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What is your opinion on proliferation of porn games on mainstream gaming platforms?

Like when I first saw shit that I am used to downloading off F95zone popping up on Steam and GoG I got weirded out, but then I though about it and its probably for the best, maybe this will encourage higher quality games rather than shovelware trash dominating the industry currently.


How would it encourage higher quality games?


The people who make non-sex games might have to pull out a little more effort if porn devs can do everything they can do.


i don't have an opinion other that it may be cool because there'll be more uncensored vns


sex sells and buying porn games is less seedy than subscribing to a pornsite


No I meant it like the NSFW game devs having higher budgets and caring about making product that sells rather than squeezing patreon or tricking people into buying garbage. Great thing about major game stores is that you have reviews, refund policies, some level of quality control, bigger platform makes word of mouth spread easier, stuff like that.


File: 1666630743481.jpg (98.16 KB, 1067x600, concept_2.jpg)

On second thought now that I wrote it, the downsite is stricter moderation of content, causing devs to shy away from more unusual paraphilias.


was bound to happen eventually, the amateur and patreon scene is fucking huge, its natural the most successful ones try to hit bigger stores, and people start to notice all the cash thrown for it and it become just another genre / marketing target

maybe the money will give us better games. Id like that because I find rpg and VN work well with porn cause you get attached to the characters and more immersed in the situations. people too often forget the brain is ultimately the organ we stimulate.


Perhaps so, that sucks.


File: 1666703680623.jpg (84.52 KB, 960x722, 1631616261285.jpg)

>paying for pron games
>paying for shitty renpy games
>paying for rpg maker games that don't even have the nsfw content patched in
>its probably for the best
Nah, its just another sign of gog going down the toilet.


How can you defend GOG at all if you are gonna be all >paying for games


Yeah but other people paying means more stuff for pirates


Why not just play games you actually have fun with


most of this shit is not uploaded by pirates,and if it's japanese,they already bought it on dlsite
Subverse is an ugly mess with shitty gameplay,and it got like 1.6 million dollars in kickstarter.
Teraurge is absolutely free,bless that man (even if it's basically dead)



The actual fun eroge like Monster Girl Quest and others never come to mainstream distribution platforms I've noticed, all you get is shitty shovelware.


I just want to play some nice NSFW beat 'em ups and fighters. Maybe even a quality racing game where you run around as a bunch of naked futas waving their cocks around. That would be a blast!


Most people play nsfw beat em ups to watch the death animations (usually monster rape), not for the plot or the action. Its an intriguing idea though. A nsfw futa beat em up but with a good plot and one that isnt afraid to get a little bloody.


We have come a long way since High Tail Hall


I don't see any problem with it, so long as it is flagged properly (and ideally allows players to also hide adult flagged games being shown on your friends' list when being played, or in played time/profile stuff ) . Steam seems to be doing a reasonably good job, though I do hear about a degree of titles being rejected for crappy reasons or censorship. There is going to be some friction - before there was the Adult category/flagging on Steam for instance, a lot of games had an 18+ patch (Illusion is noteworthy for this) perhaps even linked in the game's Discussion forum officially but the base version of the game didn't have all the adult stuff enabled by default without the patch. Now that the category arrives, this policy seems (except those grandfathered in) prohibited to keep devs from trying to have the wider viewership/advertising for NOT flagging their title.

All in all the road has been a bit bumpy, but we're seeing a good amount of development and I'd rather see it on something like Steam, with good support/features and lack of censorship, then perpetual patreon milking scams and the like. There are some reasonably high quality adult titles too, and not just VNs or similar - for instance Libra Heart / Critical Bliss has a few retro adult JRPGs, metroidvanias etc.. that are well made besides just the porn (midnight castle succubus dx, tower and sword of succubus, castle in the clouds dx ). I'm also curious if the updated/remade (ie 01, 02, 03 etc) and translated Rance games will be brought to Steam


Why buy porn games when there's Sims 4 around?


Why play sims 4 when you can find a real person to sex?


I can't.


Talk to people


Buy ?.


None of those games are porn, they're SFW suggestive and lewd games. Pornographic means sex or nudity, suggestive acts isn't porn because if it was every film or tv show with a sex scene would be rated for pornography.


File: 1675937733603.jpg (Spoiler Image, 101.59 KB, 1280x720, house party.jpg)

here is a screenshot from house party, you can see the rest on pornhub


I have played hundreds of different Western and Japanese porn games. There are a handful, maybe, that are worth anything. The 3DCG ones are all absolute dogshit without exception.


I would agree, BUT Common Grounds kinda won me over, even though the 3d is a little weird looking, it didn't give me the uncanny valley feeling that human 3d does.



since it's impossible to find on google (I don't recommend it that highly but fun enough)


>The 3DCG ones are all absolute dogshit without exception.
kindly disagree, but i get where you come from.


