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Hard mode: no GTA games
<specially GTA V where you're more likely to just end up fighting 12 year old in oppressor bikes

right now i'm playing:


<you fight corporate cops there's nothing more cool than cornering them into cover at the end and blasting their asses with all my modded guns

>Red Dead Redemption

<Literal illegalist-pilled game every heist mission is such a thrill even if they start a bit slow


<old game with mods i love making blursed weapons and blasting cops with them then making them surrender and executing them anyway


>*XCOM 2
>*Red Dead Redemption 2

fucked the post up ;-;


Liberal Crime Squad


File: 1670641255077.jpg (39.86 KB, 460x215, header.jpg)


Hey it's John Cruelty from Cruelty Squad


>Postal 2
Taze 'em, frag 'em, burn 'em, piss on their ashes. Nuff said.
>Duke.Nukem 3D
One of regular enemies are cops who were mutated into pig-people by the alien invaders. Not.particularily sturdy or damaging, but their status as hitscanners will make.you want to deal.with.them first.
>Resident Evil 2 (the OG one)
One of the games' antagonists is an extremely vile and unhinged police chief who kills and taxidermises women and is also implied to be a nonce. You do not get to off him yourself sadly, but watching Birkin infest him with a parasite and then have the said parasite turn him from the inside out is very satisfying.


Saints row 2
171, it's in a semi playable state now too
Counter strike
Deus ex

sid meiers pirates and elder scrolls, plus most rpgs really


forget about Dwarf Fortress, this is the real shit


Saints Row


Hitman games, especially the newer ones and Blood Money.
Dishonored and the sequel, with the added bonus that they're all coup-supporting dickheads.
Mafia III
Watch Dogs, especially 2 where you can set gangs, security and cops against each other by creating false information and sending hitmen and SWAT teams. Best thing is calling SWAT on some rich dude walking around (it's set in San Francisco), buzzing his phone so they think he's resisting and shoot him, then having the Russian mafia roll up with machine guns to take care of them, all while you laugh and mock them right as they're about to get shot


Is there an RP scene for 171


I got bored of Watch Dogs 2 because drone striking everyone is so OP


honorable mention:

>River City Girls

<You can practically dab on cops til they're dead

is canon, you kill them.


Max Panye 3 has you kill a whole police station and then some of cops.


File: 1672295109115.jpeg (86.93 KB, 1280x720, 1672295066380.jpeg)

Retrocity Rampage and it's sequel Shakedown Hawaii are like the topdown GTA games so they make cops killable.


File: 1672397250153.png (731.8 KB, 600x838, ClipboardImage.png)


All Elves Are Breedable


elder scrolls frankly lets you kill guards, and they're kinda like cops, in-universe


cruelty squad


If you think about it, in war and country management games in general you are more or less causing potentially thousands of cop deaths

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