedly.


File: 1665486074311.png (63.62 KB, 250x263, ClipboardImage.png)

even lenin would get simped in for some crates, dn worry comrade

raffle the losses

OW has it's own page just for pornography

Do we have a separate TF2 page for our mischief? what could get one

nicest tf2 trader




Is mega-raffle mutual aid?


>see people hyping up tf2 in current year
>decide to check it out again
>log in to 8 old account
>f2p with full cosmetics for all classes because i got a free hat in a trade server and traded it up
>over 1000 hours
>can't just click a server, have to use slow ass matchmaking
>ranks and levels
>competitive matchmaking
>join payload upward game
>repeatedly killed by aimbot
>everyone running around in retarded sparkle fairy shit because 1 gorillian unusuals
>can't use voice chat, text chat, or even emote or call for a medic anymore because they removed everything from f2p accounts because muh bots (somehow checking account age or hours played was beyond them).

This game sucks now. RIP.


no, they have a few more hats that's it
play community servers if you want, it's fast and no bots


Try and pawn off most of your shitty stocks to some petty bourgeois type. Lie ruthlessly about his chances and keep some of the shit stock for yourself so that when you inveitably lose you lose with him. Dont tell him theyre your stocks, theyre a "friends".

After selling off your shit stocks go and invest in weapons firms and water speculation firms that own most of the American hemisphere's water supply in their pockets. The Amazon's water supply is a fucking goldmine I'm serious. Block the retard you swindled and gaslight any lose ends as best as you can.

After that see if you can move whatever assets you have into recession proof (historically) goods like art or whatever, lost 7k yesterday because of some shitty real estate bubble fucking up with my moves


Also crypto, as cringe as it is, still isnt taxed properly, so if you can move into the most stable shitcoins to preserve your value. Food production is also great, as well as overseas shipping. Make sure to invest in staples though, grain is through the roof (thakns putler). Also, the USA has sucessfully destroyed the EUs energy independence it had, so invest into USA's fossil exports. Theyre golden


>invest in water speculation firms
Risky move, in the long run all water supply will be nationalized.
Once water becomes scarce enough, it becomes a tool for deciding over life and death, and then governments will take control of it. They won't let you have that power, you'll have a stock certificate, and they have men with guns.


The state births the government. Water will be nationalized sure then make sure you are part of that nationalization process, because the state is more likely to turn to fascism than socialism


Don't change the subject, water-speculation is bad investment advice regardless.


ive made my money back


when did keys crash again? i swear they were reach 60 ref
is anybody selling their mutated milk


fucking insane, water really is being traded like gold

so if i invest in stocks it should be food producing companies or import/export companies? thanks


Because of the weak grain shipments from Ukrain im betting on other companies to expand to fill the gaps.


Don't farmers still need potash from Russia and Belarus to make fertilizer? Canada alone doesn't have enough potash production for the whole world and I'm familiar with how the Canadians absolutely fucked over their own potash sector through privatization so I don't expect much long term planning or reserve capacity from them. As long as the companies comply with Western sanctions against Russia and Belarus there's a severe hard cap on how much food production can expand since farmers can't produce as much with fertilizer prices going up and the WEF fucking around with "organic" fertilizers to cripple food production. I mean all glory to based Lukashenko and our anti imperialist allies for inflicting pain on the West, but idk on a personal level how the business model of investing into Western food companies makes sense with farmers handicapped in so many ways.

I agree on investing in weapon companies for american imperialism gainsmaxxing and cryptocurrency for tax evasion; I already knew that. Tbh I'm going to hold onto my Chinese stocks anyways because I think they'll recover since the communists really need FDI inflows especially with zero covid hindering their economy. Outside of a Taiwan war which I don't view as particularly likely I should be gucci long term.


Im betting on soy exporters in Brazil and Paraguay to grow, personally


also I'm betting on that poor supply making prices grow, personally I'd go with Spain


speaking of, I really need to learn mandarin, the peoples stock market seems pretty good to buy up


File: 1666102097366-0.mp4 (16.63 MB, 720x1280, 4dOrVR--eIjeiIu5.mp4)

File: 1666102097366-1.png (696.35 KB, 970x546, ClipboardImage.png)

litertally me



Massive legends. Such a waste Valve isn't doing anything with the characters.


every day i wake up and there's a new update
what the fuck is there updating to do

this is really spaghetti code

you said it right wanker, it's sad they're all getting old and those hippies just don't want to do anything with tf2 anymore


>download the game due to this thread
>start playing
>can't use chat function
>can't use voice function
>how the fuck do I do things with the engineer again? Click all the keys, nothing works
>change character
>next to last place, really sucking balls
<get kicked out mid game for "being a bot"


File: 1666181526928.png (371.88 KB, 694x768, ClipboardImage.png)




wasnt valve investigated for possible money laundering schemes done by the russian mafia or whatever?



thoughts on this 50K trade?

yes, not sure what happened later


literally all made up prices


After playing this game for over 11 years I have only started really trying out spy outside of some niche applications like terrorizing the engineers in the Doublecross Intel room and I can now say with certainty that I now know true pain. What a horrible class.


Spy is the most frustrating class of them all. Really hard to master and way less fun to play since Valve nerfed the spy's most effective weapons: the dead ringer and the ambassador. You can make a lot of damage if the other team sucks, but if they're pros, it's incredibly challenging.


Spy is a class that only really works in chaotic 24-player pubs with braindead teammates who don't know what the chat function is for.


this, pub servers are basically unplayable due to bots but community servers be going hard, SKIAL isnt too bad


man fuck the deadringer, also im glad spy is hard to play cuz good spys are fucking annoying to play against.

t.engi main


community servers anon, also no clue whats up with the keys not working good luck wit that one anon


after reading this thread Ive come to the conclusion a /leftypol/ tf2 server might not be needed but would be cool af


I just play on pugs nowadays.


Seems like doublecross was a natural choice after all, at least for a dabbling spy like me. Maybe I should try it on Steel since I actually know the map in comparison to everyone else who ends up on it. Kinda sad, since it's just a really good map


Y'all see this horror film? You like it?

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