I really hate low budget 3d, it just looks so weird. Especially when it's sex stuff. IDK I just massively prefer 2d/cartoon aesthetics


File: 1675963661217.png (295.09 KB, 646x505, dQqmUar.png)

>The 3DCG ones are all absolute dogshit without exception.
Succulence is one I found to be good, even if grindy at times. Corruption/exhibitionism focused.
But yeah, porn games are a genre that consists without exaggeration of 99,9% garbage.


File: 1675974713352.png (Spoiler Image, 2.2 MB, 1920x1080, HS2_2023-02-09-14-29-02-70….png)

honey select 2 is really good though,


I swear I remember watching pewdiepie playing the first one at some point and now can't find it. Am losing it


Defeating Western Christendom with da horny games seams fun.

Porn is fun. Embrace hedonism.


aint it a bitch to install, and even then the penetration looks shitty ?


A commercial storefront will always have trash
Just gotta sift through it for the gems


I find it annoying that the Steam store, the main way I find games, is cluttered with them now but otherwise Idc really. I tried to find one about femboys but looks like none exists so I'Il pass


I'm sure some of those exist


if you just search 'femboy porn game steam' on google a million pop up


File: 1675985026434.png (770.39 KB, 1094x619, ClipboardImage.png)

Oh, you're right, look at this cutie. I'd only looked on itchio so far and there was only 4 very basic ones.


Tales of Androgyny is a good one from what I heard. RPG where you play as femboy getting fucked mostly by futas.


Been on f95 for years. Love VNs and would hope eventually we can get some good ones from the west as well.


It's on sukebei dot nyaa dot si, installing is ezpz using the included installer, comes preloaded with a bunch of mods so the file is really really big though


>>26063 (me)
ah and i forget, yeah penetration is… questionable? the uncensor mod that is included has the best vagina penetration, uhm, physics i suppose, i've seen on a 3DCG game. even then just making cute girls is fun enough i suppose.


I wish we could all cuddle up in a pile of femboys together bros.


for japanese eroge devs, I guess it's because they mainly upload their stuff to dlsite or distribute it at conventions and don't really have a need for steam for the most part


lol is this the video you were thinking of? i don't remember pdp playing any other illusion game except vr kanojo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_tOHd5JTU6U



>>26060 (me)
okay, I checked out this f95 website yesterday and found a novel called gates motel. The story was slow going at first and there was a lot of piss play which im not into, but once I finally got to sex the step mom I had the most powerful orgasm ive experienced in recent memory, so thanks for that I guess
Next week Ill continue the story because theres a hot trap with my dicks name on it as well


I love porn games, i hate how few of them are of any quality.


I played Eternum recently. Would recommend. Definitely a more memorable and interesting experience than Being a DIK.

I would also recommend playing Long Live the Princess for the absolutely fucking horrifying and hilarious bad ending.


"Old" eroge (think before 2010) are very, very good because many of them were written by regular people while lately some VNs suffer from being written by fans who got influenced by these games instead so you get sex scenes written by people who have never had sex. Obviously there's still a lot of good stuff being produced (like Tokyo NECRO, huge recommend) and many of the OGs like Tanaka Romeo are still in the business.


>Orc massage
🤤 Get skin2skin with leftypol jannies!





Is it an exe file? lmao. Enjoy your RAT


Roundscape Adorevia just had its final major update. Its the rarest kind in this genre - actually good as a game. Played it for quite a lot before but never finished. Gonna wait for a week or two in case more bugfixes come out, and then start a full playthrough. Probably a male character, although from what I remember his scenes were much more vanilla and heteronormative than female ones.


Monline is good and completely free.


shame the gameplay part of the game is mostly generic and uninteresting, there could be something that makes it good or services the porn game, but most of the time it get's no thought put into it.


I actually really liked it. The combat isnt particularly interesting, but exploration, character progression and trying new builds kept me going.


Yet to find a good gay game so i dont think it's happening


House Party is actually kinda fun ngl


Really? When I browse on f95zone, gay VNs seem to be of much higher average quality.


Echo, and the developers other stories are above-par writing wise compared to other, Western VNs. It's anthro, mind. https://echoproject.itch.io/
Bastard Bonds is a genuinely good, homoerotic strategy game. Requires patience though. If you're into big men roughing each other up, I can't recommend this one enough.
Dawn of Corruption is a hyper (the fetish) focused Corruption of Champions clone that stands head and shoulders above its peers. Unfortunately it is pretty short, and is still just ok.

There was a great, short, gay, anthro web game, based around using spells to undress a group of bachelors. Maybe the best smut toy I've seen in 20 years. Unfortunately I forgot what it's called.

If others have any suggestions, I am all ears as well. I've been looking for a while, and Bastard Bonds is the only thing I have come across that I can wholeheartedly recommend as just plain good.


VNs aren't games

Bastard bonds is ok but there's not really much gay content and the gameplay gets old like a 1/3rd thru the campaign
It feels like a good foundation of a game but there's just not enough content for the expected playtime. It's a shame we'll probably never going to get a sequel actually using the potential of the concept.


Steam has fallen.


I swear this guy is pumping out a game each month


how do you even play these? Do you just click stuff to activate animations?


Basically yeah. It's about as erotic as bumping Barbie and Ken together.

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