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Isn't this lazy? Titties and ass with no face. Will the game have good gameplay and story to compensate?


I want to fuck the socialist robots.
And no, it isn't lazy, it's an artistic choice clearly. It has uh lots of hidden meaning and shit.


Just like how Bioshock was anti-capitalist, this game will be very anti-communist.


BIoshock isn't anti capitalist,it's specifically anti libertarianism/Ayn-Rand thought.


To add to this the communistic and anarchistic Vox Populi of Bioshock Infinite were portrait as equally twisted and bad as the racists of it's city. It seems that Kevin is mostly a middle of the road liberal.


t. Someone who clearly doesn't appreciate the catsuit + motorcycle helmet combo.

kobikiyama, jamievx, Durarura!!, Sakimichan, yunsang


>>25550 (me)
Addendum: first one is sashimiiiii_


It's a pretty mask-off coom design for sure. I don't think there's anything to go into. Even AAA games cut corners on facial animation this way, with all the unoriginal camera head robots that zoomer games have now.

The REAL best use of motorcycle helmet dudes was in Equilibrium because every time Christian Bale kicked or shot a guy in the face, there was a cool explosion of glass.




I dunno, the use of them in equilibrium just screamed 'low budget no effort' lol. Stormtroopers for a fascist regime should have some kind of unique cool design.


>they all have Yuilia Timoshenko hair
Is this set in the space Ukrainian SSR?


I remember seeing soviet ballets, plenty of the stories and dancers were ukrainian and the robots look like ballerinas so that's where they got it I think


File: 1674787148019.jpg (13.88 KB, 206x255, IMG_0959.JPG)

How dare you attack my fetish. No face is king.


but the question remains, will it have trap robots


>TLDR: Game glorifies USSR and Communism, game devs are associated with Russian government and supports the war

Do you need anymore reason to buy this game now? It has gotten its multipolarista certification


it being Good™ would also be nice


Bro the game is gonna dunk hard on the Soviet Union. Maybe with reason but that is another question.


he gets triggered about it being associated with Russia but recomends COD, goes to show he is just mad that the wrong side is talking.


>game bad because the devs dont sieg heil zelensky


>Do you need anymore reason to buy this game now?
lol lib



but is it any good or not?


I didn't even realize it was released


It seems to live up to the hype from what I've seen from playthroughs of the leaked versions.


How badly do you think slava Ukraini crusaders will negative review bomb this game once it launches?


Probably not much compared to people complaining about the game's performance.
To quote FitGirl's post:
>I normally don’t touch leaks, but developers of this game showed their tiny middle finger before the game release by adding Denuvo and justifying the perfomance drop by adding DLSS support, seriously.
You are better off playing the leaked version for now I guess.


It gets even better.
>Good end: You trust your boss, let him build collective consciousness communism. Went on vacation.
>Bad end: You follow the lies of liberal dissidents, get tricked by them and got murdered.
This game is based


You could say that we just had to… trust the plan
- Agent P3


Fucking hell these madmen they actually did it. Probably gonna be the first game I will play when I actually manage to upgrade my toaster.


Definitely BASED


>le commie microchip taking away free will!


File: 1676954633731-0.png (63.35 KB, 1286x454, aaa.png)

File: 1676954633731-1.png (38.53 KB, 1054x262, aa.png)

File: 1676954633731-2.png (48.58 KB, 787x329, a.png)

superman red suns
superman red suns in real life now


File: 1676962013226.gif (1012.3 KB, 400x321, b65.gif)



File: 1676965297678.jpg (75.45 KB, 720x673, 20230215_112126.jpg)

>Soviet aesthetic
>Mentions "German SSR" in the first few minutes
>Robot girls
Literally made for me personally


torrenting now


So is the anti communist robot girl game good or not?


>turned out the true dissident villain made it up and it was actually harmless all along
Lol nice


Shit is harder than Dark Souls.


Not unfair? Just hard?


That doesn't say shit


Dark souls isn't even that hard. It only has a high learning curve.


I was extremely disapointed with the "euh akshually both sides" twist of the story. Lame af


File: 1677071134523.gif (3.23 MB, 609x590, 3db.gif)

Bioshock 2 was even worse in this regard with Sofia Lamb, who was intended by Levine to be Andrew Ryan's direct ideological opposite, being a portrayed as an unhinged totalitarian who intends to submit every single denizen of Rapture to her will.
<Woaw lolberts bad but gommulism worse and literally 1984! Such nuance!


>Bullet sponges
Play on easy bro there is no point



Sofia Lamb was supposed to be communism? I always thought she was a cult leader.


yea this aint it chief


Your comparison was absolute crap.


Ahhh I'm so glad I'm not a leftoid and can enjoy video games.


Bioshock 2 is about utilitarianism………………………………


PLEASE COOMERS STOP BEING CONSOOMERS BASED ON COOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


>-oomer -oomer -oomer -oomer
Go back.


