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Do corporations just hate people? Once I used to think that sure you have big bourgeoisie who act in their class interests but you still has creatives who could flex their muscles and produce something great and then it would make a shit ton of money for publishers. But it seems that publishers these days just absolutely hate developers and moreso despise the consumers and now you have what the modern gaming industry is today, record profits with absolute gutted and half made releases with microtransactions to "buy" the full game. Also physical copies aren't useful anymore and digital copies can basically be "erased" at any time. All of these problems make me think that they just hate, like actually hate their consumers.


shitjak thread


Go read the decision of Ford v Dodge. It really explains every business decision made in the past 100 years. It’s not about the content. It’s about profit.


just read the absolute nightmare that was mick gordon's experience working with id software on that one doom game. there is no more hope until the game industry gets a massive restructuring


There is hope, stop playing that bullcrap and browse https://itch.io for games.


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just play weeb games— they run on a toaster, don't have microtransactions, and don't center around killing brown people in a desert



Been seeing some interesting stuff come out about Activision "skill based match making". Apparently in the new CoD your base damage and armor stats change during a game between lobbies based on how good/bad you are performing in order to simulate an addiction loop. Riot games does similar things with their match making such that 9/10 games are a dice roll so that if you are in between rankings it will take you months to finally rank up if you don't play for hours every day because you have to play 10 times as many matches to smooth out the manipulation. Getting frustrated by your bad team mates is actually entirely intentional. You might be comfortably silver ranked last season but get hard stuck in bronze for an entire year because of the weighting you are placed a few ranks below your actual rank and then matches are sandbagged to simulate progression. Instead of you competing against other players it ends up being you vs the algorithm where rank increases based on time spent playing. They now have teams of psychologists whos goal is to increase engagement and screen time because higher playtimes are associated with increased microtransactions.


>USA is so cucked that guys who owned 10% of the company could sue to prevent the founder from giving employees more money



AAA gaming is always going to be like this. They don't 'hate people', the love money, and that means making sure the games are as inoffensive and have as wide an appeal as possible. You'll very, very rarely find something original or interesting from a AAA game.

Take Hogwarts Legacy, for example. That game could have been so much more interesting, but they soullessly forced sterile gameplay elements into it. The open world, ubisoft-tier design of it is entirely intentional and likely a decision from the higher ups who wanted to imitate what they considered to be a successful formula.

Ultimately, the only interesting part of gaming is the indie scene as that is where most of the passion is.


RDR2 is a good example of a great AAA game. The only people who seemed to hate it were rightoids upset that women were allowed in the gang and that you couldn't massacre the Indians in the village, and /v/ zoomers who thought the pace was too slow. But then they squandered it and focused entirely on the continued profits of the online mode.

The Witcher 3 was also part of the swan song of big name video games before the studio entirely lost its soul with Cybershit.


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Most recently, KSP 2, the sequel to the famous spaceflight sim Kerbal Space Program, released in "Early Access" ($50) and it is a mess. Lots of bugs and with less features than its predeccessor. It's another case of publishers pressuring devs to release something to return the investment fast.
But this case also touches some problems of inflated dev time and the AAA bubble that is close to exploding. The main promises of the new game (multiplayer and interstellar travel) aren't available. A game that was announced 4 years ago to originally come out on 2020, developed on the same engine as the first one (Unity). The original dev team was bought, disbanded and regrouped in 2021 I think, so that may have contributed. But damn.


I haven't played a new game in years


Early access is always a scam basically. No guarantee anything will be finished.


Yeah, its pretty fucked. I know it isn’t the full money power class dialectic, but it’s great to have in the pocket when I’m arguing politics with other lawyers.


Just pirate cracked versions that include all DLC or just emulate older games. I haven't bought a new game since Twilight Princess came out on the Gamecube.


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Also modern writers are deathly afraid of coming across as campy or goofy, so they avoid writing sincere emotions and instead make their characters react to the world behind layers of irony and don't allow them to take anything seriously because being sincere is cringe.


I'm not sure it's because they're afraid of being cringe, I think they genuinely just have no attachment to their work or emotional investment in it so they can't write any genuine emotion. I mean if you had to work on capeshit version #729 would you put effort into making it good?


>The state of the gaming industry
No, that's just AAA gaming.
>Do corporations just hate people?
No, worse. They don't care. They absolutely do not care. That's what caring about your class interests means: you don't care about the interests of the other class. And why should they? As long as the money's flowing, it doesn't matter. As long as the masses are brainwashed into buying tbeir games, it doesn't matter. They would turn all of you into gambling addicts if they could, that's an even easier profit.


ITT: zoomers who weren't around for 7th gen.
Just don't play and definitely don't buy "triple A" slob.


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Under socialism, games will no longer prey on human psychology.


This. Nobody should be playing AAA trash. It should be flushed down the toilet, where it belongs. Though I'm not sure that the AAA publishers will go bankrupt. Especially since the platform holders actively promote and serve them (console platforms display their crap on the front pages of their stores, Steam allows them to add Denuvo so people can't pirate their shitty games, etc.).
Sounds based. If only it happened tomorrow.

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