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File: 1674844210241-0.jpg (822.25 KB, 1920x1080, Minetest-5.3.0-animals.jpg)


Since joining to my Minecraft server has proven to be quite a headache for a lot of players, I want to propose the board admins to host a server for its free, open-source alternative: Minetest (minetest.net).

The prime upsides of this would be:
- Much less resource consumption on both client and server end due to Minetest using an engine written C++ rather than Java.
- Extremely deep and wide maps compared to Minecraft, with the estimated maximum size being 60000 chunks on every axis. Minetest's terrain generator also creates caves and mountains much larger than any seen in MC even after the Caves & Cliffs update.
- Ease of moddability due to the game's modular nature and a built-in modding API based using the Lua language, as well as automatic mod fetching from the server eliminating the need for players to download mods beforehand. Also, the game does not need to be quit from when editing mod files, just for the world to be reentered.
- No need for third-party plugins for stuff like sethome and logins as this functionality is already built into the base game.





Also Minetest is great, it's what Minecraft should have been instead of some corporate franchise product
Reminds me of the days of crazy mods like AdventureCraft


Is this gonna go anywhere


I hope so. The current poll results are quite positive and I am working on a list of mods that would suffice the server, including agriculture, environment and tech ones. I am still torn on what mob mods would be the best, but I am personally not a fan of Not So Simple Mobs because of it adding durable flying mobs right off the bat. I think TenPlus1's mob mods would be pretty good, and I can make some tweaks to them easily.


Get a bunch of stuff for building


you had me at free


File: 1675495675748-0.png (323.07 KB, 1002x620, XDecor.png)

File: 1675495675748-1.png (650.51 KB, 2560x1369, DarkAge.png)

File: 1675495675748-2.png (103.07 KB, 1917x1053, MTCement.png)

There's like a shitton of various furniture and building material mods to choose from.
I think X-Decor with its various furniture blocks will do nicely, plus DarkAge for gothic-style construction blocks and Cement for, well, cement and concrete. There is also a couple of animated flag mods that can be used to easily add in any kind of flag to spruce up bases.
Yeah, I was pretty disappointed with how Minecraft ended up not delivering to a lot of promises post-release (like a full-fledged modding API and the Sky Dimension), not to mention Notch selling Mojang off to Microsoft for 2.5 billion bucks and then starting to make 0x10c for a while only to drop it in a year, break up with his wife and then spend the rest of his life whining about immigration and transhumanists on Twitter.


ive never played minecraft, are there any interesting water mechanics? if I cant build a massive dam Im going to be sad


There are some pretty basic but still interesting liquid mechanics. For some reason I find Minetest's water mechanics to be more stable than MC's, but in both you can build dams and reservoirs which can be used for practical purposes like generating electricity if you are using tech mods like Technic.


Maybe… I'm not sure what the resource consumption is. I'd prefer to have it on its own server, but that costs money $$.


File: 1675685652848.gif (158.16 KB, 480x366, 3650759128.gif)



>what the resource consumption is
I meant that Minetest's CPU and RAM usage is pretty low compared to Minecraft, you can crank up view distance to the max and get barely any performance impact. As for server hosting, I cannot host it myself or rent a VPS because I do not have the expendable income for it, but if someone takes it up I will be glad to help them out with installing mods, making various tweaks and so on as I have been looking into the game's Lua scripting API quite a bit.


By the way, if someone also wants to get into modding and scripting stuff, there is a nice little manual for it:
Goes over pretty much every aspect like adding blocks, custom chat commands, entities like mobs etc.


And I'm too paranoid to put my name on it. 🙈


File: 1676196746011.jpg (216.65 KB, 1024x576, MTEtherealNG.jpg)

Bump. What does anyone think about biome mods like Ethereal?
Aside from more grass types and trees it adds stuff like flight potions, crystal material with respective tools and staves. Also I find the Mesecon mod much more versatile than Minecraft's redstone, whats with being able to place the wires vertically and extensibility through Lua mods including even things like Lua controllers.


This went nowhere


The hosting problem still holds sadly. Unless either the board host finally agrees to host it or somebody volunteers to I doubt it will anytime soon. At the very least the poll results tell that it would be quite popular if it actually goes online.


File: 1680442371628.jpg (90.45 KB, 600x499, 8947712.jpg)

Update: I think we have progress. A user has expressed interest in renting a server to host MT alongside other games. Potential games we have considered are Space Station 13, Terraria and TES3MP. Feel free to suggest other games that you would also like to see hosted.

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