I concede, Sofia is more about idealistic utopian collectivism rather than scientific socialism. At the same time though the game's director has cited Marx as one of inspirations for Sofia's character in one interview, and also that one of the game's themes according to the same interview is that the line between secular and religious altruism is blurry, so take from their words what you will.
A comparison about as on the nose as Vox Populi being painted with the baddie brush. Yeah, I should have put it differently than I did in my post.
Actually I enjoyed Bioshock 2 very much, especially from gameplay standpoint such as ability to use plasmids in tandem with weapons. I still feel that the premise could use refinement however.


The soundtrack in itself is really good.


Damn, this really kicks ass.


I am, I still died fighting more than 1 robot.


Lamb was basically a Randian caricature of what a "collectivist" villain would be like. In her mind collectivists are evil because they are not greedy but are in fact controlling.
More like a very bullet spongy game. Essentially bioshock infinite in the USSR.


File: 1677131431360-0.png (573.9 KB, 591x808, 2192392.png)

File: 1677131431360-1.png (16.18 KB, 112x126, 791829321.png)


Everybody on /v/ is praising this game, are we the chinlets currently?


nah, they praise it solely because it allows them to be contrarian towards the slava ukraini libs. they'll probably hate it in a few weeks when the conversation moves to the satanic communist agenda le bad again


Where is the secks ending?


File: 1677169382365.mp4 (5.05 MB, 1280x720, 0J73mF2JaK4h9uYI.mp4)

you did sing for the Lenin did you anon ?


Without spoilers can someone tell me the themes of this game?


>More like a very bullet spongy game. Essentially bioshock infinite in the USSR.
fuck, I hated bioshit infinite gameplay, it felt awful. Is there some RPG element that would mean you can actually kill things quickly later or is it fucked ?


bought because of this post and the funny rage it will induce among my lib friends


Is it at least ambivalent about the USSR?


It was pretty obvious that Sofia Lamb was supposed to be an ebin own of socialism, I dunno what you guys are on about.


I dont know how people are struggling with the game im playing on the hardest difficulty and i wouldnt say im a pro gamer


Go back.


t. cant beat robot on easy mode


Just played this game, absolute pro capitalist propaganda, I'd rather play Fortnite than this garbage hollow shit of a game. And let me not start of the garbage gameplay that is so half baked and half assed. The story is bare of any meaning or whatever the fuck. The story is basically "what if Pong had a story" what an absolute embarrassment. I don't understand why this trash was so hyped up in the first place.


in what way is it pro capitalist propaganda? genuinely curious, i've only started playing


I mean it literally looks like someone had the idea of "what if Bioshock but for communism instead of Ayn Rand?"


Exactly. I'd forgive it if the gameplay was good but it's some of the worst shit I've ever played.


At the same time, it is a visual cornucopi of soviet inspired sci fi

Not to mention that it doesn't really seem to be critical of communism at all based on what I've played so far. The beginning of the game is literally "look at all this cool shit that the soviet union made, now go nonlethally stop the guy whose trying to actively ruin it before it helps all of humanity fulfill its potential"

Compare to bioshock which from the very start is like "we had an idea and it failed tremendously"


>Not to mention that it doesn't really seem to be critical of communism at all based on what I've played so far. The beginning of the game is literally "look at all this cool shit that the soviet union made, now go nonlethally stop the guy whose trying to actively ruin it before it helps all of humanity fulfill its potential"s
That's cool.
I'm still curious if the ending sucks and they do the liberal "both sides bad" thing.


FUD. You play a dedicated, devout communist just going to manage a facility and everyone is doing completely fine and communism is winning and successful. You even get reminders to treat prisoners like people.


The message at the end of the game is that communism is utopian and will always fail while "showing" the liberal alternative as being preferable if not put on a pedestal. So no there's no "both sides" messaging. This game was what Call of Duty is for beating the America drum as a criticism of communism in general by berating everything and every aspect of communism; in other words this game is a liberal propaganda piece.


File: 1677197518260.gif (496.38 KB, 500x455, 1445277200278.gif)

>Ukraine wants Valve, Microsoft, and Sony to stop selling Atomic Heart in the country


In Bioshock you're also taught to treat the little sisters well and basically not be an asshole. I fear you have an inability to critically engage with art. If in a game you play a communist agent and the game reminds you to treat liberal political prisoners well with the consequence of it being that anti capitalists get off Scott free then what IS the game telling you?


>I fear you have an inability to critically engage with art.
And I fear you're talking about a game you haven't even played.
The game says "treat the prisoners well, at least they aren't nazis".


so I take it you disagree with >>26307 and their take on the ending?


File: 1677207997426.png (87.55 KB, 298x332, 1353401031169.png)

>want the ost for those remixes of old songs
>YouTube is now extremely thirsty


What surprised me the most in the story: mid-game reveal on communist plot to take over the world doesn't lead to any disscusion, unlike other secrets. Only one major character against it, everyone else thinks it's a right thing but must be done properly.


Just scrapped my KS-23 and realized I don't have the blueprint to make it again, 8/10 game


The bad ending is you find out that all the bad stuff was made up my a manipulating glove intelligence, you die and humanity does so too later. The good ending is you leave the USSR for an undetermined amount of time, crisis averted, and the collective 2.0 launch continues. Where did you get the "Communism inevitably fails" from.


he is probably a leftoid who sperged out when this fictional universe didn't align with his view of socialism and how perfect is supposedly would be.


