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File: 1670563257352.jpg (1.52 MB, 5776x8128, nOevSab.jpg)


i think lefty harry with cuno, if you see that idle animations with cuno they seem to be bonding, also cuno deserves a second shot at life, what do you think friends?


I only have done a communist play though but if I remember right all the ending are simpler with RCM restating the players actions. Getting (most) of the harie boys survive and getting the most honor points, good cops points will lead to the best ending. Personally I enjoy the game but I feel none of the ending are completely good as the game heavily implies that the events of the game indirectly cause another civil war.


>best ending
Not shaving


He just looks sad when you shave and change his goofy expression.


File: 1671130829971.jpg (90.85 KB, 318x669, disco.jpg)



Hit too close to home for him


Too bad Revachol is gonna get nuked in the future anyway




It’s sad she because she’s also the only one who loves Harry


This is just too funny. Truth hurts i guess.


File: 1671228066634.png (270.34 KB, 700x700, angry crying.png)

>"Maybe Traditionalism is a word your more comfortable with"
>At this moment i just had to deinstall this abomination.


File: 1671274846799.jpg (39.49 KB, 720x610, david.jpg)

This man got hit with the prompt to lock into your ideology on the first day of the game when it usually takes until the third, maybe second day to reach that point.

This means that he chose pretty much every single fascist dialogue choice he encountered.



The gamer disease


File: 1673069801513.png (1.16 MB, 1132x680, measurehead twitter.png)




We are never gonna get an ending considering how the leftist devs got fucked by porkies…


I wish you could get an ending where you dump the cargo crate holding the Mega-Rich-Lightbending-Guy into the ocean.




ngl I got both the communist and the fascist pop up on the first night


>average leftypol poster


yeah same
why is misogyny and homophobia fascist huh? makes no sense


Put your flag back on plox


Looks like someone was pointed by a program his lacking chin…


File: 1689239027152.png (253.63 KB, 640x655, hands kim.png)

>shaved fascist Harry in the OP
very cursed. I tried to do a fascist run but I just couldn't bring myself to disappoint Kim
>Kim snapping at the player for not getting on with the case


Honestly that guy is either exaggerating greatly or the game used to be different (I just played it for the first time last week) because I don't even remember picking that many "communist" options unless it manifested subconsciously in my tankie-addled mind.
The fascist thing I kinda understand from picking joke answers near the beginning and I was talking to that old white guard reactionary retard playing balls and was just "yes anding" all of his bullshit because I wanted more lore dump, but I got the communist pop up first

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