I smell that they've cut the original game idea, judging by the title they've chosen - Atomic Heart - being an in-game reference to that plot to take over the world.


I haven't seen much of this game but it seems right up my alley. It kinda reminds me of Black Dynamite, willing to risk being cringe to execute some fun jokes more prudent works couldn't. Probably why reddit hates it so much.


They retconned that in the DLC before they got shutdown so that was clearly something 2k forced them to do.




Uh, I know the Ukraine govt is against the game, but the game has investments from the GEM group, which seems to be pro Ukraine. So I'd still pirate it (it's beyond my budget anyway) if you don't wanna accidentally fund NATO.


muh consumer politics


€60 to €100 plus analytics revenue per hour seems like it can buy a lot. Not sure how much goes to GEM tho.


whether u buy the game or not will decide the rus-ukr conflict!!!!!!!!


it will however decide whether you will get hilariously angry dms from libshit friends on steam tho


Nobody has political friends on any platform. Stop acting like those people exist in the real world, even online people don’t give a fuck what you buy.


>implying you need to be "political" to be a lib


Yeah here you go. All the evil shit the anarchists did in the main game was caused by the twins. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HJeLP9fXiAQ


so what's the verdict?


File: 1677483845496.jpg (23.94 KB, 474x296, th-859814124.jpg)

Modern version of this. Replace zombie tits with Robo booba. It plays like a Soviet version of Bioshock infinite, bad open world with linear dungeons. It's not an imsim but a good creative shooter. The powers thing was a half baked addition.


Everything is political you fucking idiot. Stop tracing the decrepit rotting asshole of Thatcher for social views.


Played the first level or two and I got bored tbh. Gameplay feels kind of janky, just not interested. Plot isn't grasping either, the main draw is the aesthetics and you see all that in the intro. There's a lot of soybanter too between the main char and his sidekick. I did enjoy the upgrade machine being openly sexual/rapey though, that was amusing.


so the tl;dr is that the story is "soviets bad" and the gameplay is just Bioshock Infinite?


It's "Soviets good actually"


File: 1677636179116-0.jpg (209.79 KB, 1280x1173, IMG_0869.JPG)

>Soviet system good. Soviet bureacracy bad. Your boss wanting to build hivemind robo communism good. The purged dissiden liberals lie and will betray you.
That's the entire plot of the game.
Unless you like a more polished version of early 2000s slavjanks, you would hate it. It reminded me a lot of Singularity. Especialy with the slideshow style endings.


So can someone see tell me what was the purpose of the naked robo women?


Is it not self evident


Not really. I mean is it really just "sexy robot marketing tactic"? Because it seems so stupid that my logic brain tells me it cannot be that simple or stupid.


people cant be horny, it must be marketing


endings are literally bad ending and bad ending, truly a soviet game


Played this with my friends for 4-5 hours, the start was nice and the environments are cool, but my fucking god, I can't believe nobody else has mentioned how insufferable the main character is, it's literally like Bulletstorm but non ironic, he talks to people like he has learning difficulties.

Also, the fact that everyone has an American accent is obnoxious, you don't have to go full Metro and have everyone with stereotypical Slav accents but if you're not going to do that then at least some nice and clean Britishy accents like Chernobyl or similar.

Overall the game was ok, not great not terrible, it also crashed during loading in one place (multiple reloads) and needed to reload from earlier save, and another time it soft locked during loading and needed to restart. We also got stuck on terrain and died to enemies/needed to reload a few times.

Overall, fairly bizarre design decisions.


Russian voice acting and sub are the way to go. For "immersion" and for the sake of ones nerves.


I think I would have to do that if I played alone yeah, I prefer a good sounding dub but what can you do.


watching the VoDs of Moist Critical playing it, I think I might play if there's ever a mod that reworks the dialogue around having a silent protagonist, and just making the game less wordy in general, since it kinda babies you out of piecing the lore together yourself. Unless you have a very good reason for it protagonists shouldn't speak outside of cutscenes. They should've done the Portal thing and just let the glove do the talking.


>Soviet system good. Soviet bureacracy bad. Your boss wanting to build hivemind robo communism good. The purged dissiden liberals lie and will betray you.

That's Russian outlook on USSR, basically. It's very Stalkerish in a sense - a tragedy of an utopia rather than a deranged horror story of a hellhole being deceitfully presented as an utopia as was Bioshock. Also, boss was hiding things from you because he was either afraid to tell or it was for the better good (just how doctors won't tell their patients some things)


I did russian voice acting + english subs (as my russian is only basic), it is bearable that way and at least you can pick up on some of the wordplay that you'd miss otherwise since the translation is kinda tragic


Can't afford it anyway lmao, I pirated it

Twas Dev build so janky af, but was still decent


Bros, it's so fucking over


File: 1678809978426.jpeg (7.97 KB, 225x225, download (2).jpeg)

oh god this is so cringe


The heart is still red.


i dont like this


Did y'all get fucking baited by one Ukrainian shitpost?

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